From the moment you decide to change to the moment you feel the change, there is a period of progression.

You swing between the old and new, despite knowing, understanding, and feeling that the old doesn’t suit you anymore, disturbs you, or even harms you. And despite that, you’re still swinging between what once was and what you wish to be or wish to have. Progression is needed if we wish to survive. When I explain to a client how to solve problems with the AEQ method®, I often hear, “I’ve known a lot about this for a long time, but it hasn’t helped me so far.” To which I then ask, “Do you actually understand and comprehend this and actively deal with pain and problems?”

There is a big difference between knowing what needs to be done and learning from both successes and failures. We need to take our time and deal with change; conscious actions are required.

We must observe our thoughts, words, and actions. Our thought (opinion) build our world. Everything that man has created always began as an idea; what followed was action and, in the end, result. Let’s pay attention to these very important areas of our lives. Let’s be aware that our way of thinking creates circumstances and not vice versa.

There are many ways to progress. What do you do every day to feel better? If you blame yourself or expect others to change while making yourself look like a victim, you will only succeed in the short term.

Do you feel bad, hurt, or have enough of everything and everyone?

Think about your behavior.

How do you experience peace within and outside yourself?

Is this peace the reflection of your actual condition? Is it the result of a relaxed mind and body, or is it just a desire of the mind that creates a distorted image of the connection of body and spirit and does not perceive that it is just an illusion?

Do you wish to physically experience this peace, despite not succeeding right now?

Consider whether you are willing or forced to start creating harmony and peace within yourself.

The question you ask yourself is, do you want to change and progress?

Are you still going to complain about the things that were not given to you?

Do you want to create a better life than the one you live now?

If you are truly ready to change, then you can.

If you are ready to invest time and attention, you can change your life for the better by organizing your mind and body.

No one can change that for you. Nor can you accomplish this with willpower, effort, determination, and stubbornness alone because this will lead to even greater congestion and pain. But you can achieve this with knowledge offered by the AEQ method to anyone willing to change and is aware that this is a long-term learning process.

You will succeed with the attention you pay to feel and control your movement, thoughts, and actions. It is also important to accept the fact that the state of muscle tension in the body significantly affects the way of thinking. Without training your senses and controlling your muscles and body, it is much harder to succeed.

By learning the AEQ method, we improve our sensing and control, which changes our movement, thinking, and acting. Thus, conscious control and reason increasingly guide and determine our actions. The more attention we invest, the better we understand life’s reality; we understand why and how we got to this point in life and eventually controlled our life more efficiently.

An important role in achieving higher orderliness plays a respectful attitude towards the area where we want to progress. Respect is like the effect of yeast. As this allows the dough to rise, the right attitude towards something allows us to put what we want into practice. We are on the path of creating something beautiful and pleasant. Respect leads to love for what or something we respect. Love provides the purest energy, and this allows progress.

Paying attention equals efficiency. This way, we expand our thinking and raise our order – thus reducing clutter and pain. The effects of learning the AEQ method can also be observed through relationship changes. We improve communication, and because of that, there is less negativity, mistrust, and doubts. This leads to a boost in confidence and self-awareness. It means progress. We are becoming more and more aware of the actions that are causing us discomfort, and we are properly managing the present to make our future better.

Strength is in both the mind and the body!


Aleš Ernst, author of the AEQ method and AEQ breathing

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