Introductory conversation

The introductory conversation is appropriate for everyone who wishes to learn about how the AEQ approach can help you solve your problems in more detail. It can occur in person in the Center of the AEQ method in Brežice or over Zoom.

You will tell me more about your chronic conditions and problem, as well as the events that took place in your past that most often create the basis for chronic conditions in the present. Based on what you tell me, I will be able to give you an opinion about the reasons for your current situation. I will also be able to help you determine the most appropriate path of learning the AEQ method to achieve the necessary change in understanding yourself and others. I will explain to you the importance of changing the connection and perception of yourself and others, which must improve accordingly if we want to know, feel and change behavior. With a suitable change in behavior, we can then change our lives and solve the problems we have found ourselves in.

Appointment cancellation

Appointment cancellation must occur 48 hours before the agreed upon date, otherwise it will be considered as if we held it within the agreed duration.

You can cancel your appointment here: