AEQ, the magic against scoliosis – Mine and my son’s scoliosis

Mine and my son’s scoliosis


A year ago, I contacted Aleš Ernst for the first time. I saw that someone called him a wizard, and I would agree. It is true that you have to actively participate, remain brave, and persevere under his leadership, which is not always easy. You discover the emotional causes of physical pain and realize that your emotional baggage significantly influences your children and those closest to you.

It is difficult to hear many truths, and it is up to us whether we are ready to accept it or bury it deep inside and clear from the depths what drags us and, consequently, our loved ones down, which can lead to psychological or physical problems. I want to share my experience because I was also touched by the experience of a mother who described the changes in her daughter, who had scoliosis, and practically eliminated it with the help of Aleš. I sought help from Aleš Ernst right after we noticed signs of scoliosis in my 13-year-old son at home.

Aleš first suggested I visit one of his seminars because, as a mother, I have to sort myself out first because I influence my children with my stubbornness. Hallelujah! I immediately knew I was talking to someone who knew something about the deep causes of physical issues. I signed up for an AEQ seminar: The effect of emotions and stress on chronic pain, fatigue, depression, headaches, and muscle contraction. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 16 months old. Managing the illness in such a young child requires full control of blood sugar every moment of the day and night, otherwise, the child is in mortal danger. In addition to all other obligations, I also experienced my job as extremely tiring and persisted in practically impossible conditions for a decade. The fear for my son’s life kept me awake despite years of suffering from chronic fatigue, I repeatedly dismissed the fatigue and pain in my body and continued to monitor the movement of sugar every night. I contracted my muscles because of all the worries and fear. Even later, when my son was already managing his illness, I still didn’t feel rested even after taking a long vacation.

I was always tired. I didn’t solve my own problems. The pain was always present, so I tried cutting off my body and ignoring it because I was convinced I had no other choice. My condition also had a negative impact on my son. After the seminar, I scheduled individual therapy with Aleš. I thought it was strange, but at the same time, I immediately believed in the idea that I had to go to therapy myself so that later therapy could help my son. The mother’s state is of vital importance to the child.

Everything Aleš told me was clear to me on a rational level, but how to control things emotionally was a completely different story. It was unclear to me how it could help me, but after the workshop, I completely believed that it could. Aleš’s therapies include comprehensive individual treatment. It’s not just about exercises, he helps us get to know ourselves better, our emotions, the reasons for experiencing ourselves and others, the environment, and the world around us, thereby helping us understand the physical problems that cause us to seek help. Through conversations with Aleš, I discovered things about myself that I thought were no longer important for my current life. I persevered with the daily exercises and repeatedly noticed tightness in my shoulders without needing to.

I began experiencing the present with feelings of pleasure.

Even when I am stuck in traffic, I wait perfectly calmly and don’t wander from one problem to the next in my mind.

I pay more attention to my body even when I’m walking.

I observe and perceive events and other people in my surroundings differently. 

I am noticing a greater feeling of calm, a feeling of stability, and patience, and I have more energy throughout the day.

I changed the way I communicate, which used to be very rough, and it was something I wasn’t even aware of.

After a year of therapy with Aleš and conscious implementation of exercises, I finally got up in the morning without any problems.

Just a year ago, I felt like I had been run over by a truck in the morning.

Nowadays, I begin my days with much more positivity. My son’s results are excellent. After only half a year of learning and doing the exercises, scoliosis receded, and the back pain completely disappeared. He says that he feels much more relaxed, communicates confidently, and understands much better the influence of emotions and relationships on his attitude and well-being. Only now does he realize that his muscles were chronically cramped.

Mojca Orešnik Jelačič, Ljubljana

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