Acute pain warns us of an injury or illness by sending a signal into our brain.   Most injuries influence our body tissues and the neurons in our pain system, including those inside our brain and spine, causing neuropathic pain. It occurs due to neurons that make up a kind of map for pain in our brain. Specific areas in our brain for processing information represent our body's outer surfaces and are called brain maps. When we touch a part of the body during active exercise, a specific part of the brain map is activated, representing that part of the body. These maps of our body's surface areas are organized topographically, which means that neighboring areas of the body are next to one another on the map. When the neurons in our map become injured, they constantly send off false alarms and lead us to believe that the problem is within our body, while, in reality, its located mainly in our brain. The body healed ages ago, but the pain system is still activated. Acute pain was given an afterlife - it became chronic pain.

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