Aleš, thank you for an even deeper insight into the AEQ method.

Hello Aleš.

I decided to sign up to the program due to the chronic pain in my left hip and back, which appeared in the middle of December and was always present, sometimes more, sometimes less. After an active AEQ therapy, the feeling of pain became a bit stronger.

With the start of the program, through your explanations, it soon became even clearer to me why the pain is still rising for me, warning me. I also found out that the pain on the left side had been present for a very long time.

My body was warning me this entire time with slightly sprained left ankle, wear of the meniscus in the knee, a torn Achilles tendon… I put all of this to rest with the help of modern medicine, knee surgery, painkillers…

On the first day of the exercises, there was an exercise that was very tiring for me, and I couldn’t wait for you to stop having us perform it. It was no longer clear to me what to contract and what to relax. The exercise made me very angry, I felt unnecessary tension despite your clear instructions. My legs were shaking, accompanied by a strong heartbeat, dizziness, I could compare the exercises at that time with very strenuous physical training. And severe fatigue after exercises, I could sleep all night and even most of the day… Yes, really quite unrealistic.

Your explanations were of great help to me, both before and after the exercises. They offered an understanding about why things are the way they are, why fixing our relationship is important, etc. I also learned how my messed up left side of the body tells me about my hatred for my mother and other women around me…

Everything was clear to me, but I always postponed it for tomorrow. I was devoting too much energy to my children, my partner, my job and controlling everything… So there was almost nothing left for me to sort out my own affairs. When you mentioned why chronic pain occurs, that it means a chronic imbalance, it became clear to me that if I want to eliminate the pain, which was becoming more and more severe, it will be necessary to establish a balance in terms of time, attention and energy, and redirect it to myself.

After the fifteenth day of the program, an event at work triggered a very strong anger, resistance, disappointment in me… I stayed at home the next day. When we performed the rotation exercise with the left shoulder in the evening, I felt a strong restlessness, I wanted to stop doing the exercise, it hurt, and I felt a strong itch around the center of my palm.

The following morning, I was suffering from strong back pain on the left side of my back. It became clear to me that my body is warning me to pay more attention and focus on figuring out what is hidden in my left side. Even today I felt a reaction during the exercise. I felt strong sadness, followed by tears, a feeling of helplessness, which later transformed into anger and disappointment.

I was also angered when I phoned the doctor due to my sick leave. They give you muscle relaxants and painkillers, but if things get too painful, you should report for an injection.

At the same time, I felt strong anger on the one hand, and joy on the other, that I encountered the AEQ method, which offers AEQ exercises for muscle relaxation and an explanation for understanding what pain means.

Your explanations were a great help, that when we relax our muscles, the influence of the body increases, and it takes the leading role, so we can now feel the actual state in our body and gives us the chance to once again feel the pain for which we thought we solved. We obviously didn’t, we merely interrupted it, silenced it and suppressed it. When it breaks though our suppression we feel it once again, giving us the chance to solve them correctly this time, using the correct understanding, which isn’t easy or pleasant. I am, however, aware that every permanent change requires effort.

In my case, the pain was very strong, but with the help of AEQ exercises, they became manageable and I understood them better. After a few days, I decided to direct my attention towards solving my issues and understanding the relationship with my mother. I am aware that this is only the beginning, but my body had shown me that this is the right way by allowing the pain to subside a little.

I became aware that I have constantly contracted muscles in the lower abdomen, back muscles on the left side, and chest muscles, accompanied by clenched teeth and holding my breath.

I was struck by the parable that I need to strain all this in order to be able to endure… Now I know that when something is too much, I notice muscle strain, and I become aware of it and redirect the energy into expression and actions, and stand up for myself… Yes, Aleš, growing up is never easy, let alone fun…

Suddenly, the 30-day program ended, even though for a few days it was all too much for me and I would rather not turn on the computer and join the program. Now I see that those days were the most important, obviously my subconscious sensed that a change was coming, and with the lack of time, energy, and all the disturbing factors that were numerous, it wanted to dissuade me from changing.

I am currently researching the exercise that angered me the most, since I now possess a different understanding and am performing it differently. This time with exploration, what I can do with ease and what things are difficult, so that I may pay more attention to them.

Aleš, thank you for an even deeper insight into the AEQ method.

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