I look forward to a one-on-one meeting.

Hello Aleš,


This program of yours is a great investment. It’s true that I’m taking it all in little by little, and every now and then a tear of sadness and pain, which has been accumulating in me for years, would come out. I feel that there will be a long way to improve, but I am trying and doing exercises more or less daily.

You gave very clear instructions on how to do the exercises. As I said before, you have a lot of knowledge and I like your approach. I realized that it is not enough if you take your parents as they are. I had not yet thought that everything is accumulated in the subconscious. Every day you opened our eyes and told us facts to reduce our problems.

I look forward to a one-on-one meeting. It will be just the right time, because I want to come to certain knowledge by then.

I’ll be in touch again and thanks again.


Kind regards,

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