Everyone should master sensing the movement of their body. This means that he should observe and learn to change the changes that happen to him during movement on a daily basis and consciously change them. This would make it easier to determine the cause of the pain, even prevent it, all of which would lead to better movement.

Movement that we constantly perform and will eventually become subconscious and automated, has to be regularly monitored and corrected. The same goes for movement that is actively performed – during sports and exercise or during work (behind a manufacturing belt, sitting behind a computer for hours, long drives…) – require more of our energy and attention. Regular conscious observation of movement is very important for maintaining and increasing efficiency. Such movement awareness as well as its control allow our moves to be fluid, elegant and performed with the least effort possible. If there is less effort, there is more movement - we are talking about rationality or the rule less for more. The energy input is smaller, the effect is greater. Most importantly, such a movement gives us more pleasure, and therefore we prefer to perform it.

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