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AEQ Method® Level 2

The foundation of the AEQ method® is the fact that the body and mind are integrated as a whole. What happens in the mind reflects the events in the body and vice versa. Soma is an indivisible connection between two parts – body and mind.

At the end of the Level 2, I was hit by a realistic encounter with myself. Who I am, and not who I think I am, or who I would like to be. The influence of entropy on life as well as the entropy of the environment in which I live. Questions and concerns, but also the joy of knowing that the change is possible. And not only knowledge, or a letter on a paper, but also the way in which entropy is converted to syntropy.

At a time when everything is fast, when shifting own boundaries is encouraged and rewarded, it seems that man wanders more and more. Too much information, the Internet, no time to look into depths within ourselves or within another being. It takes time to understand and apply, achieve something.

AEQ Method® enabled me to see man as a whole more clearly. Different somas, different understandings.

Joy, fear, rage, anger, enthusiasm, pride, encouragement, tears, laughter, arrogance, competition or retreat. Everyone was carrying their burden, and there was no place to condemn and point a finger. Each of us had their reasons for being in the specific situation at that moment.

My gradual changes have gone in the direction of improving the quality of life, and hence the quality of work has improved. The focus was getting better, the wandering and frightful thoughts slowly changed. I’ve been present here and now more and more. Accordingly, I also had more energy that I used more rationally and focusing on priorities. There were less dissatisfaction and more joy.

Being a teacher today makes less sense. In my life, teachers and elementary education had a profound impact. My teacher was strict and fair, caring and critical when needed. She encouraged discipline and respect within the department. She said, then, to us little kids, that she wanted to guide us to become »human« one day. I still maintain and nurture my friendships from that time. Later in my life, through my education and work, I had trainers, lecturers, presenters, those who called themselves spiritual teachers.

The teacher is not a guru and does not require followers and worshipers. A teacher encourages development as well as the possibility for a person to use the capacities that will lead him to change for the better. I am grateful for the opportunity to have this kind of teacher standing by me during my development and at my work, as well as for the colleagues with whom I can exchange impressions and opinions.

It’s more productive to have several views on a subject, and hence fatal mistakes are brought down to a minimum when working with people.

Dragana Djuric, Podgorica, AEQ Method® Level 2 teacher


View on AEQ method® Level 2

Here are some of my impressions and findings from the seminar for teachers of AEQ method Level 2

We have survived 5 days of »reality show« under the baton of Aleš Ernst .

A seminar was very dynamic and educational due to the selection of participants with different mindsets (different personalities and characters). You taught us theory and exercises by the AEQ method in a way that started up our long-repressed emotions, senses, memories. You »skillfully« recognized individual’s happenings, as well as what was going on in the group. You found the right words and continued teaching, which helped us learn new perspectives and how to change our thinking models.

You kept our attention focused throughout the entire 5 days and hence evoked processes within (and outside) each one of us on all the levels (energy, mental, emotional and physical). When the depth was needed, you used the AEQ method to activate further processes that enabled us to feel and understand what went on, to communicate that and set ourselves free.

We’ve got familiar with the next level of the AEQ method, however, we need to link all that we’ve heard, sensed, saw, read and, of course, wrote in order to understand it .
We’ve got to know the strong influence that the AEQ method has had on us as well the others, which has made us think how and to what extent we would use the new »weapons«.
I believe we’ve all got, including you, new insights into the AEQ method.

I know and feel the AEQ will change my life and consequently the life of my family and lives of people I teach the AEQ method.
It was interesting and educational to witness undulation of the ANS and awareness of an individual, how you perceived that with your awareness and senses and presented additional questions and examples at the right time, first to the whole group and later directly to a participant – and kaboom

The transition from sympathetic NS to parasympathetic NS was clearly visible – and the action started – result – »miracle« happened, which we now understand.
You did a nice job calming down the workshop and participants on the last day, but at the same time, you still taught us about the importance of awareness, thinking and touch.
I believe I got the answers I was looking for and I’ve changed my priorities.

The new AEQ exercises are phenomenal. I feel great like I always do after one of your workshops or seminars. My »pelvis danced«, however, there’s still a lot of room for improvement.
I’ve caught the wave and I’m moving on with the AEQ.

Samo Sinik, teacher of AEQ method® 2. level


View on AEQ method® Level 2

They say the teacher appears when the student is ready, and they were right.

I enrolled for AEQ seminar Level 2 without any particular expectations. I wanted to upgrade my knowledge. However, I didn’t expect such turbulence and changes in my head and consequently such big step forward.

I opened a new box at the level 2 seminar – I reached new subconscious topics that were more in-depth and I didn’t know they existed but were affecting me and my daily life. My muscles were stiff, and because of that the communication path brain-fascia was interrupted even though the reason for that had happened long before and had been ‘insignificant’. And yes, I opened the lid of that box. And lots of repressed, unprocessed emotions, anger, resentments, feelings of helplessness, distress, condemnation, sadness, came bursting out. In a nutshell, it was demanding, unpleasant, unknown, new, … Bunch of unusual emotions I didn’t know how to handle.

I stepped on a path of growth and development by the AEQ method: »energy enables attention, attention enables learning, learning enables understanding, understanding enables acceptance of current condition, acceptance of condition enables more efficient use of excess energy and attention focus, which are preconditions for changes, and the changes enable progress«. I spent a lot of time learning, grasping, accepting, analysing, changing, I used lots of energy and attention, but it was worth it.

I’m impressed by Aleš’ sense for lecturing and his broad-minded thinking; he knows how to guide us, so we don’t go astray, just the right amount of guidance that enables us to grow, explore, analyse and change our depths that are no longer useful to us.

AEQ method makes it possible for me to understand the conditions I encounter. I have a different understanding of crucial factors now: time, attention, energy and their (dis)harmony. I’ve gained better control over my life as I’ve been discovering myself differently, now I feel and understand my emotions much better because my membrane has become more selectively permeable, vertical and horizontal connection have improved, and my way of thinking has gotten more dimensions. It all enables me to understand myself and people around me much better now than I did before.

 I’m grateful for having had an opportunity to get to know the AEQ method, as it has taught me to progress with lighter yet more complex steps, and for being able to pass that knowledge on to other people who are willing to learn.

Lidija Jakljevič, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 2


View on AEQ method® Level 1

We’re hooked on success, but it’s a no-show, or it never stays long. We spin on a wheel of powerlessness, freezing up, rage, pain, being a victim, …

Years and years of such relations, with ourselves and with others, piled up to lots of habits and relationships that are no longer needed, especially not for this time and space. In my opinion, the AEQ method is the best and the most lasting approach that helps us get rid of stiffness and tension, it’s the method that helps us progress and leave the unnecessary behind and change ourselves.

For that, we need the change, and the change happens after the completion of an AEQ exercise, which can be performed in any situation where an understanding of the present time needs to be changed. We relax our bodies in such situations and hence increase the sense of perception of pain. Pain is an indicator of having gone too far. Exercises help us harmonise everything from within, we begin to stand more firmly, understand and trust ourselves more, and that all gives us energy surplus to create a better today and a better tomorrow.

I surprisingly felt sensory motor amnesia in me (on a physical level) after I completed the 1st level of AEQ method. And it was getting ever more evident to me that the abundance of everything was the cause of it. However, I didn’t know how to live with less back then.

The Level 2 of the AEQ method deepened the sense and the logic, and I’m beginning to realise howsteep could be a fall into the pain and sickness, especially with regards to my hips, if I hadn’t stepped on this learning path and started discovering the causes and changing my mindset.

I had a wish to be a warm and elegant woman, but this desire somehow always slipped away. It’s was like I had to go through this and learn from mistakes, I guess I needed to see and feel all that I didn’t want to be. It was the AEQ that helped me accept the actual situation; I decided I didn’t want to be a machine who could bear everything, but a woman who could give hugs, kisses, support, guide, understand, LIVE …

I’m frequently feeling prickling all over my body now, and I’m interpreting it as my signals of joy and body pleasure. I always had a thorn in my side when I was in my comfort zone, and there was no prickling, but now it’s different. There are no feelings of guilt now, no anger and stiffness. Like I was feeling back then that I wasn’t learning anything and that it was leading me to downfall. My solution was turbo escape from the comfort zone, »learning« through pain, effort and stubbornness. I was making an effort and learning, but I wasn’t living. Now I’m getting better at balancing both.

During education in AEQ method Level 2, I realised that I was still stiff, entrapped, I was gasping for air and freedom despite my belief that I (my body) was okay; I wanted to free myself from that disgust, rage, stiffness, feelings of being frozen … I was feeling less and less in the mood to go dancing or trampoline jumping with confidence and pleasure … Just to think of all the playtime with my kids, I missed, and not taking responsibility for my feeling … and the situation only got worse … Now I look forward to prickling sensation in my body and mind, now I understand and trust in my self-healing and progress.


Negative feelings that were enabling my survival back then are gradually disappearing.

Where did they come from anyway and why?

My body was controlled by an unknown force back then, and it didn’t let me breathe, sometimes not even live. When you think and believe that you’re happy and that you’ll want always be like that, even though you more and more know that’s not possible because one cannot get happy just by endeavour or resignation.

I realized on can get to his darkest parts, hidden deep inside, by performing the AEQ exercises, because one can’t live indefinitely with such hidden and repressed feelings inside and being compliant on the outside. AEQ helps you become aware of it, understand it, accept it and finally change it. If not to us, then to our children.

Seminar for the Level 2 enabled me to enter this previously subconscious part and merge it with the conscious one under thoughtful control of Aleš.

As a teacher of the AEQ method Level 2 I understand how much learning, and what kind of knowledge is needed to do that. I’m grateful for allowing myself to go down this path, and I was lucky to do it before my system broke down. I was silently aware of all that, but I was fighting the thought and slowly sinking.

Now I’m able to control and slow down the entropy due to my improved ability to direct energy, attention and time more correctly. Correctly for me and everyone around me, so I don’t lose control and freeze and let things I don’t want to happen, happen, no matter how hard you try to prevent them. And so, escape becomes the only way out from reality into addiction and away from the body.

AEQ exercises have given me the option to become aware of my feelings and hence do the most for my membrane so the subconscious patterns and moves would not lead me to entropy, pain. I don’t need to walk the El Camino de Santiago anymore, I can work on myself right here at home, with people and material that surround me, using clear communication with everybody and connecting my body and mind. I don’t run away from myself and the world I created anymore.

I can influence the energy and attention, observation and changing through the mistakes, which I now understand. I’ve decided to dedicate my time and attention to the AEQ life, and I’m proud to be changing the world from within. Neuromuscular system, membrane and everything around me is grateful now.

Thank you Aleš, for being willing to share this knowledge. Thank you, all my classmates, for being willing to learn and connect.


Simona Lesar, Brežice, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 2


View on AEQ method® Level 2

I heard there was a yard, a garden, behind some fence where, if you enter, you get happiness, you get paradise that you were searching for. I also stepped on a path to get to that yard. Shining signposts were pointing the direction to the yard. I came to about ten kilometres from the entrance, and I saw a long line of people waiting to get in. They were standing in ten parallel waiting lines. I joined one of the lines and waited. Minutes, hours passed by. The day was coming to an end. I asked the ones in front of me ‘How long is the wait to enter?’. They replied they had been waiting for two days. We were still standing in the same spot. ‘Two days without moving?’, I asked. That thought made me anxious. ‘Do you know anybody who got in, have you heard of somebody being in that garden?’

They bent their heads and continued mumbling and waiting. I was wondering why nobody entered, what was at the entrance. Were there guards, were the doors locked and nobody had the keys?

I turned around and saw new ten waiting lines about 30 meters long. They all stood there and waited. I thought to myself, again, I didn’t have time for that, why didn’t anybody budge, was there a shortcut, what kind of fence and security were there at the entrance. At that moment one man was returning from the direction of the fence. His head was bent, footsteps heavy, hair grey and with a frightening attitude. Nobody asked him anything; they were merely checking him out. Nobody stepped out of the line to ask him something so they would not lose their spot in the queue.

I dared to step out of the line as I didn’t have the patience to wait there indefinitely. I intercepted the man and asked him ‘Why are you returning?’ and he replied ‘I didn’t know the answers to the questions I got at the fence. I couldn’t enter, and I had been waiting to get in all my youth. I made an effort and applied all my knowledge to get in, but now I’m returning to the back of the line. My time is up. And when my time comes again I’ll be wiser.’ He continued walking.

The others who heard that conversation just remained standing in line. They commented that they knew those questions and that they would certainly get in, that was the only way, and they just had a stand there. So they were told.

I pondered once more, looked around me and I couldn’t understand anything. Then I looked again, but a bit better and I saw a grove next to the waiting line. It was a dense grove and intertwined with treetops. I got closer to see where the path leads. I stepped out of the waiting line anyways. My curiosity dared me to see that little forest.

Nobody in the waiting lines paid any attention to me. Nor did they look to where I was headed. I went, and I felt lightness with every step I took. I skillfully mastered every obstacle, root, branch, thorns that got in my way. It took less and less effort with every new step. I felt where I was supposed to step and how to go ahead. Grove became more open, and I was able to see better where the path leads.

It was parallel to the waiting line. I could still hear people moaning and grunting in those queues. I shouted ‘Hey, does anybody hear me?!!!! I think this path goes to the same fence in front of the garden.’ Nobody heard me; there was no answer. I looked behind me to see the path I already walked, how long it was, how was the terrain at the beginning of my walk, how dense was the forest and obstacles in it. I felt safe despite the unknown ground and that no one else took this path.

I smiled and went on, and everything was clearer, the view opened. But I couldn’t think about people in waiting lines, or how long walk was ahead of me and what questions would I get. Terrain remained slippery, and I could also easily trip. I needed to focus on every step in that woody terrain, which was becoming more and more open.

