We don’t want to change ourselves, despite expecting others to change, which would in turn, change our lives. Yet it is imperative that all the changes we need to make come from within us. Change means to free ourselves of the feelings of division, isolation, loneliness, anger, fear and pain. We create a life in which we relax and enjoy a life where we know more and more that all the best will come to an end. Can you think of change as spring cleaning? If you do it regularly and little by little, then you will eventually complete it. You don’t even have to do everything to start noticing the results. If you can change, even just a little, then you will feel better soon.  

Za ogled celotne vsebine se prijavite spodaj

V kolikor že imate račun se lahko prijavite in si ogledate vsebino. V Kolikor pa svojega uporabniškega računa še nimate pa vas vabimo, da si ga ustvarite spodaj.