A change in the structure and function of consciousness, subconsciousness and body

Learning the AEQ method by simultaneously acting on the body and consciousness allows for a real change in the subconscious if the person is prepared to do this process properly, which is anything but easy and fast. This change affects the shape of the spiral and enables change in how you function, which is a condition for a different state (The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results; A. Einstein).

This is usually where resistance from the subconscious appears, and it tries to prevent change. In contrast with the subconscious, the conscious easily and constantly changes and molds itself into something new. The contrast in the same system is necessary to increase the system’s efficiency, but only if there are enough connections and mutual dialogue between them, which promotes the orderliness and efficiency of both sides of the contrast.

Learning the AEQ method with a level 4 or 5 teacher allows for a change in structure and function, first in the conscious, then the subconscious, and finally the body following the brain. However, it is precisely through pain and chronic problems that force the head to change something. When decreasing SMA, this change is better in the long term, even though we feel it as worse and unpleasant in the short term.

We can therefore conclude that in unwanted chronic conditions, there is a state of patterns and conditional responses in the subconscious mind, which acts on the imbalance in such a way that the acute condition (an acute condition develops quickly, passes quickly, and can also disappear quickly because the system takes action in a way that changes the need to restore balance) does not fix it and thus gradually turns it into a chronic one. This is only possible when the acute imbalance in the body doesn’t properly influence the consciousness (due to it being separated from the body by SMA and SMO in the subconscious) for us to realize what disturbs, hinders, endangers or limits us so that we can take our time and recognize our need and invest the effort required to change our consciousness and subsequently subconsciousness. That way, we can gradually change the subconscious functions and patterns that keep us in unwanted chronic conditions.

Learning the AEQ method on this level helps you become more emotionally mature so that you can go back to your childhood and reclaim what you lost or was taken from you.

If you want to better understand yourself, you must first better feel yourself and get a proper explanation so that you don’t become afraid of what you feel. You can learn this in the 30-day programs that you can find at the link below.

If we want to change ourselves holistically – we are talking about consciousness, body, and subconsciousness – we need time and energy. If we do not have these two components or give them up for various, more or less clever, or justifiable reasons, we cannot change our subconscious and, therefore, cannot influence the circle. So, if we want to change our future, we require time and energy. The subconscious was created to maintain order, and even though it is ineffective now, it tries to distract us in various, sometimes very naughty and subtle ways from having enough time and enough energy for this. Mainly because by tradition, it is set against resistance to changes in behavior, which could lead to the rebellion of the environment, which does not want or cannot change, and endangering the environment towards us, which in fact, also happened in childhood. Back then, we were helpless, dependent, and really only had a few options – die, be abandoned, or adapt.

This desire for change is especially strong between the ages of 15 and 25, a time in which a person is at the peak of their life energy and has a strong will, that is, they have the desire to change the shape of their spiral. But with this, according to the law of reciprocal effect, it affects parents and other elderly people in the area, who do not have this energy anymore and change does not suit them, or it is easier for them to follow old habits than to change, even though it would be better for everyone. Therefore, the pressure of the environment on those who want to change is great. The pressure of tradition was especially great after the Second World War, with the boom in industrialization and the migration of young people from the countryside to the city. They consciously adapted to the city, but at the same time, they did not have the time, knowledge, or need to change their subconscious. Life in the country also changed radically, which led to the general prevalence of chronic conditions and health problems as we know them today.

The result was increased SMA in a person, especially because the SMA of the environment (habits, rules of behavior, mobility) was increasingly lower. And this difference, unfortunately, is the greatest in children, who receive similar behavioral patterns and emotional reactions from their parents’ subconscious as in the past, while the conscious behavior of parents and the environment is often contrasting. This creates confusion, division, and strong feelings of anger and rage in the child, which the parents and those around them do not understand, so they react negatively to it; the child finds himself in similar helplessness as the parents were in their childhood, only with different grips and influences. That causes SMA to develop, which gives the new generation the illusion of power and freedom on the outside, while on the inside, the state of the membrane shows quite the opposite.

Modern life gives us more opportunities to take different paths without significant resistance from the subconscious if we clearly understand what is behind it. What you are actually learning at AEQ is to understand deeply enough what this tripartite branch of power and decision-making is, which consists of the body, the subconscious, and the conscious. All three branches should be treated as equals, but we often find this too complicated and too difficult, and we have neither the motivation nor the time for it. We think how good it would be if they were arranged more easily. But the fact is that as such, we cannot change it with impunity unless we decide to change the structure from natural to unnatural, which also leads to chronic problems. The circle of life’s spiral can be significantly changed and thus avoid repeating life in a way that was already shown to be undesirable by our parents or in our past, but only if we are able to accept the rules of life and use them to gradually change ourselves and thus also others, which are important to us and necessary for a balance achieved in an effective way.

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