I was spending less energy, my fear was diminishing, my walk was lighter, and I sensed the surroundings better. Lots of thoughts went through my mind, how and why. And I was getting more and more answers to those questions. However, the answers were not always the way I wanted them to be.

Nontheless, I was beginning to accept them more, and I saw they didn’t have any base in the present as there were lots of new paths and questions still ahead of me. But I had limited amount of energy, so I had to focus on the way leading to the fence. And step by step I arrived at the entrance. A fence that didn’t even exist there!!!!!, but from the perspective of people in waiting lines, it seemed high, at least 5 meters of thick stones that could only be broken through by force. There, by the waiting line, on a natural path that seemed thorny and leading to nowhere, but it was the only right one and leading towards the entrance, was no fence. There were no questions to which we wouldn’t know the answers. We wouldn’t bend our heads and return.

I stepped into the garden. Once inside, the view seemed infinite; everything smelled beautiful, there were lots of colourful flowers and trees of every kind, birds were flying around carefree from branch to branch. Even the sun was somehow shining more beautifully. Always bright and sunny. Feeling at the entrance was the feeling with an absence of fear. Possibilities are endless if we respect the principle of balance, wishes and current possibilities. We focus on every single step and measure it. Twice, three times before we take a step.

I listen to the language of my surroundings, how my body accepts it and what it thinks. I don’t know the extent of this garden, or even what obstacles await me in there. I see the mountain silhouettes from the entrance. But I won’t hurry to get there; the garden is far too pretty and friendly to think about something that’s still far away and in a blur. I’m enjoying and listening. I like the view, and I won’t spoil it. I know the way back from the garden and grove, as well as how it feels like standing in line.

I know now there are no shortcuts, no hurry, no moaning. No more rumours about a possible way, I know where that way is. No more wishes without respecting the principle that makes the wishes come true. The horizon, the view to the garden is opening even more now. We go hand in hand, with every new step on the way. Wishes, me, my body, thoughts and emotions.

I stepped on a path where the happiness is.


Stjepan Ostroški, M.Sc. Kin., Feričanci, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 2


View on AEQ method® Level 1

I have been feeling »weak« ever since the first part of the seminar, which was 3 days ago. My muscles are somewhat painful as they are finally relaxed and elongated for the first time in years. My energy level is up to approximately 65 % now. I have got an unusual diarrhea, I am having dreams with some serious content – issues from the past I have never dealt with, I need more sleep etc. In a nutshell, AEQ Clinical Somatics works on many levels. This is excellent for the long-term, but a bit disruptive for the short-term; it is just like any other work you do on yourself that works.

It’s interesting how, by doing the AEQ CS, we deal with most of our issues, caught in fascia, completely subconsciously. I will be using the AEQ CS as a tool for people who are skeptical about the esoterics and the energy healing.

AEQ CS is truly a bridge between the rational and the energy approach to solving people’s problems. However, it can also be an independent top tool or an addition to other activities.

I’m getting a better sense and understanding of the proper execution of the exercises and of guiding clients at the somatic exercises; moreover, I’m also becoming more and more aware of the complexity and versatility of the AEQ Clinical Somatics.

I’m teaching few exercises every day, as a finish to our clients’ exercise routines or as individual therapies, and in 95 % I’m getting extremely positive feedbacks and results. The only exceptions are the »strong characters« who either have hard time believing in the efficiency of such activity or simply lack the patience to learn it.

I’m entirely and very satisfied with this seminar and I sincerely recommend it. However, I would like to point out that the method is far more effective if it’s taught by a teacher with as much knowledge about the functional anatomy, basics of sports training, physiotherapy and psychology as possible. Teacher with the »capacity« will make people happy on every level of their being with the AEQ Clinical Somatics, and not just work on eliminating the sensory motor amnesia on muscular level, even though that by itself is a lot.


Uroš Petan, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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I’ve been noticing for several years now that my body is not functioning the way it should. And despite brief effects of various therapies the entropy takes its toll. I sense a mess in my body and it takes me more and more time to do the work at my job and at home. I heard an explanation of the entropy and other topics at the seminar and that’s given me a new, different insight into human body and a wide variety of options how to help myself as well as others.

An educational process of this seminar has a very good structure. The first part is a combination of AEQ theory with AEQ movements– great experience to be able to feel parts of your body again that you had already forgotten about. The way the seminar was conducted was also very different from what I’ve experienced so far.

In the second part of the seminar we were learning how to conduct a session of AEQ movements independently, we were observing others and commenting on mistakes or weaknesses in our teaching skills, however our teacher gave the final grade of our skills.

I felt much better even after the first 3-day session, my lower back was relaxed and the pain that spread into my legs was significantly weaker. And the activity was not limited only to the physical level; the restlessness was present even during my sleep. This confirms what we’ve also learned in other seminars – tense muscles are strongly connected with psyche, and vice versa.

My clients accepted the AEQ movements very well, I teach them in the individual therapies as well as in group sessions.

I’m really grateful I was able to be a part of the first group of students. I am taking every advantage of my newly gained knowledge.
I am very pleased with the seminar and I strongly recommend it.


Dajana Frank, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

AEQ Clinical Somatics is a method that has saved my sports career as far as I am concerned. The knowledge of AEQ CS has enabled me to have more control over my body, it helped me change my way of thinking and I am now able to solve the problems much easier and with less stress than before; I can solve the problems that seemed hard to solve before. I feel great, because I can deal with most of the pain by myself and also eliminate the causes of the pain; I understand what is going on in my body much better now.

I studied the AEQ method in three ways: individually, in the workshops and in seminar for the teachers of the AEQ CS Level 1. All three were very positive for me. The individual therapy was the first step where I started learning the exercises, and through a therapy and conversation with Aleš I started noticing first changes in my mindset, feelings and especially in growing knowledge about reasons for the pain and how to change them and change the pain. I found the AEQ method to be very interesting so I decided to broaden my knowledge in a 4-hour workshop. At first, I thought I knew everything, but I gained new knowledge about the easiness of moves and lengthening the muscles, which improved my daily life even more.

And the seminar for the teachers of the AEQ CS Level 1 upgraded everything I knew with even better understanding of how to learn the AEQ movements and that one should seek the simplest way to execute a move through the use of imagination. Furthermore I learned how to pass on my knowledge to my clients, which pleases me the most.

It was a 5-day seminar and all about the theory the first three days; it was a very quality, clear and useful part of the seminar, in my opinion. The second part was a practical part of the seminar. We tested our knowledge on others and at the same time getting the feedback on the quality of our teaching abilities. I believe that practical part is the point of the whole seminar as it stressed out how important is the communication and the selection of teacher’s words. It also made me realize how important the proper and orderly communication is, and how underestimated in everyday life. The entire AEQ method has the ratio 1 to infinity in terms of input/output as you gain knowledge for life, regardless of whether it’s an individual therapy, 4 or 8-hour workshop or a seminar.

The knowledge about the AEQ method is the most useful and quality knowledge I’ve gained in my life.


Žiga Božič Žagar, Brežice, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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I find the non-aggressive, simple techniques and methods appealing, the ones that make you feel better and content. One leads to another and that is how I got to know the AEQ Clinical Somatics. It took me only a one-day workshop to notice the difference in my breathing and posture. I was surprised how one can make immediate changes in his/her body by doing simple, slow and mainly conscious movements.

I applied for this seminar because I wanted to know more and incorporate the knowledge into my work. I attended the workshop for the teachers of the AEQ CS, and I have never imagined that this would also be a step in my mindset and my knowledge about me and the world.

Aleš’ way of teaching the AEQ somatic movements and his theoretical support helped me feel and understand the movements much more clearly. I have realized the importance of the movements, but also that the client’s sense and teacher’s wide knowledge are even more important. I felt exactly where my muscles were tense, where I lacked the control, moreover, and gradually, I felt how my muscles and ligaments started to relax. And after the end of the seminar, my entrapped emotions started to surface. I was very tired as everything was processing and looking for its place in my life. My mindset also started to change. I am much calmer now and more aware of the present, which is a great feeling. So now, I am getting to know the complexity and breadth of the AEQ method.

You taught us how to guide a group in a different way. Mostly that people sense, understand and know why they feel the way they do, and that they can seek for an even better way, they change and they can be their own healers and teachers. We as teachers need to be clear in what we say and, on the other hand, students on the floor need to clearly understand what we teachers say. Practical work and analysis appraised and consolidated my knowledge; it also gave me more precise image of me as a teacher, or as an observer, or as a participant practicing exercises.

AEQ movements or parts of the movements have become an indispensable addition to my everyday individual work. People have been accepting them very well. Furthermore, I am also acquiring my first experiences in guiding, teaching smaller groups.

I am glad I am your student and had your support as well as the support of the group. This is a great seminar, which keeps on giving new answers even after it is over.


Fizioterapija Marinka Zgonc, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

I have always been fond of physical activity; it is probably the inner sense that leads me as exercising helps me balance my body and mind. And curiosity has also led me to the clinical somatics.

At first, I was discovering clinical somatics through my son’s path of life and later on I started actively studying it as well. An individual work on me, attending the AEQ workshops … new horizons started to open. It is really motivating to explore and study more when you are sensing parts of your body again, after a few months work, that you have forgotten about, you feel vibration of a fiber that was strapped in your brain.

I am looking for the literature, reading it, Thomas Hanna, Feldenkreis technique,…

The decision has been pretty much set from the beginning; I want to live and teach the somatics. There was actually never any real doubt about my further education.

So the seminar for the teachers of the AEQ Clinical Somatics Level 1 is behind me. Only active work gives me more experiences. The more meetings I hold (individual sessions as well as group workshops of the AEQ somatic movement) the more knowledge on a proper teaching I gain. It is a completely different story to either work on oneself or to teach others. Knowledge also makes me better at my work.

I am glad I am now able to pass on the knowledge.


Irena Jugovič,  teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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A man is a complex being that demands a comprehensive therapeutic approach, which I am forming by using various methods and techniques. Only by following this principle I am also able to reach the individual’s inner depth and not just his/her body.

Situations, stuff, information, people … usually find me themselves. Always at the right time. The same goes for the AEQ clinical somatics.

It was its simplicity, easiness and the utmost effectiveness that persuaded me. It enables me to perform the movements consciously and with ease, my attention is focused on my body. Sensing the body during the exercises, recognizing the muscles that elongate while others shorten opens a whole new area for identifying the behavioral patterns and sensing myself.

AEQ clinical somatics enables me to be present in the moment during exercising, focusing only on the movement. It is a way to experience the present moment. It is also an active meditation, which helps me determine the causes for the muscle knots and lack of flow in my body.

I highly recommend learning the AEQ somatic movements to everyone who is seeking a way out of the physical body pain entrapment and who wants to help as a teacher others along the way. The method promises and gives a transformation of an individual into a conscious being who makes his own paths in life, chooses the right decisions for himself and solutions for improving the quality of life.

Thank you and compliments to Aleš for professional, pleasant and playful seminar.


Petra Šmid Seljak, Vrhnika,  teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

It was about three years ago when I had my first encounter with the somatics. And even then the somatic exercises opened up the whole new world to me and helped me eliminate pain in my muscles. There were some short pauses, but I always returned to these exercises that Aleš showed me during my active therapies. I always felt very good when I was doing the exercises on a regular basis and I managed to eliminate many problems, however, as it is typical for many people, I did the exercises only when I needed them, when my malaise forced me to do them, general fatigue, annoying long-lasting pain… 

It is the most interesting thing that every time I started practicing the somatic exercises again I also reached new, higher level of consciousness and self-awareness and hence the surroundings as well. Furthermore, Aleš has also taken this method to a whole new level in these years, adding the elements that made it a bit more complicated perhaps. But when I started to comprehend these otherwise basic principles that Aleš incorporated into his clients’, students’ education and that can be linked to virtually every aspect of life I also realized that the AEQ method was the area I would really like to explore further and teach it so I could introduce it to as many people as possible.

In order to achieve this goal I attended the seminar for the teachers of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1. I had expected a quality seminar, but the extent of the field and new discoveries that were introduced surprised me anyway. The first part of the seminar was a mixture of conversations and lectures where we got to know the depth and application of the principles that make the AEQ method so special, and then we did guided exercises where we learned how to teach our future clients those exercises. Three weeks later we faced a new challenge: how to teach other people. In the meantime we had a task to explore and study the newly gained knowledge through play as much as possible. So, the second part of the seminar was to test ourselves as teachers, as students and as observers up to the point when we were trusted to be able to introduce this interesting, unique and playful method as teachers of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1 to our friends, acquaintances, clients and show them how little it takes to improve the quality of life. All you need is time, willingness to explore and playfulness to discover your inner child, his unwavering will and desire to discover and explore, easiness of movement and unbelievable interplay of mind and body.

AEQ method is more than just another form of workout. It teaches us how to become better from within, live fuller life, life with more orderliness and control by being aware of our movements, feelings, intentions, wishes,…

One thing I can say is that it was worth attending this seminar even if I had never had any intention to teach and I had used all the knowledge only to expand my own horizons. But the thought I heard a while ago is so true, that is the students can teach the teacher much more than he can teach them.
And I am back at the beginning…


Aleš Terpinc, Krško, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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I came across the somatics after my back surgery. Only that unpleasant experience made me realize that I could not live like I was anymore. Exercises, stretching, massages, magnets, Bowen technique and other therapies did not offer me the easiness in life, enjoyment in motion and well-being. Unidentifiable body stiffness, pain and fear were a part of my daily life. I was looking for techniques, methods and therapies that could help me, but I didn’t find what I believed was out there somewhere. Masseuse at the spa lent me a book Lahkotno iz kroničnih bolečin for a few days.

I started reading it and I could not stop, I read the pages again and again. I was getting to know something new, different. I have to try this, I said to myself. I started doing the exercises from the book, but I soon realized I needed help. So I made an appointment for an individual therapy, and later on for a workshop too.

