A world-famous emotional education specialist Debbie Ford writes in her bestseller Why Good People Do Bad Things: "The most powerful workshop I lead is a three-day retreat, which I called the Shadow process.

On the third day of the seminar, I brought a beautiful baby doll with an innocent face and beautiful pink cheeks; maybe you had the same one when you were a kid. I raise it above my head and ask everyone in the room to imagine her being a young, innocent version of themselves, which they are still carrying inside them. I then place this doll on a chair so that we can admire it for a moment. Then, without warning, I lift the baby, looked at it in anger, and say: Why did you do that? You stupid idiot! What is wrong with you? You shouldn't have said that!

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V kolikor že imate račun se lahko prijavite in si ogledate vsebino. V Kolikor pa svojega uporabniškega računa še nimate pa vas vabimo, da si ga ustvarite spodaj.