Tadeja Severkar, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

AEQ has become a part of my mindset and my life in the past few months.

The knowledge I gained would be hard to split and divide into individual one-day workshops, active individual work with Aleš, and level 1 seminars. However, the seminar can be referred to as a place where I gained most new experiences and skills as well as deepened the existing ones so that I am now able to pass on the knowledge of AEQ clinical somatics to my clients.
I decided to attend the seminar because I no longer needed help from my physiotherapist after I visited my first AEQ workshop and active therapies.

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Dušica Gabrijel, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

When I compare my current thoughts and feelings to those of more than five years ago, when I first met with the AEQ method, I can say that there is a really big difference and it cannot be described in a few sentences.

For years, I had back problems, while physiotherapy and occasional exercises only had a short-term effect on my acute pain. At my first workshop in 2016, I listened very carefully to Aleš, to how he presented the exercises and explained that sensory-motor amnesia can be eliminated through them, while stating the importance of being in the state of optimal synergy and conscious sensations and control. I felt a difference immediately after the first exercises, but it wasn’t until later on, in individual therapies, that I started understanding the importance of the AEQ method.


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Simona Lesar, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

Each of us has enough of everything in his life. Some have more experience, others a little less. We all have knowledge in different fields, whether from book learning or from experiences. My experiences filled me with lots of information and I’m truly grateful that they’ve brought me on a path where people stop and ask about life itself.

Every work requires almost a perfect person, which is understandable. But can we be perfect? A perfect person? Perfect structure? Perfect state?

Something pinched me in my hip at my work where I was supposed to be fit. As it turned out it wasn’t that bad, but it was enough for me to understand that something wasn’t right. While asking myself what was wrong with my body, I also wasn’t motivated to continue with sports. Neither with roller skating, nor dancing, which I adored, not to mention other areas of my life.

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Jure Koščak, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

After finishing my third AEQ program, I decided to attend the AEQ Teacher Level 1 seminar as well. I felt it was time for an additional upgrade of knowledge and AEQ experience. Every program that I’ve attended has increased my ability for better recognition, connection, understanding and, above all, how to do relationships. I gained a lot of information and began to learn more about the AEQ world and emotional maturity. Countless answers were given for the lower and upper body, and for breathing. These answers guided me and reconnected me with the knowledge I already had from before – but this time from a higher dimension, because the perception of my own past has genuinely started changing this time.



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Matjaž Zupan, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I had constant pain in my neck and lower back, constant problems with getting out of a car, turning my body sideways, and problems regenerating after physical activity (running or bicycle). My muscles were tense for days after the activity. I was trying to solve my problems alone, or I visited different physiotherapists. That helped a lot.

However, problems kept returning, sometimes soon after, that depended on my physical activities and psychological pressures. I wanted something to help myself, especially at times when there would be no option to seek help from others. I started doing the AEQ exercises and I improved my regeneration significantly; my muscles became light and relaxed. My whole body was becoming relaxed and lighter, also my condition got better.

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Anja Jarkovič, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I’ve been diving into my inner world for a few years now and my desire is to understand why we act the way we act and why we feel the way we feel. The AEQ method helps understand this, and much more, because with the knowledge of physics, psychology, physiology and anatomy, and above all by feeling your own body, you can detect your realistic state and how much your body is really connected to your mind – the size of the gap between the reality and the desired state. With conscious learning, sensing and directing attention into the most efficient and orderly movement possible, we gradually change our subconscious patterns so that we can begin to achieve our goals and therefore a full and joyful life.

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Robert Kukovič, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I’m grateful for meeting you. I thought I knew what to expect from the seminar because I already took two of your programs before that. After the first part of the seminar, I realized it was better than I expected. So much explanation was offered with an intention to understand yourself and the environment, presented in a simple and appropriate way, where everything is based on the laws of physics and applies everywhere. Not that it was easy to hear the truth, or just part of the truth, nor that I was rested when I drove home every day and fell asleep peacefully. There were a lot of questions, I was looking for answers – how is this different from a classic seminar where they show you something, say something, and then you finish the seminar by doing your homework or by regularly repeating the lessons you’ve learned.




