Consciousness is usually directed to reaching a certain goal no matter the cost, rather than going faster toward the goal using conscious learning, better feeling, and consciously improved movement, as the AEQ method teaches.   If we refresh our memory: the AEQ method and breathing are about dealing with the causes of chronic pain and illnesses, which result from permanently raised muscle tone and a change in posture and movement of a person. These conditions also strongly influence breathing processes, which are especially susceptible to body influences and emotional stress. Learning is more efficient if we internalize it. Every jogger should pay attention not only to physical fitness but also on his mind's mindfulness over the body. In the AEQ method, we call this control over the body or being conscious of oneself. It's important to detect movement changes, which makes pinning the cause of pain or preventing even minor injuries easier.   We consciously check both posture and the way we sit, as well as walking and running. Some movements that we constantly perform unconsciously and automatically should also be observed and corrected. Then again, other moves are done actively – during sports and exercise or doing manual labor (behind a manufacturing belt or long hours behind an office computer, …).

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