I've been having back pain for a long time. I'm realizing now that I was able to silence the pain more, but that doesn't mean it wasn't present. However, by learning the AEQ method®, I understand that when I tried to silence my back pain, I managed to overlook a part of myself.   The pain came and also completely disappeared at different time intervals throughout my life. I was very active in sports, and my body was strong, but the most important muscles were very weak because I had the wrong approach to the sport. Two years ago, the pain was so unbearable that it could not be silenced. It emerged mainly at night (in my lower back and the chest), somehow it was possible to get through the day. My personal doctor referred me to do an X-ray, a blood test and an MRI. A blood test showed positive HLA-B27, and an MRI confirmed the suspicion of ankylosing spondylitis. Words that can hardly be remembered, let alone pronounce. It was the first time I looked up a disease on the Internet, and there was a lot to read, but there was less about how to successfully approach, treat the disease.

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