People attribute pain to aging and use old age as an excuse. But the AEQ method, a method of gentle conscious movements, does not recognize this concept, and in the workshops I explain how teachers of the AEQ method associate movement pain with so-called sensory-motor amnesia. The main cause of chronic pain is the gradual deterioration of body sensation, and this is the result of major and minor injuries, stress, worries, harmful behavioral patterns, and misconceptions that limit us in easier functioning and living.   Muscles become used to being tense because of sensory-motor amnesia, despite our best effort to relax them. The problem lies in the fact that we aren’t relaxing them consciously; methods such as stretching, massage, chiropractic and other manual therapies, and painkillers usually don’t help in the long run. If we want to fix problems, we need to teach tense muscles how to relax.

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