A foot and a hip always function cooperatively   Why? Because the knee joint (connects the two parts of the knee) can move only in the direction backwards and forward and cannot bend in any other angle. If we move our foot to the left or the right, the knee doesn’t move, and it is locked; the hip must move. Hence, if we would like to move and turn our foot easily, we need to be able to move and rotate our hip without restrictions. The hip is connected to the body with muscles of the torso and the spine. The spine is composed of 24 vertebrae, and they all move. The more we feel, control and are aware of the trunk and the spine movement, the more correctly, efficiently and freely we move our hips, knees and feet. And vice versa: the joints in our legs are inflexible and stiff when we have reduced flexibility in the torso, when we don’t have a pleasant sensation of the back and when we are tense. Consequently, our legs don’t move as freely as they could; they are less efficient and less suitable for everyday work and tasks.

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