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Uroš Petan, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I have been feeling »weak« ever since the first part of the seminar, which was 3 days ago. My muscles are somewhat painful as they are finally relaxed and elongated for the first time in years. My energy level is up to approximately 65 % now. I have got an unusual diarrhea, I am having dreams with some serious content – issues from the past I have never dealt with, I need more sleep etc. In a nutshell, AEQ Clinical Somatics works on many levels. This is excellent for the long-term, but a bit disruptive for the short-term; it is just like any other work you do on yourself that works.

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Niko Akrap, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I had my first experience with the AEQ method about 3 years ago. I remember having kinesiological days and therefore had no intention of going to the introductory lecture. But because one of the lecturers canceled his presentation, it changed the whole schedule, and my partner and I decided to listen to an AEQ presentation. We didn’t know anything about the subject or the lecturer. The presentation itself was very different, it was about AEQ breathing. It left an imprint in my memory that I couldn’t shake off and therefore decided to attend a breathing workshop from one of the AEQ teachers a few months later.


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Ivana Buble, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

When I think about AEQ my thoughts always wander back to the beginning when I was just beginning to get to know AEQ, which was 7 years ago, but somehow, I feel like I am still a beginner. My AEQ journey started in 2014. I am getting to know this journey slowly and gradually, with small steps, I am traveling deeper and deeper into my own internal universe, and also understanding the outside universe around me more and more each day.

With each therapy, with every repeated exercise, with every reflection of myself, with every perception of my surroundings, a conscious and controlled response to my situations and with all my daily changes, I feel that I am making progress and that I am living my life a lot more consciously thanks to the AEQ method.




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Janez Logar, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I met with Aleš Ernst and the AEQ method in 2021. I actively participated in four AEQ programs and did regular exercises in between, by choice. This was the basis for my participation in the seminar for AEQ Teacher Level 1.

At the seminar, we received additional knowledge of the AEQ method. Some themes were, of course, repeated, but the explanations were a little different. During my studies of psychotherapy (2012-2015), I was amazed at the fact that I had to listen to certain topics, especially emotionally colored ones, several times to hear the essence of the content. I’ve been receiving Aleš Ernst’s explanations in a similar way – on sensory-motor amnesia, the law of balance, the law of time, Newton’s laws, about the anatomy of the human body, about emotions…




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Lana Bauman, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

ince finishing my AEQ teacher training, my life has turned upside down. I began to look at life differently – through the eyes of causes and consequences of physical laws and the violation or consideration of them.

I now realize that coincidences do not exist, that any “accident, happiness or unhappiness” depends on our inner state, our beliefs, our understanding, our actions and our movement. The knowledge I gained at the seminar enabled me to have a more realistic understanding of myself and other people, the perception of situations, the state of the body and well-being and, in general, it changed my view on life.



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Lidija Jakljevič, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

Everyday hurrying, worries, and lots of work brought me into a situation where I lost connection with my body. I didn’t know that back then, but I had a feeling I wasn’t going in the right direction because the consequences started to reflect on my body. However, I managed to find excuses for everything and sweep it all aside. But then I felt at some point that I would not be able to go on like that, that the situation I was in was not normal and I needed to do something. And so my quest began. I came across informotherapy (communication with our cells in a language they understand) and it took over me when I saw the results on me.

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Teja Šinkovec, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

The spring of 2021 was my first encounter with the AEQ method and AEQ exercises. After the first session, my lower leg pain and the tension that was present there for the last 3 years, miraculously disappeared. During the exercises there was constant nausea, and an unknown thigh pain for the first three weeks of doing the exercises….

All of this was unknown and impossible to me. By knowing there was something deeper behind it, I was already determined to attend the teacher training as soon as possible. I wanted to get answers for myself first. I got a lot of them, but at the same time, I got a lot of material to think about. During the training, I learned many new things and also got a fresh perspective on a lot of things that I’ve known before. I received more than I expected, including many uncomfortable truths. It seems to me that in these two intense weekends we touched on every single topic possible.




