As they say ‘’Happy wife, happy life.’’

Hello Aleš,

I would like to describe my feelings regarding the 30-day program to you. Think of this as a thank you for all your help 🙂

I am glad that I was able to sign up for your program so quickly after individual therapy. I already learned a lot about myself there. I knew and felt some of the things, but always viewed them in a different light, and had trouble solving problems/finding patterns.

For me, the program represented a daily routine, twice a day at the same hour. Because of it I felt more secure, calm and finally managed to accept that this is my time and mine alone. In this time I realized how I can change relationships at home with ones calm, focused and tuned energy. As they say ‘’Happy wife, happy life.’’ Alright, jokes aside, I also learned how to feel my body in a different way, connect with it more when I calm down and with these exercises I become more calm and focused. Now I’m learning and I’m doing well to stop, not to blame myself if I can’t do something, to take time for myself, to be able to say something slowly. Above all, I notice that I am calmer inside and that I really like it. That everything I did before exhausted me very quickly, because it was all too fast for me.

I know that everything will go very well for me when I finish the second month of the workshop and continue the exercises myself so that they become my routine.

Sincere thanks for all your help and explanations.


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