Change is usually the thing we want from other people, right?

We don’t want to change ourselves, despite expecting others to change, which would in turn, change our lives. Yet it is imperative that all the changes we need to make come from within us. Change means to free ourselves of the feelings of division, isolation, loneliness, anger, fear and pain. We create a life in which we relax and enjoy a life where we know more and more that all the best will come to an end. Can you think of change as spring cleaning? If you do it regularly and little by little, then you will eventually complete it. You don’t even have to do everything to start noticing the results. If you can change, even just a little, then you will feel better soon.

On New Year’s Day, I listened to O.C. Smith, whose words gave me plenty to think about. He said: ‘’It’s the New Year, but it needs to be clear to you that the New Year won’t change you. It doesn’t mean that there will be anything different in your life. Change will only come when you are willing to go inside and encourage it.’’

That is completely true. . At New Year’s Eve people make a lot of vows but since they don’t incite any inner changes, they break them very quickly. ‘’I will not smoke anymore!’’ or something similar. The vow is expressed as a negative sentence instead of a positive order to the subconscious mind about what it should do. In such a situation, it would be better to say “All my cravings for cigarettes have left me and I am free.” Until we make internal changes, until we are ready for the mental effort to bring them about, there can be no external ones. And yet, inner change is so incredibly easy, as we only have to change our thoughts. What positive things could you do for yourself this year that you didn’t in the previous one? Think about it a little. What would you like to give up this year, even though it kept you trapped last year? What do you want to change in your life? Are you ready to do that? When you will be ready for change, you can use many types of information that are at your disposal and may be useful to you. It’s amazing how quickly the universe comes to the rescue when you’re ready to change. It brings you what you need. It could be a book, an audio recording, a teacher, or even a friend whose fleeting remark suddenly has a deeper meaning. Sometimes circumstances get worse at first before they start to improve, but that’s nothing serious, it’s just a sign that the process has started. The old threads unravel, so leave it to him. Don’t panic and don’t think it won’t work.

Persist in your desires and new beliefs.

Aleš Ernst, author of the AEQ method and AEQ breathing