Along with the growth of self-awareness, self-control also increases – we improve control over our lives and make more realistic judgments of reality. We cut our selves into the real notions it has about itself and the environment. So, we can look at the world with new eyes and a sharper mind. If we get rid of thought behavior that most commonly derives from fear and incorrect responses, then we can free ourselves from the chronically harmful habits that constantly get us in trouble, make us tense or even ill. With that, we can also get rid of stagnated beliefs.

How many times were we told what we are capable of?

We most likely have no idea how everything we have been through or witnesses helped shape our personality, beliefs, and self-consciousness about what we are capable of and what we aren’t. Our actions’ guide is the assumptions created by our past experiences instead of being led by objective judgment. It is too subjective mainly due to the blockage of sensations from the body that allows the mind to define reality. Thus, we increasingly make decisions under the influence of experience, which is not always the best for us, as the present also offers us different information and knowledge. Because bad experiences overburden us, we commonly even can’t make a choice – and so we wait.

So, let’s drop the stagnated habits that burden us and the limiting beliefs, and let’s decide with as much factual judgment as possible according to the current state of affairs!

Factual judgment will allow us to create a better world tailored to us, co-create it for the social good. Since swimming against the current is useless, which doesn’t lead anywhere. However, going with the current offers the choice to steer, which allows us to create something and offer it at the appropriate time. 

Change the routine!

Have you ever become addicted to the time when a telenovela is scheduled? You just don’t switch to a different channel, even if the show isn’t interesting anymore. That’s what we become in life. We are programmed by our daily lives’ homeliness, which is comfortable, though not always with beautiful moments. Our upbringing or social status, race, gender, and religion are all limitations if we don’t create the right distance. The discipline that helps us develop the regular implementation of the AEQ method® moves us out of a steady rhythm that inhibits our creativity. An AEQ Method® teacher will help you judge how deeply routine your life is and where you would like to step out of that routine.

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