It is essential to understand that people who claim to have stiff necks do not have stiff necks – they have stiff bodies.   Cervical vertebrae are part of the spinal column, and we tend to forget that when we talk about neck pain. If you can't or don't know how to move the rest of your spine (back), the neck seems stiff to you, limited in its mobility. However, once you learn how to include the entire spine into the movement of your body, you quickly realize » hmm, my neck feels softer«. Thus, you are now consciously using more of your body. You gain a feeling of your body becoming more intelligent, thus cleverer. Moreover, you also gain greater control over your movement and individual moves, and even better awareness whether you perform the moves naturally or whether there's still more work to be done.   Movement of the neck does not occur independently from the movement of the entire body.   Movement of the body is not independent of the nerve (brain) impulses.   The reaction of the mind equals the response of me as a person.

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