The great value of the somatic exercises is that you are eventually able to help yourself. When you feel the pain you lay on your back in your living room and exercise. You take time and start exploring seemingly simple moves. The tension starts to ease off, muscular and connective tissue is relaxing and the pain »magically« disappears. And when I get off the floor I feel incredibly tall. My posture is different and I even move more easily.

I was learning about the principles of the somatic techniques by reading the books of T. Hanna, M. Feldenkreis and F.M. Alexander. I have also tested all three techniques, some at home and others abroad. They all seem quite simple at first, but they are really a bit harder once you actually try them. They all result in relief.

AEQ method enhanced my understanding of connection between mind and body (muscles) that happens on the conscious level first, and later on the subconscious as well. I can also relate to the fact that it all depends on me alone. All that contributed to a decision that I would continue with the practice and education. So the next step was an application for a seminar for the teachers of the AEQ Clinical Somatics. The first part focused more on the theory of the AEQ method, and in the second part we linked the theory with the practice of performance and management even more.

AEQ Clinical Somatics has a wide range of use. When eliminating the pain and body tensions the muscle knots loosen and all that can be accompanied by changes of the individual’s emotional and energy levels. This method can be profound and help a person to connect his body and mind. This is not an easy task at the beginning, however with a desire, will and teacher’s help one can eventually progress to a point when he is able to help himself. 

The method is useful for everyone in today’s pace of life. It is for the ones with a sedentary life, or the ones who stand most of the day in a constrained, forced pose, as well as for the ones who are extremely in motion, mainly without any control and in order to either use up all the consumed calories as quickly as possible, or to reach their goals and imaginary records.

This kind of motion is inappropriate from the evolutionary viewpoint, it is also inefficient in terms of the energy and it causes people pain, occasional pain in the back and/or joints at first, which later on escalate to a chronic pain.


Žiga Repanšek, Kamnik, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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I entered the world of Clinical Somatics »limping«. I had problems with my knee for far too long, at work, sports, even at a simple stroll… Basically, I always had some problems regarding the injuries and pain in the past, and I was trying to solve them in every possible way but the childlike simplicity…

Of course, I didn’t know what I was getting into at the beginning; however I did have great expectations. I had mixed feelings after my first individual active session. Doubt, fear, disappointment, anger… I found it outrageously that Aleš hadn’t even looked at my knee let alone performed any manual method for it. 

It has eventually become clear to me that the AEQ method really affects the cause of a problem and not just deals with the symptom, even if the symptom is already slowly fading. The sessions made me realize that changes also happen on a mental level as I was feeling better, realizing who I really was, what I wanted etc.

At that moment, especially when I’m on a bicycle where my knee doesn’t hurt anymore, it became clear to me that I wanted to study the AEQ method and use the new knowledge to help others solve their situations.

So after exercising at home and attending workshops for a certain period of time the opportunity to become a teacher of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1 came along.
I completed a lot of education in the past, but none of the methods had such an overall impact on me. The ratio between input and output increases (to the benefit of the output) even now.
During the seminar I was having similar mixed emotions as I had had at my active individual sessions; the emotions that are reflecting current state of mind, thinking and hence my actions. Certain movements felt familiar to me and were easy for me to do, or it just seemed that way and I was just imagining that. So there was nothing left for me but to touch the ground (again), even with the help of gravitation, and information was so new that I started to like it.

Exercises that I wasn’t able to perform with ease brought about unpleasant emotions, events that I had hidden deep inside. The AEQ somatic movements and other past experiences help me to look myself in a mirror, take time for myself, turn mess into structure, order and continue living more efficiently. How can it be so easy, we ask ourselves, to make an movement easier again by simply adding few moves or making it slower, to make your body, mind and soul feel better, to replace unpleasant emotions with the pleasant ones that give you a boost, optimism and…?

And that is the whole point of the AEQ method of the somatic moves, among other things. Never-ending learning, thinking about the solution, personal growth. All that as a result of the movement, motion. Like when we were children. And why not?


Benjamin Trontelj, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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I encountered AEQ Clinical Somatics when I was looking for solution to my problems with walking, heel pain, heel spur and a whole lot of other problems with my legs. I visited several renowned experts, osteopath, orthopedists, surgeon, I was advised to wear custom madeinsoles thatonly shifted the pain from feet to hips and knees. Others couldn’t tell me anything that would make me understand what caused my pains and why were they constantly coming back. They advised me invasive and painful procedures that made no sense to me, because they weren’t dealing with the causes for the pain. Homeopathy was the only thing that worked, I was pain free for up to 6 months at a time, but the pain kept returning.

The first workshop of AEQ Clinical Somatics gave me the first real and logical explanation why my heels hurt. It was a revelation to me that my heel pain wasn’t caused by something being wrong with my feet, the cause laid elsewhere, in the center of the body who just follows orders neuro system sends down. When I consciously relaxed my back and stomach muscles during learning process I instantly sensed a great relief in my legs. I literally started to walk, I was able to sit with less effort and lay flat on hard floor. I’ve been doing better and better ever since then.

My experience has brought me understanding and new perspectives, which I have incorporated into my work. Despite the constant reminder that energy techniques work on all levels of human organism, we often forget that holistic approach needs to include physical body too. Traumatic experiences accumulated throughout our lives not only hinder the energy flow, but also the important muscles – we stop being aware of them and lose control over them. I understand now that we can reverse the situation by conscious movement.

Education for the teachers of the AEQ method Level 1 met all my expectations. It was a high-level seminar, in a small group, deeper understanding of AEQ somatic exercises, learning by working on me and observing classmates leading and performing exercises.

I didn’t quite understand what the AEQ method meant and what the difference with regards to other somatic exercises and methods was before I started learning it. And the difference itself was what attracted me to start learning the somatic exercises the way Aleš Ernst teaches them, as I’m not an athletic type of person and I wasn’t sure whether that was something for me. His AEQ approach complimented my work and study perfectly.

The course has brought me a better understanding of myself, and the knowledge to teach my clients the exercises and pleasant, soft approach to work on/by themselves and hence take even more responsibility for their own wellbeing, health, more efficient use of their energy, increase the level of awareness and change their attitude towards world and themselves.


Tina Ogorevc Pavlin, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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There are always lots of excuses for being inactive, e.g. lack of time, but when we finally find some time it’s usually easier to just sit on a sofa and postpone work for later.

Something like that happened in my case too, when I was ignoring pain in my left shoulder and left side of my chest. I thought the pain was not that severe to seek help. But as always in life, at some point, we hit the »wall« and we need to take action. I looked for help at physiotherapists, manual therapists, chiropractors … manipulations worked, however the pain always returned after a certain period of time.

As you wrote in your book, control over muscles can’t be improved by massages and medicaments or external manipulation, as our brain controls tension in muscles and not a therapist.
I got the information about AEQ Clinical Somatics from Mr. Marjan Ogorevc quite by coincidence, which, in the end, is not a coincidence

And I’ve been doing better and better ever since. I keep returning to exercises, with short interruptions, that you presented to me during my active therapies and that were also a reason why I joined the seminar for the teachers of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1.

I wish to explore the AEQ method further, teach it and incorporate it into my work with athletes. AEQ Somatic exercises sort of opened a new world to me with regards to the mindset in my professional work as a trainer of top athletes. I’m leaning more and more towards idea that less is often more.

When things don’t go right trainers tend to prescribe even more training units, which leads to acute overtraining syndrome, and later on to the chronic one, and that results in illness – so we find ourselves in a vicious circle.

AEQ clinical somatic™ exercises surprised me with easy, slow and conscious moves that make such immediate differences in your body – on physical as well as mental level.

I would call it, in a way, a dynamic meditation, because we are truly connected only with ourselves during exercising. Otherwise, if performing somatic exercises becomes a routine they don’t bring satisfying results. Namely, awareness and control of movement mean lightness and less effort of movements, which specifics of a certain sport demands, or doing a household chores. And when there’s less effort we can have more movement – we can talk about being rational and saving energy and time –, the rule less is more applies.

Movements of AEQ clinical somatics™ ease athletes’ training, or common people’s recreation too, prevent injuries and hence improve quality of life as well as »performance«- physical and subsequently mental – or as an old Latin proverb says: mens sano in corpore sano.

Finally… thank you for an excellent seminar; and my personal opinion that AEQ Clinical Somatic™ is more than just movement.


Jani Gril, Novo mesto,  teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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We all begin and end life in a body that is our only true and inevitable companion at any given moment. It’s mostly our responsibility to care for it and how we feel in it.

My excitement over our body’s mission as a vessel from birth to death led me to study physiotherapy. I gained extensive knowledge and understanding about our body, what is happening in our bodies on a physical level. Years of working with clients bring lots of findings, lessons, but even more unanswered questions. What’s missing in my education is an understanding of the movement and its consequences for body and personality, caused by inefficient and irregular movement. All that time I’ve been looking for a method that would successfully deal with this problem.

My next research step was a school of karmic diagnostics that revealed an infinite activity on a non-physical level to me, and added the missing part of viewpoint to what we are besides a body.
Everything we go through in our thoughts and feelings is a physical experience. My personal experience, discovering and overcoming my own limits with the AEQ active somatic therapy were the moments that tipped towards the decision to start with education in this field.

AEQ Clinical Somatics has finally revealed and made sense of the connection between body’s motion and experiencing thoughts and emotions. AEQ Clinical Somatics is, to me, a method that actually deals with the causes for pain.

It’s a complex method and its foundation are basic patterns of human movement, which then form the most demanding, complex movements are bodies are capable to perform.

Seminar for the teachers of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1, taught by Aleš Ernst, gave me theoretical as well as practical experiences as we were learning by actually performing exercises, observing and teaching others. Assisting the teacher at the AEQ workshops was a priceless experience that validates my trust in the method’s efficiency again and again.

The way we move is also the way we FEEL. Inactivity, or life without movement, makes a person emotionally numb after a while; it makes him deaf and blind to what’s going on inside and around him. And it’s not pleasant to live life like that.

AEQ somatic movements enable us to successfully conduct the entire process of changes that start when we collect data from various parts of the body with intentional awareness. We connect the information by exercising, and regain control over those muscles that we lost control over in the past for different reasons. Self-control lets us successfully organize the movements that become tidy, structured and consequently relaxed.

Pleasant and liberating AEQ somatic movements have brought me long lost answer to the question how can I successfully eliminate long-term and sometimes inexplicable pain or illnesses. AEQ somatic movements take you from basic moves to the complex ones so that the movement can become pleasant again.

Living in a body that can move lightly and freely from birth to the end is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

It’s a sweet challenge to free a person and his movement, and I’m fully dedicated to it at my individual or group workshops of AEQ Clinical Somatics, but also at my lectures I give in various companies, schools, kindergartens etc.


Nataša Beršnak, Sevnica, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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First time I came across Clinical Somatics was in March 2015 when I was dealing with pain in my knee. I was contacted by Aleš and he offered to help me. And we all know when something really hurts we are ready to do just about anything. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I first drove to my active therapy. Simple and pain-free moves awaited me instead of the painful knee therapy. Somatic exercises have been a part of my daily life ever since that day.

After a year and a half of practicing somatic exercises I took part in a seminar for the teachers of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1. The first part of the seminar can be described with one word – great! Aleš thoroughly explained 12 basic AEQ movements in three days. And my knowledge expanded and deepened despite the fact that I had already knew those exercises and had practiced them regularly at home. I could say I went one step up.

AEQ somatic exercises are simple, easy and painless exercises; conscious moves direct awareness into your body. I’m becoming more aware of myself, my current condition, and I’m also aware that it all depends on me and my decisions. AEQ Movements help me feel my body, posture and my mental state. They help me learn how to be present here and now.
I’m applying AEQ clinical somatics on me for now. However, I have a wish to help others and pass on the knowledge. A client, student has to be willing to take time to learn and play, as, after all, in the end, everyone always depends on oneself alone and his decisions.


Blaža Klemenčič, Kranj, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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I went to my first workshop of AEQ somatic movement in June 2016. I felt my body was getting more and more rigid even though I practiced sports. I started feeling pain in my back and shoulders. I continued practicing AEQ somatic movements at home after the workshop, and because they are done very slowly I started to feel my body more and more. It was getting more flexible.

I felt like my body carried some deep beliefs, patterns, which was reflected on my body, mainly in a sense whether my body was stiff, tilted on one side, forward or backward. I came across various articles how our bodies reflect our opinions and patterns, which I became even more aware of with those exercises. All that brought me to a decision to become a teacher of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1.

Education took two weekends. The first weekend we were learning lots of theory that gave me lots of a-ha moments. Especially a comparison with a small child. How he/she starts standing up and walking, exploring which moves are pleasant and give him/her joy and finally take him/her to the great success – walking. I have also become more aware of the fact that it takes time to learn, that it doesn’t happen just over the night. I have realized I’m too fast many times, doing things by force.

It’s important that I enjoy in what I’m doing, and the more I enjoy it the more I want to do it. I persist, as I can do more with less effort and I want more. The second weekend we studied individual movements and tried ourselves in a role of a teacher.

AEQ somatic movements takes you into your body, make you being present in a moment, exploring yourself and feeling good knowing more what you are doing then before. When emotional, energetic blockades ease off we can live more freely.


Lea Veider, Kamnik, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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I first got acquainted with the AEQ method at a one day workshop. At the end of the day, I was excited and surprised about the effects of the AEQ somatic movements and logic of AEQ clinical somatics. My body was totally relaxed and I felt like a „blank slate“.

I was thrilled, as a naturotherapist, how focused observation, extension and shortening of the individual muscle groups without the pain, resulted in relaxation and flexibility of certain body parts, and how aware of our own bodies we can be. I mostly act on informational, energy and emotional level at my work, however, I’ve realized at this workshop that through acting on a body I’m able to support and enhance the effects of my therapeutic work. Traumas captured in muscle memory are reflected in/on a body as stiffness, inflexibility and can be released from our bodies; that way we become more structured and flexible, not only physically, but also on emotional and other levels.

