Jure Koščak

My name is Jure Koščak from Murska Sobota, Slovenia, but I have been living in the Dominican Republic since 2014.

Since I was a professional table tennis athlete, I have been very interested in psychology and the physical body. All with the aim of achieving better results in my career. On my way I met many psychologists, therapists, physiotherapists and many methods. I also finished studying and became a physical education teacher, which enabled me to understand didactics, pedagogy and methodology. How to plan, learn and teach any sport and achieve results. I have been training people of all interests since 2010; young, old, athletes, entrepreneurs, students and many more. Training on how to develop your own energy and understanding of life and thereby achieve new, higher-level results in relationships, interests, sports or business. My intention is always to grow and develop. With this aim, I discover and use new methods at every moment, connect the dots and strengthen my influence on every person who trusts me.

I got to know the AEQ method already in 2018 at a 4 hour-long workshop, but it wasn’t until 2021 that I got fully involved with Ales and a one-month workshop for the lower body. Namely, the chronic pain in the right hip started to become unbearable. After many different therapies and approaches, I could no longer see a way out. I became depressed and drained due to the constant pain. Harsh and not very creative, as I was guided by the limitation of movement. So the AEQ method and Ales became a solution to this pain and also a new outlook on life. Excited because the pain gradually became less and even disappeared for long periods of time. I gained new movement without restrictions or with the awareness of how I can move so as not to provoke chronic pain. Like one big puzzle with many small pieces, a picture began to come together for me on several levels of life. I began to connect the knowledge from before with this new one, deepening my understanding of life. Of course, I decided to continue with the upper body AEQ workshop and a little later the two-month AEQ breathing workshop.

Each of these workshops added a large piece to this puzzle of understanding, action and behavior. So now truth, sincerity, directness and clarity prevail more and more in my relationships. I regained and redeveloped my creativity. So I decided to attend the AEQ seminar for 1st level teachers.

I am happy to work on myself and lead others who trust me.

I conduct live group workshops with companies, zoom management of AEQ exercises and explanations, and personal one-on-one.

Since I live in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, personal guidance is limited to individuals or groups present in that environment. Otherwise, I am always available via the zoom app for groups or individual management of AEQ exercises.

I am available from 15:00 to 21:00 European time or 10am to 4pm EST. The time difference to Europe is 5 hours in winter and 6 hours in summer. So 3 pm in Europe is 10am in the morning for me or 9am during the summer.

Jure Koščak, teacher of AEQ method 1st level