The more time and attention we invest, the less energy we need to invest. The less time and attention we invest, the more energy we have to invest

All three quantities are interdependent, and where one is lacking, the more it is necessary to invest in the second or third. Knowledge and motor intelligence have a strong influence on the relationships between them. To raise them, of course, it is necessary to learn and direct time, attention, and energy to the past, so that today with the same energy consumption for the same amount of work, we can spend less time and invest less attention.

We can focus only a certain amount of attention in a certain time, which depends on the available energy. All three values are limited, and the value of time is immutable.

It is precisely here that the inclusion of the AEQ method enables a better understanding of the meaning and relationships between these values and thus enables progress in their control and connection to improve the quality of well-being. Illness and pain are the result of a lack of attention to the functioning of the system and a decrease in the efficiency of investing energy for proper regulation.

Let us recall the example of a jigsaw puzzle; AEQ exercises to improve the orderliness of the soma can help us achieve a neat picture on the table. If we don’t invest time, we won’t put the puzzle together; if we invest time but not attention, if we sit at the table and think about completely different things, we won’t put it together; the same if we don’t invest energy in moving our hands and changing the position of the pieces on the table. Only the correct relationship between all three values enables assembly, and training in assembly allows us to assemble a puzzle more quickly and efficiently. This is how we become masters of a certain skill and experienced in adopting the best ratio between investment and result.


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