I’ve felt the AEQ clinical somatics as a way of life, as a part of daily life and not just as performance of individual moves. I’m simply more aware of my movement now, whether it’s walking the dog and doing household chores. One month after a one-day workshop I decided to opt for an active session, which was addressing the results of trauma due to my father’s death and the time when a car hit me. That reflected on me as occasional neck pain, pain in my lower back and sagged right shoulder. My posture and sensation of energy improved significantly only after 90 minutes of hand’s on work where I also learned and understand two selected movements.

It all inspired me so much, and convinced me that it was a different approach, that I decided to continue my education and become a teacher of AEQ somatic movements. In those two weeks of learning I got to know the importance of how we express ourselves, our attitude to ourselves and our body, and most importantly that we are truly able to influence the changes by performing complex and easy moves.

Through deeper awareness and guided somatic movements, by Aleš Ernst, we started teaching each other in smaller, guided groups. Despite the fact that I’ve been running workshops myself for several years now I noticed a different approach in this one, not basing on intuition; moves are conducted logically, with full awareness and smooth guided transitions from simple to more and more complex moves.

I will also be passing on the knowledge in this manner, whether at individual therapies or in smaller groups. Finally a method that helps us become aware of the traumas on our body and releasing them from our muscle memory, especially if they are set deep in the subconscious, like muscle amnesia.

I find it interesting how we deal with all the pain and injuries of our extremities from our center, from the torso. This notion goes along with my viewpoint – we manage our lives within ourselves and hence arrange our surroundings and relationships, personal as well as business.


„Aleš, thank you for really interesting and quality learning and all the support that you offer with answering our questions every day; thank you for sharing the experiences so we can upgrade our knowledge.“


Talita Taber, Preddvor, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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Opinion on the seminar for the teachers of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1 (for seminar in Slovene and Croatian language)

AEQ clinical somatics emerged sort of by coincidence. However, nothing happens by chance in our lives. And that’s exactly what happened. I was already »done« after the first 8-hour seminar. I knew that that was it! After that I went to another seminar and I also organized one workshop with Ales.

I invested a lot of time in somatic movements, I was changing my body and mind, I was changing myself. I’m still developing… I will continue, from hour to hour, day by day, week by week, every year… 

It’s beginning to dawn on me that I’ve found what I’ve been looking for for so long, and I knew I will find it someday.

Seminar for the teachers of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1 was an assembly of conscious, considered and logical continuation, and intuitive and heartfelt continuation. It all just fit into place by itself.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…
Aleš, you are the teacher, this is your path, your mission…
But still, thank you. Thank you for the light you turned on in the dark, and for your help on my path (our path – I believe all our present and future colleagues will agree with that).

My unique path of perpetual learning has become even brighter and clearer with »your« light… You helped (and will help in the future) as a teacher, mentor to us. How to waste less energy, play more and have more fun. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t need to make any effort, on the contrary, there is a lot of conscious, considered and continuous work involved.

Seminar for the teachers of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1 has also given me theoretical foundation, in-depth knowledge and lots of extra understanding.

But despite all the knowledge and theoretical basis and descriptions of mistakes you did, the path will be challenging, yet »a bit« easier.
Educational system teaches us many things, from writing, math, languages, physical skills and so on… But everything is different once you get to know the learning process from the standpoint of effectiveness. You exit your comfort zone every day, and the learning spiral becomes a »never-ending story«.

We will all climb those undiscovered peaks of learning spiral much easier as we have such teacher, mentor here to help us.
I don’t remember who said that, but it’s a 100% true for me.

You have two major events in your life. The first one is when you’re born, and the second one when you discover your mission!
I’ve found it and I’m happy and grateful for that every day.


James Marjan Tomazin, Slovenska Bistrica, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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The first time I heard and read about AEQ clinical somatics was on the internet where I also found Aleš and his site on Facebook. I followed his posts for a year, read his articles and thought about positive effects of the method.

Namely, I’ve been a pilates instructor for 8 years now and my approach has been focused on small groups and individual work from the very beginning. As a result I have clients with various problems and pain, and they all wish I could help them feel better and reduce or eliminate their pain. I helped most of my clients, however I noticed at a certain point that »something was missing« despite my continuous education at home and abroad. I perceived AEQ clinical somatics as an opportunity to upgrade and improve my knowledge.

Two Aleš’ 4-hour workshops were my first encounter with this method and I was excited about both of them. Aleš also invited me to take part in an individual active therapy where I learned the method from the individual approach as well. Seminar for the teachers of the AEQ clinical somatics was the next step. I absorbed Aleš’ words, thought about them after every day of the seminar and how to incorporate the new knowledge to my work. I found out lots of new things, gained lots of knowledge. I say everyone should learn these movements, any other words would be unnecessary.

I have nothing but praise for you, Aleš. You are a top teacher, man with a heart, person who knows how to help and who finds an answer for every why. I’m glad I got to know you and that I can be your student.

I’m already applying the newly gained knowledge – on me and my clients. Me and my clients are thrilled about the method and the positive effects of understanding somatic movements. And my motto continues to be: »Positive energy. Positive result. «


Dunja Gacnik,Ljubljana, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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Perspective on the AEQ education

We expect too many things too fast in our fast-paced world.
I already came across the somatic method as a physical therapist; I also read literature about Feldenkrais method and Alexander method. My interest in this kind of therapy lead me to books of Thomas Hanna, Martha Peterson and, finally, to Aleš Ernst.

I’ve learned a lot in a very logical manner through active therapy with Aleš; I recognized my limitations and also capabilities through learning the moves. I’m discovering how to listen to my body and signals that it sends. Moreover, I’m noticing changes in the quality of my recovery after training and daily responsibilities, my concentration and strength have also changed for the better, and my character and daily moods have improved as well. My body isn’t as tired as it used to be so I can enjoy my life more.

I see an incredible efficiency of this therapy in my physical therapy practice and that’s why I’m completing an education at Martha Peterson to become a teacher of the somatic movement. I’m pleased with the education and I’ve already started using the new knowledge at my work with my clients. Feedback from my clients was more than positive, but I felt that I want more. Aleš’ work, his simple explanation and solving of complex stuff have led me to apply for the AEQ education.

Those six days were a milestone in my future work on myself and work with my clients. I think and act differently; I’m looking on the entire topic through AEQ eyeglasses. Logic of the system is incredible and it can be used on all areas of life. The workbook is a very good instruction and guideline how to move forward, and if you are a good listener you can also write down a lot and that will further ease your work. Besides, Aleš’ wife really made an effort that we were all feeling good and eating well all six days.

This will definitely be turning point is physical therapy as we are dealing here with deeper causes of a problem and not just its mechanical consequence. We teach our clients to be experientially, actively involved in solving their problem through execution of pleasant and seemingly simple moves. Pathological tensions disappear and a client feels relief and liveliness that he/she hasn’t felt for longer time.

Besides, it’s a technique that we the therapists can use on ourselves and hence improve the quality of our activity and lives. 

Learning is the biggest gift we have ever received, and knowledge always defeats effort and work. Just work is not enough, one also needs to know what he’s doing since there’s no point in making an effort when we don’t have the knowledge. I believe that anyone willing to learn can benefit from the AEQ somatic movement and learn to live without pain. Learning is experience; everything else is merely information.


Aleksandar Miketa, Rijeka, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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I’ve been noticing for quite some time now, as professor of sports education, Kinergetix instructor and keen researcher of natural healing techniques, that development of educational system, medicine, recreational sport and sport in general is headed in the wrong direction. Sport is becoming emotionless and struggling with itself. »Almighty« techniques promise fast results, beauty, strength, health and boringly repetitive results, and they actually don’t deliver any of the promises.

I stumbled across Aleš’ AEQ clinical somatics  by accident. He showed me a new way of perceiving my findings at his workshops, individual meetings and at the teachers’ seminar, and hence brought me back to what I had already known as a child. Namely, contemporary, modern techniques forget that a person is an emotional being who cannot explore, discover and eliminate causes of his problems without his feelings and knowledge of himself.

AEQ clinical somatics  fascinates me with its simplicity and efficiency in eliminating wide range of problems. This technique uses natural moves that guide us through exploration of our inner self; it eases tensions, eliminates chronic pain, restores conscious body control and heals us on every level of our being. We become creative masters of our lives that get easy, passionate and reasonable.

First, I attended a seminar for teachers of somatic movement at Martha Peterson and then a seminar for teachers of the AEQ Somatic movement Level 1 at Aleš Ernst. The first seminar was already a great gift, however at the second one I expanded my understanding of the method and hence gained better, broader understanding of efficiency of exercises.

I teach AEQ clinical somatics at individual as well as group courses, but I also use it to explore various areas of my life. Results are amazing and long lasting. 
I recommend attending the AEQ clinical somatics workshop to everyone and to experience its efficiency. This will get your chosen sport, meditation technique and your life a true taste, lightness and enjoyment.


Mateja Šajna, Divača, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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I came across AEQ somatics a few years ago, at my active therapy. I was thrilled about my own experience how mind and body connect. However, I attended several therapies and then stopped doing somatic exercises for some years. But when I learned about the workshops I decided to activate myself again.

I was gladly accepting new knowledge at the AEQ workshop. My body was relaxing and recovering by me being moderately attentive. I had a feeling like the capacity of my lungs was expanding after every exercise because I was more and more relaxed. I gave my body and mind permission to »take a break« during that time, the time I could completely shut off external factors, the past and the future, the time I could be there and then, in the present.

And that’s quite rare in today’s world. When I was in the present moment I followed my body’s feeling, movement and I started listening to my body again, discovering my limits at individual moves, to perform a move until I still feel comfortable and not to push my body to the limit. I discovered a new world – without force and exertion, to achieve harmony of mind and body in a natural way. I have become calmer in every aspect by doing these exercises, they have helped me focus and live my life optimally. That’s how I save lots of my precious energy.

I wanted to broaden my knowledge on AEQ clinical somatics so I also completed the education to become a teacher of AEQ somatic movements. It was a priceless experience for me. Aleš taught us that the more you know the more you’re worth, because you have more confidence and you’re freer. And I’m feeling that freedom more and more since I have that new knowledge on connection of body with subconsciousness. By controlling your energy, which is performing the AEQ movements, you control your life. And once you manage to live like that you are in control of your ship and that ship is headed in the right direction.

Thank you Aleš for your sovereign management of all our meetings. I’ve learned many new exciting things and now I’m passing on that knowledge. I’m regularly including the AEQ somatics into my work with clients.

Sabina Hafner, Ljubljana, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


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Each of us has enough of everything in his life. Some have more experiences, others a little less. We all have knowledge on different fields, whether from book learning or from experiences. My experiences filled me with lots of information and I’m truly grateful that they’ve brought me on a path where people stop and ask about life itself.

Every work requires almost a perfect person, which is understandable. But can we be perfect? A perfect person? Perfect structure? Perfect state?

Something pinched me in my hip at my work where I was supposed to be fit. As it turned out it wasn’t that bad, but it was enough for me to understand that something wasn’t right. While asking myself what was wrong with my body, I also wasn’t motivated to continue with sports. Neither with roller skating, or dancing, which I adored, not to mention other areas of my life.

Where did I go wrong?

I had just enough will to live and I gradually stepped on a path of research, went inside my depth and came across the Karmic diagnostics (Marjan Ogorevc), which gave me an additional motivation to stay on the right path. Aspects of human being and their meanings gave me even clearer picture of where I was and why was I there. This way I extended my knowledge on possible causes for problems on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual area of a man, and got useful holistic references how to face them, how to accept and harmonize everything. It wasn’t always easy to follow that path, sometimes it was exhausting. But it was worth it.

So, what now?

I enrolled to program for the teachers of AEQ clinical somatics because the pressure won; pressure from my surroundings, my job, my own thoughts that I need to get faster to the finish line to be »perfect, successful«. It gave me another image and viewpoint of a human being and his functioning. Our teacher Aleš Ernst has given me a path how to get results on all areas in a syntrophic way, despite all that you already have in your life.

We can change our muscles’ memory by ease of movement. 

That’s how I learned which parts of my body had sensory motor amnesia. I now combine various aspects of my knowledge and my skills, I continue to learn and I’m not striving for perfection and success at any cost anymore. I’m living by being aware of myself. ORDER is being established everywhere.

My mind was resisting, and is still resisting, because my focus had always been elsewhere, away from me, however the results are instant despite the resistance. I’m wondering what will happen when the fear from path disappears, when mind and will become even more coordinated about me deserving what lies ahead of me on this path. Knowledge I’ve been getting in constructive manner from my teacher of the AEQ Somatics has been buying me time and potential for faster rehabilitation of my body, emotions, mind and a sense of a woman’s essence to be active anywhere.

Thank you to all my teachers and supporters during education to become a teacher of the AEQ somatic movement and other programs. Now it’s up to me start exploring again, with ease and lots of feeling, like a child but in a much larger sandbox this time. Who would have thought that I would be so eager to learn and act so responsibly towards myself and consequently others? It was the other way around before and that was a bottomless pit.

Exploring myself and my surroundings like a child invigorates me. One should not live like a robot and die without experiences. A person should get to know himself till the last cell, be aware of who he is and how he operates. We each have our own beginning; for me, it’s a cell. We add the strongest cell to the structure and hence heal the entire system. The most beautiful and interesting thing of all is that exploration never ends despite perpetual changes. 
We move forward with TANGIBLE awareness, despite technological, world changes. It’s happening with or without us. Let’s all be a part of this game now and with joy.


Simona Lesar, Brežice, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

Everyday hurrying, worries and lots of work brought me into a situation where I lost connection with my body. I didn’t know that back then, but I had a feeling I wasn’t going in the right direction, because the consequences started to reflect on my body. However, I managed to find excuses for everything and to sweep it all aside. But then I felt at some point that I would not be able to go on like that, that the situation I was in was not normal and I needed to do something. And so my quest began. I came across informotherapy (communication with our cells in a language they understand) and it took over me when I saw the results on me.

