Thomas Hanna recognized and defined three general reflex patterns, which are an adaptation of the body to stress. Anyone can recognize and feel them. But even though they are characteristic for humans, it doesn’t mean that we are aware of them. These patterns have a good and a bad side.

When a certain cause or need surfaces, the appropriate reflex activates himself. While it is already useful after evolution, its frequent activation, for example, during stress, which continues to occur, eventually turns into a state that we are no longer aware of and cannot control. We recognize this condition in a special posture and movement. It is important for our general well-being and our daily efficiency to know and recognize these reflexes, to understand what triggers them and how to lead them, and even intentionally trigger and how to shut it off. Most people develop a unique combination of two or three reflexes as they age. Their feeling and control, which can be regained with the AEQ method’s help, allow us to limit and reduce, but we can also eliminate the consequences and improve health, well-being, and abilities.

The conditions mentioned below aren’t the result of aging, which is a misconception!



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