I would recommend the exercises to anyone suffering with chronic pain.

I read your book ‘’Lahkotno iz kroničnih bolečin’’ (Gently freeing yourself of chronic pain) during the summer, because I suffered from strong pain in my spine and was barely able to walk, especially when attempting to stand up. Going from lying on the bed to standing was nearly impossible. It took me a while to understand the exercises in your book, because all of them are described in great detail. Performing them on your own and without guidance can be very difficult. Which is why I was happy to learn that you began hosting your own AEQ programs, performing AEQ exercises included. I already did some of your exercises myself based on the book I read, but your guidance and description of the exercises was completely different from what I could have “studied” myself. It’s true that your exercises from the book have already helped me a lot, but the online program is something else entirely.

You have a lot of knowledge that you have gained through your own experience and have gone through all these exercises yourself, which is of course invaluable. I’ve always thought that I’m not trying hard enough in life and that I have to use my body’s sensations to achieve what I want.

I am realizing more and more that it is necessary to listen to my feelings, to devote my time to them, to be kinder to my body.

I would recommend the exercises to anyone suffering with chronic pain.

I wish you many more such programs and thank you for all the dedicated knowledge.

Kind regards,

Irena Gorenjak

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