I wanted to do that myself so I applied for the course and have become a certified informotherapist. I have always been interested in the causes for certain illnesses, problems, which are just consequences; what are the causes? So my quest continued with school of the Carmic diagnostics.

Mr. Ogorevc told us about Mr. Aleš Ernst and his method at one of his lectures. We were told that the method was about tense, stiff muscles as consequences of various life events and that muscles in such condition were the cause for many problems, which could be eliminated by lengthening/shortening muscles. I looked up Aleš’ articles on the Internet the very same day and booked an individual therapy.

That’s where new recognitions, surprises started for me. I could not believe I wasn’t able to do a simple move – slowly lifting up an elbow … Each session was a new revelation and new exploration of self. I applied for the AEQ seminar Level 1 because I wanted to learn more; the seminar gave me even more new information, revelations and I’m very grateful for that. I’m learning depth of AEQ movements every day and all I can say is that AEQ has changed my life and become a part of me.

I’ve gained awareness that I’m the one who is responsible for my body, I’m the one who has control over it and I’m the one who can change it with own consciousness. It’s not necessary to put in a lot of effort; learning, understanding, exploring and hence improving are enough. All thanks to Aleš who is a treasury of AEQ logic, for all the knowledge he revealed, I’m glad I had an opportunity to learn about such effective method.


Lidija Jakljevič, Metlika, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

I’m enthusiastic about the seminar of AEQ clinical somatics. I’ve also got lots of new motivation for learning as well as sharing the knowledge!

My initial intention was to expand my knowledge of the method, which had already helped me a lot on my sports path. I was just finishing my physical therapy, or training based on a physiotherapeutic approach, after surgery of my shoulder.

I was told my shoulder was healed then and that I should continue with those exercises I did back then, but despite that, I felt I could do more. I got most logical explanations at the AEQ clinical somatics so I decided to learn more and help myself with that knowledge to return my body to an optimal state where I would feel and understand that.

I got lots of useful information that complemented and upgraded my present understanding and knowledge at that seminar, as well as information that broaden my horizons to the point I could not even imagined before the seminar.

Namely, it is truly about comprehensive understanding of our functioning on all levels of our lives. It has opened a completely new view on my entire life!

Aleš is a real encyclopedia of knowledge, but not only that, he knows and understands how to pass on that knowledge, which is the most important component of all!

I’ve learned about the meaning and the process of learning, which are necessary for an individual’s progress – how to change a way of thinking and consequently the habits and functioning by learning and understanding, if we would like to improve current condition and eliminate problems.

Anyhow, I’ve got information how to improve my life and my functioning on all levels and not just when it comes to alleviating injuries!
I’ve learned a lot about the processes in our bodies as well as the importance of feelings and their understanding. I’m sensing my body much more now than I did before, besides that I’ve been given tools to develop further in this direction.

Not to mention organization and course of the seminar! It’s all on a very high level. Well planned and structured so that participants learn as much as possible, get familiar with the method, raise their own awareness, broaden their horizons and get motivated for their future work.
I believe this seminar was a turning point in my life.

I’m glad I have started this journey; this experience has made me realize how much work and learning is still ahead of me. However, I’m also excited and motivated about this because of Aleš’ approach and all of the information and tools I was given.

So after three weeks into the seminar I decided that I would like to share that knowledge with other people and hence learn and upgrade myself, enable myself and others that great, beneficial experience and therefore improve health and overall quality of life!

Thank you Aleš for sharing your knowledge, it’s been an honor learning from you.

I personally believe that this is a priceless experience!


Aljosa Krivec, Maribor, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

AEQ has become a part of my mindset and my life in the past few months. 

The knowledge I gained would be hard to split and divide in individual one-day workshops, active individual work with Aleš and level 1 seminar. However, the seminar can be referred to as a place where I gained most new experiences and skills as well as deepened the existing ones so that I am now able to pass on the knowledge of AEQ clinical somatics to my clients. 
I decided to attend the seminar because I no longer needed help from my physiotherapist after I visited my first AEQ workshop and active therapies. 

The first effects of the method can be noticed as early as after the first workshop, but real, long-term effects reveal themselves over the course of time. Change in mindset is the foundation. Namely, just effort and force don’t bring the desired results. Like in children’s play maze – the one who finds the shortest and easiest path wins; the best method is a path with the least resistance. But at the same time learning of the method can be compared to learning a new foreign language: your knowledge expands as you practice and explore every day. When you take the time to learn and explore, you get better at what you do. 

How and why should we even change our lives? Changes are necessary as even the healthiest, smartest and the most socially aware person needs to improve oneself. So I have begun to transform my thinking and I’ve also started becoming more aware of my own entropy (disorder) as well as increasing my syntropy (higher order). I’ve been doing that without forcing, just like it’s recommended to do the AEQ exercises, which are intended to establish the awareness of one’s own body and restore /improve the neuro muscular connection.

The seminar was a great experience, full of new discoveries, upgrades, and aha-moments. It all came together in its best possible way. Our group of ten attendees of the seminar, our motley crew, has transformed into a group of friends and colleagues. We all had different experiences, lives and prior knowledge, we learned from each other at this seminar, exchanged our knowledge and absorbed the lectures of our teacher Aleš Ernst. The seminar is well prepared; I and my colleagues eagerly followed the explanations in the classroom all six days.

I could write a comprehensive book about all the information and conclusions from the seminar, but I’m giving you only a portion of it for now:
Even though I have lots more to learn about the AEQ method, I already know so much more about it than people around me and I can pass on this complex method in a simple manner to my clients.

Gain and keep the attention of students. The meaning of explanation that fulfills the information vacuum. We teach them so they can help themselves.
I’m not doing the AEQ exercises, I’m playing with them. And it’s fun! 13 exercises that we’ve learned and discussed from the viewpoint of seminar attendee, teacher, and observer. Time flies when you’re having fun.

The importance of timing. The right combination of meticulousness, precision, skill, and feeling. Past, present, future and the leaps between them while we teach the exercises.

Shokunin – I’m consciously improving little things in my life every day at doing my favorite chore; I’m improving myself with playful joy.
And the final thought I’ve developed from Aleš’ statement: Seminar plants the seeds and then waits for them to grow up.

One can’t force the nature to rush anything. The seeds are the knowledge we were given at the seminar. The composition of the soil is mine, so many minerals, so many emotional traumas and so much air and rocks. They need just the right amount of watering, not too much and too little. That’s my responsibility. And then I’ll notice one day how nicely they grow!


Tadeja Severkar, Luxembourg, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

As many other people, I was too asking myself why did I have so many physical, emotional and mental problems. I didn’t get the answer until I became acquainted with the AEQ method. The first time I came across somatic exercises was in 2013 during yet another search for a method that would help me get rid of my chronic fatigue and eliminate various forms of pain that had been my companion for more than 20 years. The most grueling pain developed in my neck and shoulders. Burning sensation in my shoulders was constantly present, but it even intensified during inaction, when I was still. It was also one of the reasons why I was overactive in sports. I was really exaggerating in every activity. Excessive engagement in sports was my new drug, my antidepressant when I reached my Zen moment via complete exhaustion, a moment without depressive thoughts and annoying pain. I was not aware of the fact that all my momentary victories led to long-term defeat, which surfaced as ever greater fatigue, general exhaustion, injuries and wear and tear.

I didn’t quite understand the somatic approach to eliminate pain even though I found it to be sensible and logical. Me not understanding the approach became even more obvious at somatic exercises – as it turned out I was doing the exercises without any feeling and with too much force. I did the exercises the same way I lived. I realized I wouldn’t get the knowledge I wanted just by reading the books, so I contacted Aleš in August 2016 and decided to attend his AEQ workshop in October where I would get familiar with his work. I picked the right time, as it turned out. Namely, I broke my right elbow during the walk at the end of August; I sustained a complicated fracture in my elbow as I tried to jump over a one-meter high wire fence and fell on a curb of the sidewalk. Long-term recuperation, which followed the operation, is still not complete.

I knew AEQ was the real deal right after my first workshop. I understood that I needed a different approach, that I needed to make changes in my life to improve the situation I was in at that time. So, I attended another AEQ workshop in December and I got a confirmation that I was on the right path. However, I still didn’t understand the essence of the AEQ method even though I had already attended two workshops. My beliefs and actions were so cemented that I needed more time and more in-depth approach to manage an actual leap of thought. I decided to enroll for a teachers’ seminar of AEQ somatic movement Level 1 after long consideration.

It was undoubtedly my best investment and the most quality education I have ever attended. Among others, I completed a school of Chinese tui-na therapy and a course of NLP training. AEQ education was intense and pleasant at the same time, with just the right amount of theory and practice. I wanted real information and answers to my questions and I got them. Enough and even more. I believe that anyone who attended this seminar discovered something new about him-/herself, or re-discovered something already forgotten. After the seminar, I had a feeling that I had more than enough knowledge and information to continue my independent learning and exploring, which would enable me to understand myself better and to manage the workshops of AEQ somatic movement Level 1 on an even higher quality level.

I’ve noticed I’ve been getting more aware of how I’ve been feeling, doing, … I’m not banging my head against the wall as much as I did before. I’m much calmer in general, I can focus better. And I know I’m responsible for my mood and feelings and that there’s no one to blame for my problems. I feel my body much better by exploring and doing the somatic exercises regularly, I recognize my body signs about something not being right much faster and clearer now. This approach most certainly helps me in my elbow recovery and in general. It’s true that once you see the world through the AEQ lenses it becomes a very different world.


Matjaž Iglič,  teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

I’ve been meeting people with various health problems daily for quite some time now; they mostly have chronic pain with a known origin, but there are also lots of people who don’t know the reasons for their pain. I’ve known for a long time that pain and disease are merely consequences and that real reasons lie deeper inside us. I treat my clients as complete entities, I use different techniques to alleviate their pain and for their wellbeing and successful results, of course.

I decided to broaden and upgrade my knowledge with the AEQ clinical somatics as I was noticing the drastic deterioration of the situation year by year – there were real epidemics of health problems and pain. I attended a workshop and was thrilled about it, so later I decided to attend the seminar for teachers of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1 as well.

I was fascinated by the philosophy of the AEQ clinical somatics, about its simple and at the same time very complex view of a man as a complete entity. Its purpose is more profound than just alleviating muscle tension and pain. We hide and bury our traumas and repressed feelings, we forget about them and suddenly, they gain their strength and remind us that they were not »resolved« on their own. This enables us to become aware of it, accept it, change our lives and start living to our expectations, just the way we all really want to.

AEQ clinical somatics offers and teaches us much more than we initially expect from it. I can state from my own experience that the body control improves in a very short time with a regular and attentive performance of movements (shortening and prolonging muscles) as the influence of the sensory-motor amnesia reduces. It’s a method that teaches us how to get rid of (chronic) pain, how to calm down, how to regain order in one’s body and life. 

By performing the somatic moves regularly, our movement becomes lighter, agile, body more flexible, our posture improves, we gain control over our body’s moves and movement again, the latter goes for our thoughts and mind too, and pain disappears, no matter how strong and chronic it is. Furthermore, our emotions, communication, daily actions, relationships improve as well, we understand them better. It’s only up to us how fast we get there and to what extent, we are the ones who can consciously change ourselves and our lives.

I keep upgrading and perfecting my knowledge because I tremendously enjoy in this and because I always want something more. I was thrilled about the seminar of the AEQ clinical somatics Level 1. Aleš is the real treasury of knowledge. The seminar was organized professionally, I gained lots of new knowledge, experiences, new perspectives of the world, human beings, a human body and human mind. I admit that knowledge has changed my perspective, broaden my horizons, set new milestones and new goals in my personal and professional life.

Aleš, thank you so much for your help and knowledge that you unselfishly share with us, and for the priceless experience!


Tina Smolej,  Škofja Loka, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

I had constant pain in my neck and lower back, constant problems with getting out of a car, turning my body sideways, and problems regenerating after physical activity (running or bicycle). My muscles were tense for days after the activity. I was trying to solve my problems alone, or I visited different physiotherapists. That helped a lot.

However, problems kept returning, sometimes soon after, that depended on my physical activities and psychological pressures. I wanted something to help myself, especially at times when there would be no option to seek help from others. I started doing the AEQ exercises and I improved my regeneration significantly; muscles became light and relaxed. My whole body was becoming relaxed and lighter, also my condition got better. 
Exercises seemed strange to me at first as I wasn’t used to doing something in such a gentle manner. On the other hand, I discovered how hard it was to do a simple move fluently, relaxed and with control. I also calmed my thoughts by focusing on movement.

There were lots of thoughts racing through my head many times. I’ve learned through AEQ that I can calm my thoughts, focus them and relax. My thinking process is more effective and successful, so are the words I speak. They go deeper now and reach their purpose more easily, even though they are the same as before, however they are mediated with a different aim, tone, and belief.

Seminar gave me a clear insight why all the problems happened; I discovered causes of many problems and diseases. Aleš gave logical explanations on many questions about physical and psychological problems in sport and life in general. Relations between problems and their causes became clearer. I learned about the importance of clear communication through exercises. Exercises were done incorrectly without clear instructions and that’s why peace and clearness of thought are essential for giving information.

It was a comprehensive seminar, and pleasant at the same time because all the topics and material based on practical matter.

The most important lesson for me has been the awareness of psychological and physical pressures and how to amend them as they appear; I sense the tension in my neck, I link it to the cause. Problems reoccur, of course, but I’m aware of them and try to eliminate them completely with the exercises. It’s a process that needs to be monitored and improved. Just like a technique in every sport that one can never completely learn as there are always open options and needs for better and more efficient movement.


Matjaž Zupan, Kranj, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

It was a seminar that has brought a new dimension to my work and into a relationship with me. I had been using the hands-on approach when working with my patients for years; however, I’d also been looking for methods for them to bring order in their lives and to become their own physiotherapists.

