Lying makes us weak and causes us to fear life. Life is rough and difficult. And by making ourselves weak by consciously or subconsciously lying, causing us unnecessary suffering, and making us bitter. Bitterness arises from helplessness and indicates helplessness in the face of life. Helplessness creates hatred and, thus, the need to despise life, which actually makes us powerless through our own faults. We are adults, so with the proper application of the reality principle, syntropic aggressive emotions and aggressive entropic emotions should rise from helplessness before life, passing the maturity test of gravity and accepting our responsibility, and re-establish power over our life. Most often, the cause of fear of life and the desire to die is in the soma’s emotional part, but sometimes after literal death and the end of suffering caused by bitterness and hostility.

Children are the liveliest. That is why it is so common for a bitter, powerless person to take revenge on a child because of a lie before life. His liveliness is too strong a challenge for the bitterness in a person to get past the sensory-motor illusion that allows him to lie and see who he is taking revenge on and what it is doing to his present and future. By now, you know very well, both from your own experience and from the experience of clients, that the vindictiveness and contempt of such a person, family, organization, or society knows no bounds.
Allow me to summarize: If we cannot take responsibility, we are turning into a person that cannot handle the truth, principles, and structure of life as it is.
Aleš Ernst, author of the AEQ method and AEQ breathing

I teach and explain in detail the connections and causes of unwanted relationships and helplessness in them and teach exercises that enable the gradual holistic change necessary for a different life in my 30-day programs.

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