Our consciousness often uses an exaggeration in the movement to redirect emotional energy towards movement, with which we do not fix the relationships that burden us. Artificial pleasure is born, which brings us to the emergency lane.


 As beings with free will, we almost always have the choice to slow down, fix ourselves up, and raise our "soma" though better cooperation, understanding, and respect between the body and consciousness.


Due to lack of time and a too-large focus on technology and being addicted to it, we are getting worse in understanding ourselves. We are becoming more and more dependent on professionals or applications from which we expect to tell us what is wrong with us.


Sadly, such a program or device that could measure or show what and how we feel ourselves in our own body doesn't exist.


Consequently, the possibility that sports are making our lives worse in the long term is far greater than we could ever imagine. Thus, it is not an unexpected result of a study in which they followed 60 runners for a year - they found that 39 of them developed 55 injuries.

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