Closing the gap

The division between the physical and the energetic, which in the AEQ method is called sensory-motor amnesia, cannot be eliminated only with knowledge of bodily processes and the interdependence of mind and body. Knowledge is a surface phenomenon and belongs to the area of the consciousness. For the optimal operation of the whole, we must feel the energy flow and feel our bodily sensations and emotions. This is what turns understanding into perception. Just as the theory must be supplemented and understood through practice, because only then does the knowledge become useful. But in order for a person to bring his feelings to the surface, he must reduce the subconscious constriction of the membrane. This is much easier said than done, as the rigidity of the membrane in childhood was created precisely to prevent this expression. Such a person is not ready for life to take control of the ego. She is too afraid of the consequences, more specifically, of the feeling of helplessness that develops when she surrenders power and control to her body.

To give up control, a person must believe in themselves. However, it is hope and belief that is most lacking in cases of severe body stiffness. The only thing we have left in the absence of hope, is conscious control over the whole. In order to restore self-confidence, it is also very important that you perform the exercises exactly according to the instructions. Only in this way will you feel and understand how wrong your situation is and change it. Although this will not be possible without the resistance of the ego and the abundance of blinding maneuvers that he will use to dissuade you from changing.

All essential things and accomplishments in life demand patience and perseverance: relationships, scientific discoveries, learning, reading a book … All that requires time and repetition, which is boring to many people. Most people don’t achieve their goals and fulfill their wishes because they cannot resist the appeal of something new, exciting, and different. They don’t possess enough awareness and ability to focus on real learning and change their needs too fast. And the modern world enables and encourages that.

AEQ exercises play a key role, because they show us how we treat ourselves, what we’re doing right and wrong, as well as showing us that we can understand and change things if we direct enough attention to it. Same as in life.

It is not about expressing the past through exercises and life but about perceiving where the past affects our behavior and reactions in the present. The attitude towards the execution of the movement and the feelings that we perceive during the AEQ exercises are feelings in the present, which are usually not really connected to the exercise (since nothing happens to us in the present during the exercise that could cause us to have an emotional reaction to the exercise) allowing us to more easily discover areas where the past and unexpressed emotions create neurotic responses in the present. Studying these responses through exercises allows us to recognize them in everyday life; this is the only way we can change them along with muscle tension.


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