GOOD PERFORMANCE IN SPORTS   As an experienced cyclist and a long-time owner of a bicycle shop, I have often observed the consequences of the wrong approach to sports and the wrong motive for success in sports with my clients. Most of the time, the runner wanted to buy a bike to relieve the knees and tendons, as he was advised - a friend, an orthopedist, a physiotherapist… - to ride a bike at least a few days a week instead of running. Simultaneously, the runner says that he has had more and more pain and injuries in recent years. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a level of results that suits his ambition or plan. He usually bought a road bike to keep fit. Subsequently, most switched from running to cycling; there was less running, more cycling. The attitude towards the body, however, remained unchanged.   Tendon and knee problems were slowly being replaced by hip, back, and arm problems.

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