In a human being, any action that doesn’t offer instant satisfaction or, in other words, that encourages personal growth, health and wholeness and requires a certain effort, creates resistance.


Any act that derives from our higher nature instead of our lower. Even walking uphill creates resistance in the human body and mind. We resist physically, intellectually and emotionally. And control over emotions is essential for a balanced life. We developed our emotions as we learned to move and use our mind. In adulthood, we must improve control over emotions along with better control over our movement. AEQ exercises promote success with improving control. Sensory motor amnesia is only one form of resisting our own progress and somatic movements reduce this amnesia.


Often, people feel unexplainable resistance to do Somatics movements and look for reasons why they cannot help them. The best motivation is pain – when we have enough of it or when it becomes unbearable, we decide to do something about it. Clinical Somatics is a good choice because it’s gentle and beneficial for the body. When we master and understand movements, resistance to regular exercise weakens.


When we carry out AEQ movements in the mornings and evenings with as much awareness as possible, we create a routine that lets us overcome this resistance. Consequently, this attracts inspiration and new ideas. We gain a new ability of doing more with less effort, the functionality of our movement changes and we put less strain on our body. This in turn eliminates pain. Every day we feel more freedom in our movement and that is the basis of personal and complete freedom. This freedom is conditioned by our self-control and self-awareness. We can only change the flow of our life when we have freedom and power.

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