Sports: order, rules and orderliness   The meaning of order, rules and orderliness can be better understood by comparing sports similar to one another, such as running on the long track and speed walking.   Injuries that athletes get when running are common and expected. Runners finish their careers way to early and commonly suffer from pain even when they aren’t running. The condition of a speed walker is usually better.   Rules of running do not require good control over the execution of movements, but the movement is regulated by the route from start to finish, correct start, effort, endurance and strength. Most believe that running doesn’t even require special training. The runner spends most of his time and attention to speed and endurance. This increases primarily by consolidating better pain tolerance as an integral part of training and matches. There is not enough conscious improvement of skills and increase of knowledge. Professionalism is limited to blood and urine control.   But when we observe speed walking we notice a different approach: there is more rules regarding the athlete’s movement, learning how to move and constant control over walking.

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