Failure does not exist if you have learned from your mistakes and improved yourself. Keep that in mind, and you will achieve more. In fact, you will achieve everything that is realistically achievable if you take enough time for it and invest the right amount of energy, attention, and knowledge. Look at this process like this: we do not experience failures in life, but instead create results on which we then learn and change for the better.   If, for example, you throw a basketball multiple times and miss, you aren't unsuccessful. You created a result. Your feeling of failure originates from the fact that you know people that score almost every throw. But in your reality, you couldn't throw the ball any other way as you already have, since it is the result of your current motor intelligence and skill. You achieved a measurable result. After that, you can either stop throwing or try again. Even if you threw the ball over 200 times, you still aren't a failure but have instead achieved over 200 results. The number of throws is not essential for improving the throw to the basket, but whether you learned and observed, and looked for ways to throw the ball better, more accurately, and correctly.

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