I was especially researching how to help chronic patients.
I wasn’t satisfied by helping my patients with a hands-on approach and then seeing them on another therapy a month later. Because such patients didn’t have the nociceptive problem anymore, their problem was already written in their brains.

Also, I was working too much and was under a lot of pressure and I simply needed to change something in my life too. Hardware has to be connected with software in order to gain the maximum effect in endurance.

I decided to contact Aleš after I once read a post about his method and his thinking.

This was my first seminar outside the medical field and I must say it didn’t fail me. It was something I’d been missing to fulfill my work, to provide my patients with a holistic approach on emotional as well as manual level.
I can use this new knowledge to work on myself too; I see it changes me in a positive way so I’m recommending the somatics to my clients as well.

I was surprised how much Aleš knew about anatomy since I’m a physiotherapist. Aleš combines anatomy with laws of physics, psychology and other disciplines and he is very good at passing his knowledge on to his students.

Simply nothing is left to chance, even catering was excellent, and every question gets an answer and solution.


Jurica Skelin, Kaštel Gomilica, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

Everything in life happens for a reason and so the AEQ clinical somatics has happened to me. Realization that the simplest things in life are also the most complex ones, and vice versa, is so true! I’m a therapist dealing with people’s acute and chronic problems, the young, the old, athletes, recreation enthusiasts and others, including me, and I’ve come to realization that one can give so much and not get the desired effect in return.

I attended many seminars and workshops, but none of them gave me such positive result as the AEQ seminar Level 1. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped using the other knowledge, on the contrary, I’ve upgraded it with different approach to problems that I’m dealing with daily in my practice.

It should be said that the AEQ is a method that needs to be understood to be used properly to gain the desired progress. It’s not a method where you simply let go and let others do the work for you. This method is for people who wish to help themselves reach their goal. I injured my shoulder and broke my shoulder blade, which was inconvenient for my manual work, however the »renown medicine« couldn’t give me a theoretical let alone practical advice how to eliminate the consequences of the injury, that on the top of my 20-year experiences and knowledge in manual techniques and rehabilitation.

AEQ method has opened a wider view of solving problems for me. Exercises helped me get to know myself better and my deficits, orderliness of movement got its true meaning – feeling better, greater control over myself and my actions, positive results at people who trust me in teaching them the AEQ somatic moves. »When you are ready to help yourself and you have the necessary knowledge, it’s an investment in you. When you let others do it for you and you don’t have the knowledge yourself, it can be the greatest loss of investment, time and result. «

Meeting Aleš in person and learning about the AEQ method has had a significant impact on my mindset and perception of body, body function, body movement and life in general. Seminar and individual AEQ exercises are run very professionally. Learning process is systematic, clear and with rational explanations based on practical work; it’s also evaluated on many levels by participants’ views and their performances of exercises.

I could never have imagined that someone, who is not from the medical field, could pass on the knowledge in such simple, natural, logical, complex and effective way to various structures of people and be extremely successful teacher at that. With his extensive knowledge, clear goal and clear communication he gives you more than just clear answer to any question.

Aleš, all the compliments to you; we, who had an opportunity to be amongst your students, have nothing but admiration for you.


Bostjan Ahačič, Ljubljana, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

I often came across problems with musculoskeletal system when I was working with my clients, either professional or recreational athletes and the issues were showing as pain or movement limitations, and as a result my clients were absent from sports fields and work, they didn’t train, or in the worst case scenario, they weren’t even able to function in their daily life, seemingly simple activities turned into huge problems.

Most clients characterized pain as something necessary and something that came with age, the intensity of training, „wear and tear“ etc. Problems disappeared in many cases by using known relaxation techniques, myofascial massage, activation techniques, stretching, etc.. However they worked only for some time and then returned sooner or later, like a yo-yo effect. I’ve also learned through my work that there is no universal form for dealing with a certain problem, namely what’s working for some clients isn’t necessarily working for others with the same issue. 

But then again, when I was working with children I realized that they were developing pain similar to adults, so the theory of pain as result of aging and „wear and tear“ wasn’t quite right. Based on my theoretical knowledge combined with my practice I’ve concluded that the real cause of pain lies in posture, for adults and children, which is consistent with the three reflexes that we learned about at the seminar on AEQ method. My path to Aleš begins here.

The first time I heard about the AEQ method was during a conversation with my colleague, and then I started researching the somatics on my own through the books of Thomas Hanna. This is how I learned about the basic principles of somatics as a method. Soon after that, I attended a workshop of AEQ somatics that was organized and managed by Aleksandar Miketa and it gave me yet another confirmation about the value of the AEQ method, so I decided to attend Aleš’s seminar for the teachers of the AEQ clinical somatics.

Six days of the seminar have broadened many horizons. Entirely new principles of how gravity works on the human body as well as how emotions, exercising and daily life situations affect our bodies were presented, and also entirely new, I might say the right perspective on pain and injuries and their real causes. Furthermore, all my work principles that I had used at my work until that seminar got an entirely new dimension and the AEQ method was like a missing piece of a puzzle that completed the picture. I’m beginning to understand why specific techniques didn’t work for my clients at that time and why their pain kept returning.

I’m also starting to realize by „rewinding the film“ and combining it with the new knowledge why specific pain developed at particular people, why in precisely those body parts, how was it related to life situations and how to use the somatic moves to eliminate that pain.

I can say regarding my example, even though I had no pain, just movement limitations, that the somatic exercises work, the mobility of my hips and shoulders have increased since I started studying the AEQ somatic moves and I also feel better in general after the exercises. I’m getting positive feedbacks from my clients who are learning the moves; my clients are positively surprised how such educational and gentle method provides such excellent results as opposed to the previous techniques they practiced. The key word here is educational, namely when a person learns about the causes of pain he/she understands them better and when a person understands the reasons he/she can eliminate them by performing the somatic moves.

By removing the pain, or at least alleviating it, a person regains a part of life freedom that he/she lost because of the pain, and consequently starts living happier and more fulfilling life. One gets a „tool“ that helps him/her eliminate harmful effects of today’s fast-paced and sedentary way of life.

I’d like to mention Aleš’ statement in conclusion: „in time Physics always outplays the mind“.

The ones who participated in a seminar know what I’m talking about and for the rest of you who are in any business that’s dealing with the human body and its movement I recommend attending a seminar and learning about the method that stands behind this statement.


Zvonimir Brnas Fudo, Zagreb, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 1

In my opinion, learning the AEQ method is learning about living. Life in a true meaning of the word. Again. Re-learning of what we already know, of what we have once learned and also learned to despise at the same time, especially sensing and being self-aware.

I’ve been a dedicated student of the AEQ method since last autumn, thanks to my friend Janez, who just »had to go« to one of the AEQ workshops and invited me to go along. But not like I was in the primary school or at the university where I sat quietly and listened and trying to get another best grade with superficial knowledge. Now, as a student and freshly made teacher of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1, I make sure, I’m learning to sense and learning to live under Aleš’ consistent and just the right amount of critical eye.

I can’t remember when I felt my soma to be as magnificent as it is now in my entire 34-year life. By learning the AEQ method, I’m learning about me, reminiscing, discovering all over again, in a word – exploring with curiosity. I’m enjoying in this, every day more, I’m finally allowing myself to feel my own body, and I’m having less and fewer problems with sincerely admitting my feelings.

Even though some people might not understand, I’m grateful that I brought my body with my relentless, vast and fearless ego to the point that it rebelled about three years ago. It yielded. Not entirely, but enough to made me put my indispensable sporting equipment and my enviable results aside so they are no longer the makers my happiness and pleasure (and they never were, as I see now). I don’t need a big chunk of money, a storage of various sporting equipment and a bunch of people who would like to respectfully join me at my adrenalin ventures anymore to feel comfort in my life, for being in a good mood, for having authentic relationships and enjoy my life. My SOMA took over their roles; ability to sense my body and surroundings. I’m finally allowing myself to admit I’m a woman, to appreciate myself as a woman, take care of myself and respect myself. I’m allowing myself to be who I am and I’m happy that my surrounding is getting to know me in a different, real light. I feel liberated to be able to learn and be more successful at developing honest, sincere and respectful relationships with people around me. I’m allowing myself to show others who I am more frequently now; I’m braver about that now.

All that thanks to AEQ and Aleš Ernst, the man who I truly appreciate and respect.

I’m ever so proud of the abilities and capabilities of this magnificent structure of nature – a human.
I’m amazed and happy to feel the results of AEQ in my life. The things we humans are capable of when we enhance our mind-body connection – with greater and greater self-awareness. It’s hard to describe physical and emotional changes with words; however, the feelings that overwhelm a person when the changes happen are beneficent and magnificent. I want everyone to have them, and I’ll be glad to teach everyone who will wish to get to know them – as a teacher of the AEQ somatic movement Level 1 since this summers.

Seminar I took this June and July in Brežice was my best-spent vacation ever. Aleš had already told me that when I had applied, with a smile, but he had meant it. The six days total of professional management, excellent company, and culinary goodness were only the beginning of my intensive AEQ study. My horizons have been expanding even faster since the first day of the seminar, ever since we started to get to know a new dimension of learning, but not too quickly, just right for the stuff that comes from deep within to be analyzed as they come, to be understood and placed where needed. Abilities to perceive, learn, memorize and feel are developing. A human being with feelings and senses, knowledge and experiences is growing, a being capable of bringing with the right and emotional approach into other people’s lives an option to increase the number of happy and content people.

A warm thank you to you Aleš and to everyone with whom we learn(ed) together happily…


Teja Logar, Ljubljana, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


View on AEQ method® Level 2

Opinion about the seminar on AEQ method Level 2 through the prism of knowledge gained at the Level 2

Seminar of the Level 2 is not just an upgrade of the Level 1. Besides the logical/expected upgrade of physical-motoric part of the method – learning new exercises to eliminate certain pains/illnesses – it introduces the participants with the most important connection between the conscious and involuntary parts of the mind, the membrane, emotions … These relationships are the critical missing links of the conventional medicine at many patient treatments.

Psychiatry is dealing only with the »head«, orthopaedics and physical therapy alone with the body, but the AEQ is treating both, and that’s why it successfully improves chronic illnesses, which are usually unsolved puzzles for psychiatry, orthopaedics and physiotherapy. AEQ method uses knowledge from many scientific fields; it validates them and links them into a logical/useful unity.

Seminar for the Level 2 gives us clear and logical explanations of the causes of individual pains/illnesses/physical limitations as well as instructions how to eliminate or at least alleviate these problems. There’s almost endless depth of knowledge and understanding of relations between the ability to sense the muscles and good intramuscular coordination, which also transfer to many other areas of person’s life in case of improvement (regular and quality performance of exercises).

Participants of the seminar learn about the importance of their engagement, which is essential for a good understanding of the method as well as their work as teachers of the AEQ method.

The seminar was excellently organized. Everything was at the top level like the method itself – hospitality, food and general atmosphere.

I believe that all the time, the energy, attention and money that I’ve invested into the AEQ education are an excellent investment. My personal life improved (feeling, health, relationships, efficiency, physical abilities…) and I’m also more successful at my work.


Uroš Petan, Teacher of AEQ method® Level 2


View on AEQ method® Level 1

I came across Clinical Somatics when I was searching for solutions for my stiff and sore body that I had built up with many years of training in the gym and my thinking model.
My first solution was attending physical therapies. Even though the feeling after the treatments improved the progress was barely noticeable after a year and a half. Muscle tone was still increased, and because of that I again couldn’t move smoothly, and with ease, my joints were inflexible as well. So I continued searching for other solutions.

That’s how I discovered the book Somatics by Thomas Hanna. I felt relief already after the first time I did the exercises. I was exercising by the book for a year, and then I wanted to upgrade my knowledge, which led me to Aleš Ernst and his AEQ method.

I realised, after my visit to his workshop, that his method was a massive upgrade of the Clinical Somatics. I’ve gained a greater understanding of the meaning and the logic of the exercises, and hence I’ve improved my efficiency of exercising performance. I get more in a shorter time, regarding the time and attention I spend. The AEQ method gives me the knowledge to understand and change the cause of the pain and not only the symptom.

The AEQ method focuses on understanding awareness, time, effort and efficiency. Its priority is to attain better connection between body and ego. This way of thinking also improved my daily life, which has become more flowing, lighter, happier. By practising the AEQ method, one can observe how a relaxed membrane (body) enables more comfortable inner of the body as well as more creative, original and productive thinking. Energy, attention and time one gains by this change can be used more efficiently, the results are better and so is a general satisfaction.

Clarity of expression also improves by practising the AEQ method, which results in a better communication. This allows me to perform better, intimately, in business and socially.

Clinical somatics in Hanna’s book didn’t deal with any of these areas, and that’s why the AEQ method is its extensive upgrade in my opinion. AEQ is also easier to practice and offers so much more, and I would feel foolish if I didn’t take the advantage of that.

I’m also a personal trainer. We can integrate the AEQ method into every training (strength, endurance, flexibility) as well as diet. Namely, it can improve regeneration: better understanding and sense of body relaxes the muscle tone when we don’t need it and hence improve the essential component of regeneration – sleeping.

I attended many seminars and workshops in the past. However, none of them had such lasting and efficient impact (on all the areas) on me as learning of the AEQ method did. I only wanted a more agile body, but I got something that I didn’t even know it existed.

Education was organized extremely well, and conditions were excellent to absorb and process the knowledge of Mr Aleš Ernst. Quiet, friendly and beautiful learning environment, balanced and excellent food. My only tasks were to drive to Brežice, to think and to process the delivered facts.


Žiga Brlek, Ljubljana, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1


After six years in triathlon a persistent injury of IT band forced me to quit with it and switch to cycling. But, the pain repeatedly occurred and neither therapy nor stretching didn’t helped with inflammation and chronic pain. Even after quitting active sport the pains persisted along with other various problems on the left side of the body. Without much expectation I contacted Aleš, which I remembered only as the owner of the bicycle shop, where we were buying equipment at a time when there was no Internet shopping or e-bay. With a lot of patience and positive attitude, Aleš explained to me the causes of injuries and told me how it can be easily solved. It sounded like SF then. Idea that I would be able to run without pain seemed unrealistic. However, his enthusiasm gave me hope.

