A common cause for joint problems that athletes have, are sensory-motor amnesia (SMA) and an increased muscle tone that distorts correct and fluid pelvis and torso movement.   From the day of our birth onwards, we learn to coordinate our muscles functioning during movement. This synchronicity is evolutionarily conditioned. At birth, everyone is assigned a certain potential, and the child constantly learns to control the muscles when moving and thus progresses within its capabilities. But his muscular strength is still developing, so with will and effort, he can't achieve more than he would like.   Better coordination enables increased efficiency, which is a pleasurable sensation. Conversely, less effective movement due to poor coordination creates an uncomfortable feeling, and if it lasts longer, it becomes painful. The child also follows the principle of pleasant learning, especially because it is communicated to him by the environment. If the movement is uncomfortable, he wants to either change or discontinue some activity.

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