Despite man having the same basic body structure as other mammals, he is the only one that is perfectly balanced in an upright posture.


The foundation for it is the increased role and strength of the buttock muscle. Upright posture has exposed the vulnerable parts of his body (stomach, neck, and crotch) to the world. Exposed, he began to understand his feelings and develop the ability to express them. At the same time, his front limbs gained another purpose and meaning. When you observe a violinist during a play, you believe that his hands have a life of their own. Man owes a highly developed touch to his hands, which is very important in the perception of reality and most influences the development and functioning of the mind.

  Fortunately, we have become increasingly aware of how important the body is and that it is not an entity far removed from the spirit and mind. The Ancient Greeks used to say: A healthy spirit in a healthy body.

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