Typical sciatica is radiating shooting pain that starts in the buttocks (usually on one side only), and this pain extends down the back of the thigh, even into the foot. Sensations may include numbness, burning sensation of pain running from the underside of the back that goes down into the buttocks and the back of the leg, or the sensation of a hot cord in the leg. Low back pain often occurs before that and accompanies sciatica. If the pain also expands to the front of your leg, you probably have muscle spasms in the quadriceps. If the pain extends along the side of the leg, the muscles that are attached to the iliotibial band (IT band) are likely to be strained.   Origin of sciatic nerve pain   Sciatica falls into the category of transmitted pain where the point where we feel the pain is not the point of its cause. Sciatic pain is caused by irritation (pressure on) of the sciatic nerve.   The brain perceives the pain as coming from a point where the nerve runs, although the cause is a compressed nerve at its origin; where it comes from the spinal cord, or somewhere along the path to the foot.

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