Thank you for your patience, your time and the valuable knowledge you spread among us.

Hello Aleš!


I will now describe the events before and after the 30-day AEQ breathing program.


I am suffering from atopic dermatitis. In my search for a cure, due to the unboreable itching and being unfit for normal work, at the age of 50, I stumble upon the AEQ method and Mr. Aleš Ernst.

Aleš told me I require constant guidance. I wasn’t aware of this. He told me that I have sent him 100 emials over the course of three months. Oof, that is a lot.

I am strongly aware of how dependent I am of the view others hold on me, the feeling of uncertainty, loneliness and abandonment.

I allow this feeling, this mix of feelings, even though they’re really weighing on me, tossing me around in my body. I sometimes feel as if I lost my balance.

After my first visit to Aleš, three months ago, I am depressed, I have suicidal thoughts. Aleš says that there is a murderous rage hidden inside me, a strong anger that needs to be tired out, because otherwise it could burst into the open. It is connected to the patterns I acquired in my childhood. That’s why it itches. I received two exercises to do at home. I work, exercise, feel bad and write emails. Aleš always answers.

I decided to join the AEQ breathing program, which lasts one month.

The breathing protocols and AEQ exercises, which we performed every evening for one month, always calm me down.

Aleš answers all our questions. At first I had trouble understanding him, despite him speaking clearly, slowly and extensively. We also get extensive literature, which is becoming easier to understand the more I read it.

At the end of the one-month program, it is slowly becoming clear to me that I have a very rigid body and thus have poor contact with reality, which is why it is also difficult to understand the explanations. Physics has always been interesting to me, but somehow difficult to understand. I had that feeling at the beginning of the program, with Aleš’s explanations. Explanations related to the past, childhood, parents and ancestors are more familiar and comprehensible to me.

When I do AEQ exercises, I find that I don’t even feel where the muscles are lengthened and where they are contracted. I only feel pain and stiffness. I am used to pain and know it is a sign of tension. The muscle itself is not a sign of tension, it is one mixture of sensations.

After the end of the program, I notice that my chest has opened up a lot and that I can breathe more easily through my nose. I used to have a stuffy nose and breathe through the mouth most of the time. I already sleep through the whole night with my mouth taped shut and sleep well.

I started fixing the most burdensome relationship for me, the relationship with my daughter. I noticed more determination in myself. I have more life energy and am look forward start working again. Before this program, I had the feeling that I couldn’t do it and I had fears about how I would be able to do it.

My skin is beautiful and I doesn’t itch anymore.

I will continue practicing at home and will certainly attend some individual therapy and/or workshop in the future.

I will take my time, because Aleš taught us that we should change slowly, otherwise our own subconscious will prevent us from moving forward.

Thank you Aleš, you are doing important work for humanity, because there are hardly any people left who are healthy and satisfied, and with your help, slowly just that happens. A person lives happily and free.

Once again, thank you for your patience, your time and the valuable knowledge you spread among us.