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Katja Črne, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I found the AEQ method while being on the path of self-inquiry, researching the functioning of my body and looking for a connection between the body and the mind to find something that would give me the answers that I could not get from traditional methods. Unlike other trainings I have attended in the past, AEQ has given me that missing puzzle in understanding my body as a whole. We are not only a physical body, a big part of us are our thoughts, emotions and our actions which define us.




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Dajana Frank, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I’ve been noticing for several years now that my body is not functioning the way it should. And despite the brief effects of various therapies the entropy takes its toll. I sense a mess in my body and it takes me more and more time to do the work at my job and at home. I heard an explanation of entropy and other topics at the seminar and that’s given me a new, different insight into the human body and a wide variety of options on how to help myself as well as others.

The educational process of this seminar has a very good structure. The first part is a combination of AEQ theory with AEQ movements– a great experience to be able to feel parts of your body again that you had already forgotten about. The way the seminar was conducted was also very different from what I’ve experienced so far.

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Petra Šmid Seljak, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

A man is a complex being that demands a comprehensive therapeutic approach, which I am forming by using various methods and techniques. Only by following this principle, I am also able to reach the individual’s inner depth and not just his/her body.

Situations, stuff, information, people … usually find me themselves. Always at the right time. The same goes for the AEQ clinical somatics.

It was its simplicity, easiness, and the utmost effectiveness that persuaded me. It enables me to perform the movements consciously and with ease, my attention is focused on my body. Sensing the body during the exercises, and recognizing the muscles that elongate while others shorten opens a whole new area for identifying the behavioral patterns and sensing myself.


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Mojca Centrih, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I got the chance to experience how low can someone who is disconnected from with himself fall – how hard it is when you can’t tell which voice inside you is the voice of ego and which voice is the one of heart, of your body. Specifically, when you can’t hear your body anymore, and all you can hear is your ego. Feelings and messages are coming up from your body but the mind does not detect them or refuses to detect them until the body suffers severe consequences such as pain or illness, and the mind starts sensing the ground beneath its feet only after falling from illusion to depression.

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Kareem Al Saleh, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

Professional sports and the wrong approach to training led me to so many injuries and pain that it took me much longer to find the solution I needed for the growing chronic pain in my body, bad mood and fatigue. This path led me to Aleš, who had a different approach from everyone else. He was the first one who taught me that I am responsible for everything, and he showed me the way and gave me enough knowledge about how to pull myself out of chronic contraction and fatigue.





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Sonja Gerkman, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 2

After completing the third day of the seminar, on Monday morning I woke up full of energy and optimism. After finishing my daily commitments, I went hiking with the intention to focus on my body, analyze the state of my body while walking, and gather my thoughts. I felt surprisingly light, light as a feather. I observed my walk, my legs, my arms, my torso, my muscles, my jump, my turn… as if everything had been folded exactly as it should be, completely pain-free, almost a feeling of weightlessness. The feeling was so good, almost non-earthy, that I briefly became suspicious: what if it was all an illusion – it can’t last forever? The thought was quickly blown away by the wind, I surrendered to the sun, the air, the freedom of movement, and being consciously grateful to just be. A few more days of “all good” followed, even dealing with teenage “clever nonsense” went smoother, but then the curve turned downwards and I let it descend into a concrete minus.

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Lidija Jakljevič, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 2

I enrolled for AEQ seminar Level 2 without any particular expectations. I wanted to upgrade my knowledge. However, I didn’t expect such turbulence and changes in my head and consequently such big step forward.

