AEQ method, i.e., retraining the functioning of the mind through conscious muscle movement, we can learn. With the knowledge we gain, we can alleviate the pain caused by injuries to such emotional and physical ones, which trigger reflexes in us, resulting in (over) tense muscles. With the help of the AEQ method, we learn to regain control of our muscles and movements.

We have to change the way our brains work

Permanent tensions in our muscles create pain, fatigue, joint, tissue inflammation, and nerve entrapment, while rigid muscles limit our flexibility, cause stiffness, and ruin our posture. Even when injured tissues heal, the pain from neuromuscular pressure can sometimes remain ’till the end of our lives. Injuries and stress automatically strain us and make us rigid, while strong and repetitive stress can also permanently change the way our brains work.

The brains are the control center for our muscles. When the distorted posture or pain persists despite muscle strengthening, stretching, and manipulative therapies, we can conclude that there has been no change at the brain level, so the final elimination of problems is impossible. Correct posture and movement have to be relearned by learning better control over muscles and movement. This learning is possible due to the adaptability of our brains. With the AEQ method’s help, we can teach our brain to act differently, which changes our ability to sense our position and movement in a certain area and allows us control over the muscular tension and movement.

Benefits of learning the AEQ method: By learning the AEQ method, we learn to detect our wrong posture and change harmful movement habits. This eliminates muscle pain while increasing your mobility, coordination, and balance.


The benefits of leaning the AEQ method include:

  • Long-term pain elimination at most chronic states and illnesses,
  • Knowledge that allows us to regain conscious control over subconsciously tense muscles,
  • An increased physical independence and control over movement,
  • Increased adaptability, coordination, stress relief, and better balance,
  • Deeper proprioception (ability to consciously and subconsciously recognize the positions of our body in a certain area),
  • Safe, simple, and reasonable alternative to drug treatment of pain and surgery.

How effective is the AEQ method

The AEQ method guarantees an efficient improvement to many problems connected to poor posture and pain or the results of injuries. Improvement can be felt at every step of the learning and therapy process. With relatively simple techniques, we take advantage of the brain’s working processes and, with a sophisticated understanding of our reflexes, movement, and coordination, enable lasting improvement that gives freedom, facilitates movement, and leads to physical comfort.

Aleš Ernst, author of the AEQ method and AEQ breathing


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