When deciding to learn the AEQ Method, we need to be aware that it is long-term experiential learning designed to improve communication between our physical reality and the conscious. Today, fewer people know and use long-term experience-based learning, mainly because they do not have the time. Anyone who wants to overcome physical or character limitations by learning the AEQ method has lived for a long time or is living in a lack of time. Such a way of living wasn't a rule in the past, but today, haste and egocentrism in a natural environment are quickly punished. But this does not mean that we have also structurally and functionally adapted to the changing way of life on a physical level.  

Za ogled celotne vsebine se prijavite spodaj

V kolikor že imate račun se lahko prijavite in si ogledate vsebino. V Kolikor pa svojega uporabniškega računa še nimate pa vas vabimo, da si ga ustvarite spodaj.