Through the next few sessions I have learned to become aware of tensions and changes in my body through controlled movement, but also to become aware of those conditions and situations in everyday life. And I suddenly became aware of how much things in my life I do unconsciously and only out of habit, as well as how repetitive movement patterns without enough control of my mind results with, negative consequences. Through the somatic exercises the pain has gone and, what is more important, I discovered the causes led to it. Now, after all, I can say that the biggest benefit of Clinical somatics I felt was not solution of injury (what I was dreaming about), but changing my point of view and controlling my own life. I am very grateful to Aleš on his huge patience explaining and demonstrating the exercises and his warmth and care I felt from the very first e-mail until today when often asked how I was. I know how much thankless is to recommend something to other people, but revealing how unusually simple way Clinical somatics is to wake up the body and consciousness, I am using every opportunity to speak about it to everyone I care about, wishing they decide to make a small but big change of their lives for the better.

Jelena Gracin

At 32 years of age, my life was controlled by chronic back pain. It turned my active way of life into a passive one. All the areas of my life suffered: career, sports, social and private life. I reached a phase when severe pain greeted me in the morning, only to become worse during the day. Because of this pain, I often couldn’t even put my shoes on or drive a car. My life became full of limitations. Traditional medicine didn’t offer any real solutions so I started looking for them elsewhere: Reiki, Reconnection and different energy therapies. Unfortunately, without any success. When I found out about Clinical Somatics I visited Aleš for therapy. It’s been only three months from my first visit and I’m already getting my life back. The pain is disappearing. And my life is getting better. With Clinical Somatics exercises, I started to reconnect my body and mind. Aleš helped me discover my subconscious patters and some of these I’m discovering myself through the exercises. I’m becoming increasingly aware of my body and mind. The book about Clinical Somatics was also of great help to me and I think it’s a great addition to therapies and self-help at home. I’d recommend everyone to read the book before therapies as this will help them understand better what Clinical Somatics is. They will be able to better use the time during therapies because they will already now the basics of this approach. They will have more time for a conversation with Aleš and to understand the limitations of their character causing the pain. Besides Clinical Somatics, Aleš possesses large amounts of general wisdom about life. The book also became my first aid kit at home because, with the help of descriptions and pictures of exercises, I can treat other kinds of pain, such as headache and menstrual pain. The exercises truly help! I’m eternally grateful to Aleš for accepting me and showing me the way to getting my life back.

Thank you! Nataša, Ljubljana

This year, rower Vid Oštrbenk from Čatež ob Savi joined the ranks of a growing group of athletes who successfully use AEQ Clinical Somatics to reach, maintain and improve their form. After suffering an injury last year, his condition and pain in the right side of his back got progressively worse. Then, he did a few active therapies and included somatic exercises in his training. The incorrect movement of his right shoulder, the pain and asymmetrical movement of his torso improved dramatically. Vid came to better understand what it means to control the movement and maintain the efficient functioning of the muscles. By reducing Sensory Motor Amnesia his motivation increased and he perfected his skill to do more with less effort. His progress was rounded off with winning the ECA European Junior Cup for young paddlers in the separate disciplines of kayak and canoe and dominated both disciplines in Slovenia. By maintaining conscious control over his body and avoiding the standard approach “more is better”, he’s making sure that his career in sports will be a long and successful one. It makes me very happy to be able to help young people preserve their childlike lightness of movement and combine it with manly power and a desire to win. This is an unstoppable combination and we’ll definitely see its results in the coming years. Sincere congratulations for this exceptional achievement.

We had to face a very unpleasant situation a little more than a year ago when our 13-year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis. This came as a shock and we were even more upset when her orthopaedist explained her condition as an abnormal curvature of the spine that is impossible to treat and that our daughter has no choice but to learn how to live with it. Orthopaedic specialist at the Orthopaedic Clinic examined our daughter again and measured the curvature of her spine. He said that the angle of the curve is 42 degrees and that the angle of 45 degrees already requires surgery. Our daughter is an active dancer and athlete and, in the last three years, she very often suffered pain in her spine and, consequently, also severe pain in her knees. We tried to alleviate her pain, took her to massage therapists and researched on the web how to treat her condition.

But the pain got worse from one training to the next. Even so, we didn’t give up and kept looking for different ways and solutions that would help our daughter, also outside traditional medicine. As chance would have it, my husband met Aleš Ernst and their conversation led to Clinical Somatics. We immediately found it very interesting and soon called Aleš if he could see our daughter. Already at our first meeting, Aleš told us that there is a solution for our daughter’s condition. So we started with active sessions of Clinical somatics, during which Aleš explained to us why the curvature of the spine occurred and how to treat it. Together with our daughter we soon found out that this condition can be changed.

The Clinical Somatics movements didn’t only help her “straighten” her spine and fight the pain but also greatly contributed to her life in general. Our daughter is still an active dancer and the pain in her spine and knees is practically gone. If it ever occurs, she can treat it quickly by doing the somatic movements correctly. Our daughter is forever grateful to Aleš for all his help and advice. Just by looking at her spine you can see it’s straighter, her posture is more upright and she finally feels good in her own body, which she can now control with somatic exercises. And Aleš didn’t help our daughter only by teaching her practical exercises but also by giving her a great deal of advice and sharing his wisdom with her. She finds this very helpful on her path to becoming a competition dancer and also in everyday decision-making. The whole family is more than happy to practice somatic exercises and read Aleš’ book “The easy way out of chronic pain”. We do not  hesitate to recommend a consultation with Aleš Ernst, the Clinical Somatics teacher, to anyone who is facing similar issues.

The Tabor family

In September, I got urgent call from the Croatian Ski Federation, they ask me if I can see and help their alpine ski racer William Vukelić. He had a strong pain in the neck and lower back, and a shorter right leg. In preparation for the upcoming season, he had big problems with pain and significant difference between the curves to the left and right. Through active sessions we saw that the reason for the difficulties is injury from few years ago, when he cut his neck muscle in ski accident. Through four visits and improvement of conscious control over muscles and movements, he recovered the symmetry and efficiency of movement of the pelvis and shoulders. Instability and asymmetry has disappeared, as well as severe pain of unknown origin. He is now ready for a good season 2015/2016.

“Before I met Ales I was putting a lot of time and effort into personal development and nutrition to improve my overall health yet I felt there was something missing. Despite all the work I was doing there was something holding me back. Having worked with Ales for a number of sessions, it was amazing how he knew the barriers I was facing by how my body was reacting. He has taught me some simple movements that I can continue to do at home and I am seeing huge changes in my life as a result of this.

Thank you Ales” Trisha, Manchester UK

My acquaintance with Aleš started a few years ago. My husband, Albert, knows him much longer, since he visited his bicycle store. He had confidence in Aleš right from the start regarding the quality items and services provided. Many people would come from remote places owing to good recommendation. We noticed that Aleš in his store has kettlebells and asked advice about it. He explained, professional and friendly, what it was and offered us to train. We like the idea and his approach to training. He asked us a simple question, if we know why we even want to train with kettlebells. The answer was to physically strengthen. On the training he showed us that exercise with kettlebells provide a lot more, not only physical developing, but also mental strength, concentration, balance, control and awareness of the movement.

We started with the basics, TGU, lifting with our own weight, without kettlebell. It took me some time in order to achieve the proper movement , and later do it with kettlebell. My self-confidence started to grow up with the practice and I was very pleased with the progress. Through training and conversation Aleš got close to us and recognized the anxiety that hinder us in practice and that are reflected in our lives. We moved on with Clinical somatics exercises. It was something new, different and somewhat unexpected, but certainly welcome. It reminded me of the yoga class that I practiced for a while. Through simple actions of Clinical somatics I discovered the power of concentration and sensing the moment.

Aleš noticed that we were at the stage when we needed to turn ourselves to who we really are and become aware of ourselves through movement and breathing. Both of us, Albert and I, needed to solve the negative attitude and aimless outlook on our lives that we had. It was not so bad at all, but Aleš gave us insight into how can we divert things for the better. He turned his attention to our expressing in conversation and suggested a better word every time, the opposite of the negative one that came to our mind first. It seemed so natural to listed and embrace such a clever principle.

Aleš keeped an eye onto how well we applyed Clinical somatics in everyday life. He asked us how we were and was available for any help and good advice. It was useful every time he taught us how to relax, strengthen and commit to what is really important and necessary. I can say that Aleš greatly helped us to launch and achieve some major goals in life. It is happy, good and necessary circumstance to knowing him. I am glad to see him successful in his work and helping people in such a natural and easy way.

Albert & Jasmina

My experience of Clinical Somatics

1. I’m 43 years old and very passionate about sports. I practice it almost every day – hockey on ice, windsurf, kitesurf, cycling, tennis etc. I used to be very prone to overdoing it. When I was younger and, also, in recent years, I suffered several injuries. I recovered well from all of them and for that I’m really thankful to my doctors, physiotherapists and others who helped. But after a certain time, the pain reappeared. Days when nothing hurt were rare. All this made me change the concept of ignoring pain (and ruining my body) into searching for and eliminating causes (taking care of my body).

2. I achieved most positive changes in transforming myself, eliminating the cause of pain and improving immensely my condition with two approaches: discovering spirituality and energy (lessons and therapies with Neli Rep) and Clinical Somatics (for the body). However, both of these (like everything) are inextricably linked. Before discovering Clinical Somatics and only by practising spiritual techniques and physiotherapies, I couldn’t permanently improve my muscle stiffness.

3. Clinical Somatics turned my whole concept and general understanding of training upside down. And this is the hardest thing for me: make a leap forward in my head and abandon the old way of seeing and thinking. It is so simple and easy that one has difficulty believing that it really works (and, of course, one needs discipline in carrying out the exercises). And it works perfectly! I could immediately relate to Clinical Somatics and I love it more every day. I regret not knowing it years ago even if it’s true that I probably couldn’t appreciate it as much without experiencing all other approaches beforehand.

4. After two months of practising Clinical Somatics, I noticed:

  • My muscles are not as tight any more, at least 60–70% less, and their condition is still improving;
  • Despite a lot less training, I still notice that my abilities improved roughly 10–15%. I can notice considerable improvement and progress in all sport activities;
  • I’m much more aware of subconscious activation (tightening) of muscles and I try to consciously avoid it. At the same time, I quickly notice when I start “stressing” at work and stop it. New windows opened to me and I developed a new perspective on the functioning and abilities of our body;
  • Physically, I feel at least three times better;
  • In life, I explored and tested many methods. Now, I can say that the combination of Clinical Somatics and spiritual/energy techniques according to methods of Marjan Ogorevc and Neli Rep is the one that is by far the most efficient in eliminating the causes of pain and injuries;
  • Before, I regularly attended physiotherapy to alleviate my pain and maintain acceptable condition. I still do this but mostly due to quicker recovery and to support training. Because of this I can now put more strain on my body;
  • Before, I needed to be careful to train up to 80–90% of my abilities in order not to overexert myself and expose myself to new injuries. Now, I can push my body over 110% again, exaggerate a little and still manage to quickly piece myself back together with the help of Clinical Somatics and spiritual techniques. I no longer have to set limits for myself;
  • I noticed huge progress with regard to acquiring microinjuries (caused by impacts, falls, overexertion etc.), which are a regular occurrence during my trainings. I found a winning combination for myself: with Clinical Somatics, spiritual techniques and Tecar physiotherapy (quicker tissue recovery), the recovery is at least three times quicker than before Clinical Somatics.

All of the above was not possible before I started practicing Clinical Somatics. Without it, the abilities  of my body would slowly diminish and in the best case scenario, stagnate, while Clinical Somatics helps me to improve them. Of course, I still make mistakes, test limits and, also, make mistakes. But this thing works incredibly well! I highly recommend Clinical Somatics to anyone who wants to change the condition of their body permanently and completely to the better.

My advice and method is therefore as follows: spirituality according to the principles of Karmic Diagnostics with Neli Rep + Clinical Somatics with Aleš (and a little physiotherapy for quicker recovery if you like to overdo it).

Besides Clinical Somatics, I also received countless tips from Aleš.

To sum it all up, my experience is: revolutionary and priceless.

Thank you! Boštjan Verstovšek, Celje

A few words about my experience in Clinical Somatics therapies with Ales Ernst. First, I have to mention that right before active therapy I talked with Ales about the essence of the whole thing and importance to do moves with great consciousness while running, riding a bicycle, or any other sport activity and in everyday life. I have already trying to implement the same thing in my daily routine, even without ever having heard of active clinical therapy before. It is a process of self-awareness and awareness of life that surrounds us, and about how my actions influence my life and the lives around me. I believe that this helped me to accept and indulge much easier this kind of therapy. During one, say ordinary training, severe pain and tension appeared in the knee – patellar bone to be precise. The pain was unbearable when I was on a bicycle, but walking, running and any other activities were unfettered. A few days of rest and cooling compresses didn’t help. As soon as I get on the bike again the pain returned. It was a terrible frustrating feeling since I had to stop training for a few weeks. The suddenly I remembered Ales and send him mail with a description of what was bothering me and he replied immediately with „ your quad’s too tight“.

Massage and wraping quadriceps helped, but did not solve the problem. And the problem was that the muscles cannot relax completely. Although brain claims that they are relaxed, the truth is they are 20-30% of tense and it builds up over time and gets worse. A classic exemple of sensory-motor amnesia. We set up an appointment and it started. The first treatment was fascinating. We found that the asymetry of the body I have comes from the shoulder, back, side abdominal muscles and extends to the knees. It is hard to describe how much I was fascinated achieved. We started from the shoulder. Three minutes later my arm was completely relaxed lying on the table like a piece of raw meat. After the treatment I was in trance, relaxation to such a degree that I couldn’t get up. The result was such that I felt myself more and every aspect of the body. As for the long term consequences, with a generally more relaxed muscles, greater control and self-awareness of movement, I resolved many years of chronic headaches.

