Testimonial on AEQ workshops/group coaching

-Deep transformation & Quantum leap-

Since my first session with Aleš in 2016, all the experiences I’ve had with him have been full of inspiration and transformation. At the time, I was in need of help because I had severe back pain and ischiatic pain – I wasn’t able to walk for weeks. The pain was horrifying. Today, it feels like a vague memory because after diving deep into the AEQ world, doing the exercises regularly and getting to know the real, emotional, reasons for my pain, the pain either lessened or dissolved. It took me quite a few years to gradually change the wrong direction that I was heading into, a direction of inherited habits and behaviors from my ancestors, my environment and society in general. At first, we did individual sessions for a few years but because there is only so much you can work on at an individual session, I decided to partake in a 3-month online AEQ group coaching that I have just finished – first month was for the whole body, second month for the bottom part of the body and the third month for the upper part of the body. Currently, I am on a one-month break and then I will participate in the 60-day AEQ breathing program as well. I am pretty much speechless because I have never experienced such an intense quantum leap in my life. I feel like I was given the key for unlocking the most tenacious patterns that have been waiting inside me to be unlocked for 30+ years. The results that I gained are extraordinary, tangible and deeply felt.

Spending 3 months with Aleš is not a walk in the park – it is a very intense process because you go deep into things that are hiding in the deeper parts of your psyche, your mind, your soul and your body. You need to break through concrete pain to be able to change your awareness and immature subconscious patterns. You need to be ready to feel your unhealed childhood wounds and face the heaviest emotional trauma you have ever faced – one that you have been running away from and denying that you have been running away from – and everything that you have been projecting on others and disowning your responsibility for; only when you start realizing the lie you have been living you can actually become aware of who you really are, authentically. If you desire genuine progress in life you need to increase your emotional maturity and realize that you are 100% responsible for your life, for your movement and for your behavior. Aleš helps guide you toward a higher level of awareness and toward reconnecting with your body – this is what creates a genuine increase in your frequency and expands your consciousness and it can only happen when you are authentically embodied – when you able to slow down so much that you are fully aware of what are you doing in every single moment. Aleš also gives you an in-depth explanation about why do you have chronic somatic pain, why are you not able to feel good in your body and how is the left side of the body connected with feminine (suppressed) emotions and the right side with the masculine (suppressed) emotions. He clearly explains how we sabotage ourselves through our subconscious awareness and gives you tangible tools for preventing sabotage.

Aleš is an innovator and an inventor and his AEQ method brings the so much needed fresh air into our lives and bodies. I tried many techniques and exercises before but nothing even compares to AEQ. AEQ feels like a perfect balance – an inner sacred union – which creates the purest peace inside a human being. For example, yoga and general exercising are mostly used and taught as aggressive stretching, and qi gong or tai chi are used as gentle movement. AEQ is centered in the most harmonious middle between them. The level of deep relaxation that AEQ provides for us – and with it a higher consciousness – is invaluable and incomparable. The main topics of AEQ, beside the somatic exercises and breathing, are emotional intelligence, emotional maturity and embodiment. Aleš explains the bigger picture of our emotional mosaic really well and how it directly relates to our well-being, our non-well-being, our diseases and our health. Our suppressed emotional energy is the main cause for experiencing the same unwanted repetitive situations in our lives with the same blocks and unfulfilled goals and desires. Only we can remove those blocks with a deeper and higher quality understanding that AEQ offers. With it, we also learn how to create order in the relationship we have with ourselves and with others.

I would highly recommend participating in AEQ online programs, take a risk and give it a try, you will not regret it because it will be the best investment of your life, the deepest relaxation you have ever experienced and it will give you the opportunity to possibly experience the biggest quantum leap that you never thought in your wildest dream would be possible for you – you are in a dense, constricted unwanted reality for decades and then with a flick of a finger you find yourself in a completely different, desired reality full of freedom. You can achieve anything you would like to achieve – all you need is the right teacher to help illuminate the unknown road before you – Aleš is one of them. He has been working with clients since 2012 and the wisdom that he has developed through the years is unmatched and worth pure gold.

Janja Gabrijel

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