I opened a new box at the level 2 seminar – I reached new subconscious topics that were more in-depth and I didn’t know they existed but were affecting me and my daily life. My muscles were stiff, and because of that the communication path brain-fascia was interrupted even though the reason for that had happened long before and had been ‘insignificant’. And yes, I opened the lid of that box. And lots of repressed, unprocessed emotions, anger, resentments, feelings of helplessness, distress, condemnation, sadness, came bursting out. In a nutshell, it was demanding, unpleasant, unknown, new, … Bunch of unusual emotions I didn’t know how to handle.

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Stjepan Ostroški, M.Sc. Kin., Feričanci, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 2

I heard there was a yard, a garden, behind some fence where, if you enter, you get happiness, you get paradise that you were searching for. I also stepped on a path to get to that yard. Shining signposts were pointing the direction to the yard. I came to about ten kilometres from the entrance, and I saw a long line of people waiting to get in. They were standing in ten parallel waiting lines. I joined one of the lines and waited. Minutes, hours passed by. The day was coming to an end. I asked the ones in front of me ‘How long is the wait to enter?’. They replied they had been waiting for two days. We were still standing in the same spot. ‘Two days without moving?’, I asked. That thought made me anxious. ‘Do you know anybody who got in, have you heard of somebody being in that garden?’

They bent their heads and continued mumbling and waiting. I was wondering why nobody entered, what was at the entrance. Were there guards, were the doors locked and nobody had the keys?

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Samo Šinik, teacher of AEQ method® 2. level

Here are some of my impressions and findings from the seminar for teachers of AEQ method Level 2

We have survived 5 days of »reality show« under the baton of Aleš Ernst .

A seminar was very dynamic and educational due to the selection of participants with different mindsets (different personalities and characters). You taught us theory and exercises by the AEQ method in a way that started up our long-repressed emotions, senses, memories. You »skillfully« recognized individual’s happenings, as well as what was going on in the group. You found the right words and continued teaching, which helped us learn new perspectives and how to change our thinking models.

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Uroš Petan, Teacher of AEQ method® Level 2

Seminar of the Level 2 is not just an upgrade of the Level 1. Besides the logical/expected upgrade of physical-motoric part of the method – learning new exercises to eliminate certain pains/illnesses – it introduces the participants with the most important connection between the conscious and involuntary parts of the mind, the membrane, emotions … These relationships are the critical missing links of the conventional medicine at many patient treatments.

Psychiatry is dealing only with the »head«, orthopaedics and physical therapy alone with the body, but the AEQ is treating both, and that’s why it successfully improves chronic illnesses, which are usually unsolved puzzles for psychiatry, orthopaedics and physiotherapy. AEQ method uses knowledge from many scientific fields; it validates them and links them into a logical/useful unity.

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Dragana Djuric, Podgorica, AEQ Method® Level 2 teacher

The foundation of the AEQ method® is the fact that the body and mind are integrated as a whole. What happens in the mind reflects the events in the body and vice versa. Soma is an indivisible connection between two parts – body and mind.

At the end of the Level 2, I was hit by a realistic encounter with myself. Who I am, and not who I think I am, or who I would like to be. The influence of entropy on life as well as the entropy of the environment in which I live. Questions and concerns, but also the joy of knowing that the change is possible. And not only knowledge, or a letter on a paper, but also the way in which entropy is converted to syntropy.

At a time when everything is fast, when shifting own boundaries is encouraged and rewarded, it seems that man wanders more and more. Too much information, the Internet, no time to look into depths within ourselves or within another being. It takes time to understand and apply, achieve something.

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Vesna Tomšič, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 2

Everything that we learned at Level 1 seminar – the basic concepts and interpretation of their meaning such as sensory motor amnesia associated with disorder, the law of mutual effect, the green light, red light and trauma reflex, the membrane – at Level 2, this knowledge was greatly deepened. Movement, muscle control, and the meaning of pain added to the importance of interoception, its effect on the abdominal membrane and thus on breathing, speech, sentence formation, words – therefore verbal expression.

