The green light reflex is activated by the muscles of the back of the body that perform stretching.

The body takes over the posture of a soldier, ready for action and change. The back arches, the buttocks, hind thighs, and hips tense up, the shoulders pull back, the head raises. Common problems caused by the green light reflex are: sciatica, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, disc herniation and jaw pain, and tension headaches, to name just the most common. A large number of decisions to make, an exaggerated feeling of responsibility, and racing thoughts are the typical characteristics of people who have an active green light reflex. They are usually in a hurry, working, and making decisions for other people, even when doing so isn’t required. If they have nothing to do, they develop a strong feeling of guilt. A subconscious and permanently active green light reflex forces them into constant action. As they grow older, they become more and more tired. Recurring tiredness is also a typical sign of the green light reflex.

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