Barbara Horvat

I was born in Našice, Croatia, where I finished primary education and started my basketball career. In parallel with playing basketball, I studied English language and literature and Philosophy at the University of Osijek. After finishing my studies, I started working in an American IT company where I currently lead one of the operations teams.

As a professional basketball player, and even years after I stopped playing basketball and turned to recreational cycling, I struggled with various injuries and chronic pain in my knees, hips and back. I tried various techniques, therapies, massages, many of which helped in the short term, but the pain would always come back.

Looking for a solution to my own ailments and chronic pain, I finally discovered the AEQ method. By learning new movements and correcting wrongly learned behaviour patterns, I realised it is possible to get rid of the pain only if we know its true cause, which is often much deeper than it seems at first, and if we are able to really feel our body and are ready to change our relationship to it.

Noticing the results and great improvements in myself, along with the desire to share the acquired knowledge and insights with others, I decided to become AEQ method teacher.

In the spring of 2023, I finished the seminar for the teacher of the AEQ method Level 1, and started teaching clients in Zagreb and online via the Zoom app.