If we allow ourselves to feel how we’ve done something, whether it’s a movement or something else in life, it’s easier to sense what the truth is. However, when interoception is poor there is a lower chance that the impulse will reach our consciousness, instead we redirect the signal into the subconscious. This leads to separation of our body from our consciousness and to unrealistic perceptions of time and gravity. In this way, consciousness does not get information, only the subconscious gets information, and the subconscious operates on the same patterns from our past, mostly from childhood.

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Karmen Kovač, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 2

Before I decided to take the AEQ training, I met with AEQ exercises through a colleague who had done the AEQ seminar Level 1. I became fond of the AEQ method and AEQ exercises, which led me to realize how am I and what is going on around me – the illusion of perfection started fading and instead I started seeing the real picture that I didn’t like at all. This awareness led me to the path of AEQ Teacher Level 1 training, then AEQ Breathing Level 1 training, and last year towards the end of the year to AEQ Teacher Level 2 training.

When you realize that if you don’t dare to take risks you will stay in the so-called subconscious cage, which is taught and has a function to not take risks. At the AEQ Teacher Level 2 seminar, I became so much more aware of this and that it is very important that we learn to consciously change our subconscious patterns that we have acquired from our ancestors, parents, teachers or people who have had an impact on us in childhood.

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Simona Benedičič, Kranj, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 2

Level 1 seminar brought me so much new and useful life knowledge that I felt in a hurry to get to Level 2. If this was my university, I would save myself a lot of pain, and life today would be a lot easier. After finishing university, I felt like I was looking for myself and moving more and more away from myself.

I found my first taste of freedom with the AEQ method. I am able to explain to myself why things are the way they are, and I can make sure to create quality changes to a much greater extent than before. My movement is becoming much softer, I am calmer in my head and more alive in the body.

It is becoming increasingly clear to me why do we have certain postures and why is movement in today’s world becoming more simplistic and harder. I am realizing how the inability to express emotions affects breathing, I am perceiving how sensory-motor amnesia keeps me in a particular pattern/mode/type of action, I increasingly understand why chronic pain occurs in the body, and I can also classify the feeling of guilt and fear of the future as a form of pain.

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Tjaša Garin, Ljubljana, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 2

To anyone who has already come into contact with the AEQ method, whether through a workshop or active therapy and has felt a difference in the condition of their body after doing the AEQ exercises, I would recommend to attend the teacher seminar. If, after the first workshop and initial AEQ learning, you’ve struggled with resistance when wanting to exercise regularly, after Level 1 seminar this will no longer be an issue.

AEQ Teacher Level 1 seminar gives you an explanation of our chronic condition in society, an explanation of why this has occurred, an understanding of where this way and speed of life is taking us, and how such a condition is reflected in the individual and his body. The whole theory is based on three basic laws of physics (1st law of thermodynamics, 2nd law of thermodynamics, 3rd Newton’s law) through which you realize that our existence and our body state are defined by physics. If we do not take this fact into account, it leads us to extreme states toward which we feel great stigma, fear and resistance (death), due to the law of entropy (2nd law of thermodynamics).

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Petra Košmrlj, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 2

I finished the AEQ Teacher Level 1 training because I wanted to help and explore myself and did not think about applying for Level 2. The reason for that was not because I was not impressed by what I heard at Level 1, but because I was scared of the demands that were expected of me as a future Level 2 teacher; that I was supposed to set up a website, write articles, do live trainings, run workshops, etc. At the same time, the closer it was getting to the training the more I thought about it. During that time, I also attended the AEQ Breathing program, where I was hearing about the AEQ method every night and, through breathing, perceived more and more that this step was necessary, despite my fear or precisely because of it. I felt that my subconscious was protecting me from taking a new step, while the body on the other hand was craving the knowledge and new explorations. The dilemma lasted for quite some time, I didn’t immediately recognize which one was right, which one was telling me the truth. Then I signed up. As I was driving towards Brežice, a thought came through: “but are you sure this is okay”, and then I got lost and missed the beginning of training – but the moment I stepped into a room full of people staring at me, I knew I was in the right place. There was no more doubt, no fear, no embarrassment, and no guilt.

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