Frequently asked questions about the AEQ method

The AEQ method is intended to regulate sensory-motion amnesia. We regain satisfactory proprioception with its help, but only if we perform the exercises consciously and actively for a certain period. Proprioception guarantees being aware of our movement, posture, and a shift in balance. The body can understand the senses of a certain posture. A special feature of the AEQ method is the training of movement awareness, which has been impaired or decreased due to various reasons. Somatic methods and approaches have been developed due to the need to maintain movement efficiency and work and facilitate survival. Man has been fighting for his survival for a long time, so he must remain healthy. Because good proprioception and control present with most people, no systems were developed to eliminate their loss. Their starting point was that a person learns in childhood how to maintain the feeling and control of psychophysical abilities even in old age with specific movements that take place ritually and in a certain order, thus avoiding most diseases and losing efficiency in work.

Psychological responses triggered by everyday events express themselves on our muscle tone. Softness, elasticity, willingness, and efficiency are not a self-evident state of the organism; sooner or later, they become a goal. We approach it with different methods and conscious decisions. Achieving softness is, therefore, a versatile and holistic work on oneself. Clinical somatics is certainly an appropriate part of these efforts to help us better understand ourselves and feel and understand the meaning of our lives. When comparing the AEQ method with other somatic systems, mostly derived from Asia, it is good to understand that the intertwining of body, brain, and environment forms our holistic response, hence the response to various somatic techniques. It’s about an interweaving between the neurophysiologic and symbolic web. The first represents physiological and natural processes in the body and brain, which condition different behavioral responses. The other is an imaginary, symbolic network in which all accumulated symbolic knowledge in the form of science, religion, and philosophy is stored. This network is shaped by our cultural environment, which we internalize through life and the learning process within a particular environment. Concrete, abstract, and metaphorical linguistic meanings connected and intertwined with experience play an important role in creating the symbolically imaginary environment. Therefore, our experience of the symbolic meanings of Oriental skills is often unclear, especially if we do not have a teacher who can translate these meanings into our symbolic system. That’s why the AEQ method is so more efficient because its movement demands are connected to these symbols that grew from our cultural environment. 

*Proprioception is the sense of self-movement and body position. Proprioceptors, mechanosensory neurons are located within muscles, tendons, and joints.

It is most efficient to do so with a good certified teacher of the AEQ method. After active therapy, it is necessary to repeat what we learned at home. The exercises need to be performed regularly. This way, we strengthen the correct movement patterns and gain a healthy attitude towards our body. This prevents the muscles from contracting again and returning to poor movement patterns.

Learning the AEQ method is difficult. That’s why we recommend that you visit the AEQ teacher several times. Only in this way will we truly feel self-awareness and eliminate sensory-motor amnesia.

Workshops organized by AEQ teachers of different levels will also focus on different areas. Among other things we have:

– why have we lost our correct posture and how to get it back,
– how to eliminate the pain in our back and neck,
– how to improve our general well-being and increase our life energy,
– how to better our self-esteem and self-confidence, and how to use them to lead our mind and body,
– how to alleviate and eliminate painful, unpleasant, and irregular menstruation,
– how to improve our sleep,
– how to decrease or eliminate chronic pain,
– how to regain correct posture after childbirth and eliminate back and leg pain,
– understanding why it is extremely important in sports and recreation to increase our sense of movement and control over movements and why to improve movement at all.

It depends. A basic prerequisite for learning the AEQ method is to provide time and attention that we can devote to ourselves. Only in this way will we know the connection between the conscious and the physical. The lack of ability to direct consciousness into bodily sensations and movement is the most common cause of chronic pain, and its reduction requires an investment of time and attention.

Yes. Sometimes certain exercises do not bring relief, which is why you turn to the AEQ method. Sensory-motor amnesia makes correct movement performance more difficult. However, the disconnect between body and mind leads to frequent exaggeration, preventing better well-being and desired improvement. The AEQ method makes it possible to better define the true goal and dynamically change it through change and growth by enabling and encouraging the return of the mutual harmony of mind and body with which we were already born. In Western cultures, we all too often forget that the body is not just organs, skin, muscles… Even the mind cannot represent the superior aspect of human existence, while the body is supposed to merely serve it. The subjective part of man, represented by bodily sensations and emotions, is an equally important part of the puzzle that provides a solution from the loop into which most of us fall.

It was created due to the inefficiency of classic clinical somatics and other somatic methods, which I have studied during my time as a teacher of clinical somatics. I have expanded the existing knowledge with knowledge from the fields of physics, sports, biology, psychology, fascia, breathing, child development, and the influence parents have on the development of a child’s personality. A new, improved, and effective approach, adapted to today’s conditions, enables the management of even the most severe consequences of chronically contracted muscles.

It depends on the severity of your condition. You will feel changes after a properly performed exercise, a workshop, and after an active learning session of the AEQ method with a level 3 teacher or higher. I must emphasize that eliminating chronically tense muscles is a lengthy process because it requires a change of the whole, which takes time and determination to achieve. The time required for perceived long-term changes varies  according to age and the pain duration, which may last for years or be still fresh.

However, everyone can help themselves change their lives with the knowledge they gain from learning the AEQ method and the insights provided by AEQ exercises. An important part of these is learning to breathe properly.

The method helps with conditions resulting from the loss of the ability to unwind muscles into the soft, relaxed states when muscle tension isn’t required. When you regularly wake up in the morning more tired than when you went to sleep in the evening, it is necessary to consider to cope with the state of sensory-motor amnesia. Most chronic pain originates from a state of sensory-motor amnesia, and its reduction has a positive effect on their elimination.

By teaching you to understand physical and mental processes and the reasons for the development of sensory-motor amnesia, we increase the consciousness’s ability to change sensory-motor feedback loops between consciousness and the body. Through AEQ breathing, we increase the strength of feelings, will, and energy needed to change movement and behavior. Through active AEQ learning and AEQ exercises, we decrease the divide between the body and consciousness created in the past and caused the loss of conscious control over our muscle tension.

Active therapy is when you perform AEQ exercises with the guidance of a level 3 (or higher) AEQ teacher and are required at more severe conditions of chronic contraction and illnesses. Exercises are performed by you alone and are used to further better your condition.

Some exercises can be performed outside the closure of your home, but yes, they have to be performed regularly in order for you to maintain your well-being.

AEQ: aequitas is the Latin concept of justice, equality, conformity, symmetry, or fairness.