In the treatment and reduction of the probability of recurrence of injury in the AEQ method, the rule is that the movement must first be normalized, then optimized, and finally improved. The injury alone, caused by sports, shows inconsistency, maladaptation and inefficiency in movement that would be optimal for this sport. Let’s mention a well-known alpine skier who went on active AEQ method therapy sessions due to unbearable pain in his knee. The only way he could tie his shoes was by kneeling, a position from which he couldn’t stand up from without help, but the pain still hasn’t stopped him from taking a leap down Petelinji greben. Sadly, I have far too many patients like this. They can lift up to 200kg in weights but can’t put their sock on without pain.   With injuries like these, especially recurring ones, there is always an abnormal moving pattern accompanying it and the torso and limbs aren’t connected when moving. A teacher of the AEQ method first figures out the current state of motor intelligence and integrity.

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