The cause of losing top form


By increasing our body’s abilities the use of automatization increases as well, and with increased automatization our control over movement begins to decrease.  Less control over movement decreases the feeling and control over our muscles and our body’s proprioception. That’s why the subconscious control over our muscles and their long term rigidity is increasing. This increases fatigue, a feeling of weakness and poorer coordination of movements as well as cooperation between agonists and antagonists.


That’s how we decrease our body’s inefficiency as well as movement in general. An athlete uses more energy for the same movement. His ability to concentrate, the speed of perception and reaction time to changes that require a conscious reaction worsens. For some time, the reduction in efficiency is successfully replaced by more fitness, strength, exercise, reflex reactions, and compensation through the increasingly misuse of joints and muscle groups in the arms, legs, and neck.


Thus, we get an ever stronger change in the function of the sensory-motor system, which affects and gradually changes the structure of the body. For some time this is necessary and important so that the superior psychophysical abilities necessary to achieve the best results can be achieved. But when the body’s ability to be stronger and more resilient due to poorer performance (resulting from poorer conscious control – sensory motor amnesia) it is increasingly difficult to compensate for reduced efficiency.

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