How to find out - with a quality connection within ourselves and accept feelings and insights even when they are inconsistent with our plans and desires.


To become better, we need to exit our comfort zone and go beyond our current abilities, but not always and not at any cost.


The fact is that athletes find it increasingly difficult to progress and remain unharmed due to their reduced ability to concentrate, as today's workouts take place too much by force. What's missing is paying attention to motor intelligence. An athlete should train accordingly for a natural increase in strength and speed, without unwanted side effects and understanding of the equal importance of emotional stability and intelligence for healthy progression towards a set goal.

There are multiple reasons for the state of disconnect between the mind and body. Man's upright posture raised the head above everything else. The human brain is extraordinary, and the most complex thing known to man created by nature. A human's ability to understand and thing surprises and inspires us.

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