Burnout, chronic fatigue


This state of emotional, cognitive, and physical exhaustion develops due to long-term stress; we feel entangled in demands, tasks, and the feeling of incompetence and are incapable of satisfying them. The consequences of burnout are felt in all areas of life; professional, family, partner, and social life. Due to a drop in immunity, we become more exposed to physical diseases: the common cold, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, headaches, insomnia, etc. We experience attention deficits, forgetfulness, and depression. Our emotional reactions become impulsive. This affects our work or academic performance and, ultimately, our quality of life.


Increased activity is a surprising result of decreased vitality, suppressed emotions, and the test of whether or not we deserve love. Most who have experienced a lack of love as children live with the awareness, or have it subconsciously, that this loss came about because of their mistakes, making it difficult to love them. The parents themselves only increased this feeling with accusations about the child being too demanding, disobedient, dissatisfied, and lively. The child quickly realizes that he has to adapt to the parents’ demands if he wishes to be loved. The belief that love must be earned often carries over into adulthood, which is usually reflected in an overwhelming desire for visible achievements. This leads to self-destructive behavior and an unhealthy relationship with the body. The things mentioned above are the reason for chronic muscle stiffness because it helps limit overwhelming feelings and emotions.


Suddenly we are unable to relax muscular and inner tension. We become restless; we only take naps or when we are so tired that we cannot function anymore. We awake with a head full of thoughts and tasks for the day and feeling tense and tired, which should not be the case after a night of sleep. We begin the day worried. To successfully face stress, we must change our attitude towards breathing; that way, we will decrease the unnecessary use of energy.

The main cause of burnout is the mask and armor, which block the organism’s vitality. A person cannot raise their energy level simply by increasing their intake of food or oxygen. Increasing the basic energy level is achieved through real expressions of feelings and emotions, in which we are blocked by repressed emotions and poor perception of feelings, which at the same time causes us not to be aware enough in time to sink into burnout. Many of them cannot say, “I can’t,” “I don’t want,” or “I don’t have time,” because that would mean admitting defeat. And also that we are unworthy of love.

I help people suffering from burnout by teaching them what causes their condition in the first place, how the AEQ method and exercises can help them feel in what state they are, and help them react to their surroundings differently. How they eliminate the subconscious need to be so deeply tired by raising their emotional maturity and efficiency because that is the only way they can be sufficiently unresponsive to imbalances in themselves, the relationships around them, and themselves. With the changes made possible by understanding oneself, the influence of physical laws and time on how we are, and the reduction of the separation of the body from consciousness, conditions are created for the subconscious need for burnout to gradually disappear.

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