These were so terrible, twice a week, that it was unbearable. Fortunately, it is past now. As for the sport results, it is difficult to define some statistical framework at this moment, and compare it with previous results, but I can say that I have generally easier breathing, much better relaxation of the back muscles and more efficient contraction and relaxation of the leg muscles.

Regards, Andreo Kordić , Zagreb

As a fitness coach who works with professional and recreational athletes, I am constantly seeking new knowledge and better methods. The goals are always the same – health, sports performance, aesthetics making it as attractive as possible so the man can obtain sport activity his entire life. Each season I try something new, some method that is jumping out of the market of oversupply novelties. This year I was introduced to Clinical somatics. Looking for a cure of the spine and knee injury, as well as for better sports results in competitions, I tried a lot of different methods, therapists and tips from my colleages. Now it seems like Somatics was that missing link in order to smoothly continue my sports life approaching my 40s. Within 3 months of active therapy, I have learned more about my body, reduce the negative effects of hard training during years and achieve visible progress in numbers. There is another, unexpected thing happened – I also started to look differently at my clients and with less effort helping them to understand mistakes they make and solving problems with performance. This research has just begun and yet has great potential in my life, private and professional.

Sanjin Crnković, Active Fitness, Rijeka

My experience with Somatics

I remeber first time I came to Aleš was to buy few kettlebells. He “read” me virtually at first sight and, later in the conversation we had, noted some details about my posture and problems that may occure in the future. I was intrigued by his accuracy and few months later I started with active therapy. Clinical Somatics has made a huge difference in my life. I recover much faster from my trainings, my mobility has improved and started to know my body better. I wake up without stiffness which I thought I can resolve only by changing the mattress or bed. Somatics enables me relaxing muscles during my trainings that allows me to practice much longer with heavier weights while maintaining good tehnique. Afer a while I began to feel like I’m bulletproof. No matter how hard the training was, I am ready to repeat it tomorrow again. It’s amazing how something so simple can have such a powerful influence. I am eager to further learning and knowledge in this field…

Saša Rajnović SFG Team Leader

I built and fought and charged headlong. I created an ideal life for myself. School, family, home. Fairytale. And yet, I didn’t live my life. I struggled through it. I lived according to everyone else’s expectations. Others’ approval was what guided me. I didn’t really know myself and felt being weighed down every step of the way. The burden of others became too heavy to bear. And then, without thinking and on impulse, I reacted aggressively towards all the people that made me feel bad and who seemed to take advantage of me.

But as everyone has their own view of the world around them, the responses were unexpected. Rather than receiving help, I got stabbed in the back. And I lost everything I had built. I hit rock bottom and was low enough to start accepting everything that was thrown at me. As I was looking for answers how to go on and how to get back on my feet, I came across somatics.

Somatics slowly helped me, from one day to the next, to start following my own path. First, the muscles became unlocked. Pain in my muscles, pain in my vertebrae, pain in my soul, my tears… slowly grew into a better awareness of my body. I knew where my spine was, where my hands and legs were, and how my head was inclined. I knew the way around my body. And as I became more aware of it, I also started to understand. First, I started noticing the nature around me and suddenly I was not in a hurry any more. I seemed to stop time. I guess I became better organised. I was more aware of myself so I correctly determined the time needed to get from A to B. Before, I raced from one point to the next but now it felt as though time stood still. I walked in a calm, relaxed way. I saw people differently. I narrowed my circle of people and I didn’t feel the need to seek others’ approval. I was aware of myself during communication and knew how much I wanted to give and what I needed myself. My friends said I started moving lightly and speaking calmly.

At the same time, the difficult situations started resolving themselves. One after another. The pieces of life started to come together again. And in two months, the main problem also started to unravel it  self. A problem that was not mine alone but also affected the lives of all the people around me. As I’m finding the answers to this problem, I’m also saving my own body. The weight of the problem makes it hard for the brain to be present in the body because the thoughts are scattered and drawn to guilt, revolting actions, anger and rage. But when I focus my thoughts back to my body, I can control them and allow myself to learn from this experience. I learn about myself, not others. They are not relevant in this case. It is more important to be myself. The body shows me how far I progressed on my path and how well I am doing.

After four months of living with somatics, I am aware of my body, myself and the path I chose to follow. I make choices only on the basis of my own feelings, my own beliefs.

We can only change ourselves. And my task is not to be a part of others, but to be myself. By providing an example, I can guide others, observe patiently and assess my feelings towards them and how they make me feel. I can notice what they mean to me, what they give me and what I am prepared to give in return. I set limits. With the help of somatics, solving problems acquired a new meaning. Solving problems turned into learning about life, myself, my closest friends and relatives, the Earth, the Universe, emotions. Life became full of meaning. I do somatic exercises every morning and every evening. They help me focus my brain on my body. On myself. I started to live.

Ivana Tršelič Slovenia

Observing from a back seat

As a mother, I followed the therapy of my teenage son, an active sportsman who suffered from pain in his muscles, joints and so many parts of his body that it’s hard to list them all. Therapy was and still is a success. Now, we only visit Aleš once every three months while my son regularly does the exercises at home. His posture has improved and the pain has disappeared but there is something else I want to point out in this article. Even though the therapy addresses the body, it nevertheless follows the fundamental idea of spirituality. This is, first and foremost, being focused on the now, this moment, what we are doing right now. When we are doing the exercises, our mind doesn’t wander but stays with the body and feels every movement, every muscle.

By doing this, we don’t only relax our body but also our mind. We establish control over our body. And this lays the foundations for the control of emotional reactions in the body. If we learn to observe and keep an eye on our body and its tensions as well as to release these tensions accordingly, we will effectively put a stop to many illnesses. The therapy therefore becomes a meditation of sorts, a time we spend with ourselves when we forget our troubles and focus solely on our body. Aleš, in his unique and unforced manner, knows how to teach this knowledge to adolescents, which doesn’t only help them continue their sports career without the resistance of their physical body but also psychologically relax and, with the help of meditation, step back from everyday school pressures, growing pains and demands that come with the sport.

Bojana Lunar Peček, Kranj

My experience with Clinical Somatics Education

As a manual therapist I am constantly searching for solutions and ways to learn about the human body in a different way, from a different perspective. This is why I decided to take part in a somatic education session. These sessions were advertised as providing a solution for what I had failed to accomplish in my work several times: how to achieve a permanent relaxation of the muscle tissue and “show” my clients how to relax their tense musculature themselves.

Too many times have I witnessed pain returning despite my therapy, sometimes after months, sometimes in a matter of days. My work ethics requires I help people in as few sessions as possible; therefore these pain comebacks confounded me.

Not having any major pains or problems myself when attending the first session, I did not – I must admit – expect much. I let it take me by surprise. And, man was I surprised!

My senses are very well developed by nature, so I sensed practically everything me and Aleš were doing right away, immediately after each exercise. The sensation overwhelmed me. Being a true researcher that I am, I of course experimented further with my body through many subsequent sessions. I must admit they made me perceive myself in an entirely new manner.

What took be aback even more than the increased level of muscle relaxation, was the feedback loop between my body and my mind. I became acutely aware of the effect my behaviour and attitudes in life have on muscle tension in my body, and in turn on the problems arising from tenseness. If we exercise to relax a muscle, this will not make us “happy”; but once we become aware of the reasons causing muscle rigidity and eliminate them, we have set our foot firmly on the path towards easiness, happiness and joy. It was only CSE that has made me realise this.

Severin from Brežice

Learn and get to know your body again, regain control in your “hands” to solve the problem and not the cause, Aleš is learning and practiced since I know him, and most importantly, he doesn’t stop. That is main reason to the road of knowledge and finding practical solutions to your health, because at the end, it is all very simple.

Hrvoje Vešljigaj, Samobor

I started working with Ales accidentally. I was trying to fix my lower back pain discussing my bike position with him. That latter turned into my regular monthly visits to his place with somatics sessions. He is responsible for my total improvement during last 12 months. But on the other hand, without my desire, intention, and reasoning I wouldn’t have been where I am today.

So, Ales will give you the best tools there are to put you back in balance but it is up to you to use it wisely and make the most out of it. He is a walking health encyclopedia, and I suggest you to seek nutritional and other advices from him also. In addition to this, let new ideas mature inside you and accept them with understanding, not because someone told you it’s good for you. Try to feel the change, analyse, and compare all the time. Sometimes the shift will go smooth, but at other times unbelievably slow. Be patient, especially as you dig deeper into somatics. Many times I had doubts about the benefits because of emerging new tiny painful spots, but later found out that during the process I became more sensitive, connected and aware of myself so my brain again started signalling problems because of my prior ignorance. When riding or doing any other physical activity try to spread your effort to more muscles or groups of muscles. My problem had always been that I was too tight (stiff) and used fewer muscles. The result was early fatigue and muscle imbalance.

I hope that as you get more and more loose and relaxed you will be able to feel that by distributing your effort and engaging more muscles into the movement you will become more economical while being able to sustain greater stress for longer period of time. For this to accomplish you need to have a good and comfortable bike position. I think Ales has done a great job there. All you need to do now is to find that super fine easy feeling as if you were floating or dancing, without painful or tense spots. Each time you feel tension or pressure ease back and relax. Try to apply somatics principle while riding. By that I mean full contraction of the muscle and slow release till the end of the motion. When riding, at least in the beginning, you can do little tricks to awake hibernating muscles (gluteus, hip) like pushing your knees out (like ballet dancer) or pedalling with heels. Sometimes when I climb the stairs I intentionally jump 2-3 stairs at the time using heels Be creative, make up your own tricks…that is the best way to connect with the motion.

Just as it is important what you do on the bike or doing somatics, it also  counts what you do for the rest of the day. Analyse how you walk, how you sit, just about everything. Apart from sleeping and riding, it is important how you do things for the remaining time in a day. You may notice many different things that wear you out. So, once you find them you can eliminate them. It is a slow process because you need to train your mind to raise awareness of your daily activities but I hope it will pay off. You can ask Ales also about tricks to do when you get tense, I am pretty sure he has plenty. As you improve and start seeing benefits your confidence will grow. Use it to overcome “the demons of the past”. Believe in yourself and promise yourself that you will be the best you can as a person, as an athlete, as a friend, as a son, as a father, etc. Learn to use a bad outcome to your advantage. Do not take it to your heart. Good things would be worthless without bad ones. So, we sometimes need bad things to appreciate the good ones. Actually, it is the bad ones that are pushing us to be better and better.

Imagine just winning races, it would be great for one season, ok for the second, after that you would not care much and it would become boring. In the end, you are mentally strong or weak only for number of problems you can solve. The more relaxed you are the easier you solve problems. With Ales you will improve energy flow through your body which has a very positive impact on your mind. We have mind and body, but it is actually one thing because one can’t be without the other. Our body is only a holographic projection of our mind. So, all the problems and barriers there are, our mind transfers to our body. In my opinion it is very important to be mentally strong and healthy because that guarantees physical health. I think that if we work on little imperfections that we have in the form of negative emotions, understand them and cope with them (fear, anger, sadness, envy, etc) we can achieve our full potential.

I can write this stuff forever, but you need to find and fight your own path. Remember that there is always somebody ready to help you so do not feel alone. Ales is a great guy and he is always ready to help. Enjoy life and I hope to ride with you again sometime.

Srdjan Luštica – Zagreb


P.S. Once you connect with yourself you won’t need a coach anymore, you can train yourself better.

Testimonial In the few “hands on” sessions I had with Aleš I noticed a huge improvement. I already walked much better after the first one. My body felt liberated after the second day. After the third day I finally got rid of the block in my left lower back which troubled me for years. No stretching exercise my osteopath told me before has had effect on this spot. I really did not think that it would be so simple and effective at the same time.

Karl Gradinger, Brussels

Ok, I tried a bit to describe what I’ve noticed since we are working on CSE. Maybe not so obvious all along, because the problems that we have to eliminate with differentiation were not so pronounced. At least not to the extent that I would be hindered in my daily work, sport.

What I didn’t not know , it do not hurt , but I know that in the long run all came to me and cause problems . First, it is a great difference occurred when standing still. Posture more flat, stable. I felt the ground beneath my feet much more, I did not rely so much on the front part of the foot and toes. The weight is evenly distributed to the left and right side. Furthermore, it has changed my gait. Step became longer, hips much more flexible and fluent in movement. I had to fix the seating position in the car because steering wheel was too far away at the same time too. In the car is also easier to look back, and I see much more. And not just in the car but in general. As I had bigger eyes, or more open eyes. I pay attention now to several things at once.

Then easier to do things that require you to look up above me with outstretched arms. Previously, I shoulders and neck quickly began to hurt, but now even after a long work I do not feel the burden. In general, everyday tasks takes less strain. It does not involve unnecessary movement and not exerting up where it is needed. Differentiation I was also taught to feel the body and is aware of it. Things are as they learn them and start to begin well aware of them oddly simple. There are so many with chains around them that they are glued together and do not let them moving freely. Just to give the necessary flair. Never would have thought that could be the cause or the “root cause” somewhere where it would not otherwise ever look.

Now, I can find a way to address the problem. Whether it be stress, pain or simply awareness that somewhere something is not right. This awareness I previously did not have. If you now look at pictures of what was my attitude and posture, is hard to imagine that this was all “by default”. Where would it lead me through the years I do not even think about. Then there is breathing. How many times I was after swings or series TGU almost out of breath.

Now it is 100% better because I learned to breathe again. And I’ve learned to let the body breathe. “Air soccer” is the law, release tension in the chest and stomach, digestion is way better, and I feel strong, young and free again

Thanks Gregor Jugovič