Active learning makes the ego realize that the body is a friend and not a foe and can achieve so much more if they cooperate.

Types and conditions of learning the AEQ method under the guidance of Aleš Ernst, teacher of the AEQ method level 5

1. Introductory conversation

  15 minutes: 30€

  30 minutes: 50€

  45 minutes: 70€

  60 minutes: 90€

  • We talk about the issues that trouble you.
  • We determine the best course of action to eliminate the issue.
  • We determine the type of program with which you will begin learning the AEQ method.
  • We determine the dates for individual treatment if needed.

The introductory conversation can occur over a phone call or online via Zoom.

2. Consultation via email:

Response up to 200 words: 10€

More than 400 words: 20€

Consultation via email is not recommended for questions and/or conditions that require a lengthier response.

3. Consultation via Zoom:

15 minutes: 30€

30 minutes: 50€

45 minutes: 70€

60 minutes: 90€

4. Consultation via phone call:

(prior agreement on the date of the consultation is required) – write an email to

15 minutes: 30€

30 minutes: 50€

45 minutes: 70€

60 minutes: 90€

5. Individual learning of the AEQ method in the center of the AEQ method in Brežice

After completing the introductory conversation, individual learning can be arranged as needed. You can find everything about individual learning here:

In individual learning, in cases of strong contraction, it is necessary to use the AEQ fascia, which enables deeper awareness. Working with the fascia in this way is very demanding, so the price of a 90-minute session is 170€. Whether such an approach is necessary will be determined at the meeting.

6. Individual learning for improving business or sport results

If your purpose of learning AEQ is to improve business or sport results, the following prices apply to professional athletes and businessmen:

90 minutes: 250 €

105 minutes: 290 €

120 minutes: 330 €

The most efficient approach is to have five to ten-session in the span of three to six months. The first three visits in the span of seven to ten days, while the rest in two to three weeks. Cases of very severe contractions connected to emotional trauma usually require eight to twelve visits in six to eight months. Eliminating scoliosis or strong emotional imbalances requires ten to fifteen visits in the span of two years.

Active learning is performed from Monday to Friday, at 10.00, 15.00 and 17.00 online with Zoom or in-person in AEQ center, Brežice, Slovenia, EU


  • 90 minutes 150€
  • 105 minutes 175€
  • 120 minutes 200€


  • 90 minutes 210€
  • 105 minutes 245€
  • 120 minutes 280€


  • 60 minutes 100€
  • 90 minutes 150€
  • 120 minutes 200€


  • 15 minutes 25€
  • 30 minutes 50€
  • 45 minutes 75€


  • 90 minutes 250€
  • 105 minutes 290€
  • 120 minutes 330€

The price is doubled for services outside working hours (before 9 am or after 6 pm and on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays).

Recommendation: watch the video – podcast to better understand my thought and expression process.

Read more about the AEQ method on our webpage


Canceling your session

If you wish to cancel your session, you must do so +48 hours before the agreed date; otherwise, the session will be considered as if it took place. Cancel your session at

This price list comes into effect on December 29th, 2021.



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