Knee injuries, cartilage degeneration and meniscus injuries are common and frequent injuries.   Especially active sporty people are prone to these injuries. Many of my clients decided to take up learning of the AEQ method because of their knee problems. Furthermore, I’ve noticed the majority of my clients have the same cause for recurring knee problems and pain: severely tight, tense muscles of the center of the body, the core. The core is the part that ties rib cage with legs, it is strong and stable. However, the core muscles seem to be unable to relax. The primary function of the core is to move the rib cage and pelvis in all directions with about the same efficiency. Thus, muscles need to be able to contract as well as relax, and at the same time, be able to move the torso coherently and efficiently. Focus just on strengthening the muscles and effort-based progress is the main drawback of the modern way of life, training and rehabilitation. The latter approach is logical when considering a human being as a machine; it also gives good short-term results. However, ever more significant muscle contraction and feeling of stiff movement are the long-term results.

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