Learn to breathe better in 30 days; AEQ breathing 101

WHY: How to improve breathing

HOW: Through guided teaching, in-depth explanation and Q&A

WHEN: 30 days (6 times per week) at 6 pm CET

Program and written material will be in the English language.

The 30-day online program is for:

-Understanding better why chronic hyperventilation affects our physical abilities, well-being, immunity and the efficiency of movement and work negatively; why does ineffective breathing, which is present with most children and adults, influence our character and our thinking – after all, breathing is the fundamental process that provides us with our life force energy, which determines who we are, how we feel and the decisions that we make.

-Learning how to breathe efficiently; AEQ method influences changes in our movement patterns and improves the following states: back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, high pressure, arrhythmia, snoring, insomnia, asthma, bronchitis, respiratory allergies, food allergies, chronic headaches and migraines.

-Learning how to breathe properly through increased awareness and respiratory muscle control – these muscles are usually strong enough (breathing irregularities are mostly born from losing the ability to lengthen the respiratory muscles and to use them in harmonious interaction), the main problem is caused by the absence of relaxedness in the respiratory muscles.

-In-depth explanation of processes that cause the muscles of our chest, diaphragm, shoulders and neck to contract which leads into changes of posture, movement and breathing. These changes become a part of our unconscious self over the years which negatively affects our body and our mind.


AEQ breathing exercises create bigger flexibility of our chest and our abdominal cavity. This leads to correct breathing and gradual lessening of the number of inhales per minute, it slows down the flow of air and lessens the speed of blood flow in our lungs. It enables nasal breathing, better use of inhaled air and the absorption of oxygen from blood to muscles.


This program is suitable for those who have not heard of the AEQ method before and also for those who want to deepen their knowledge and practice. I recommend it to qualified therapists who work with reducing negative effects of stress, improving physical abilities or are looking for approaches that would help them with elimination of their own, personal issues.

This workshop will open the door into solving your issues on a somatic level wide enough for you to be able to help yourself on your own afterward. It will help you get to acquainted with the AEQ method to the point where you can decide whether you wish to proceed with learning more about it or you feel complete with the knowledge gained.

Graph analysis:

The data shown in the graph are the research results on the efficiency of AEQ programs.

The research has been active since September 2021. The data has been collected from 450 participants of AEQ online programs. We measured the level of chronic pain in participants with a PHQ15 questionnaire that is also used by World Health Organization.

The participants of AEQ online programs show a lessening of chronic pain – 1 month, 3 months and 6 months after finishing AEQ online programs.

The graph shows statistically significant differences. The risk is less than 3% which means that there is at least a 97% certainty that we will become aware of and lessen our chronic pain at online AEQ programs. The results that have been extracted have undergone all the required statistical testing. After the research is finished it will be published at www.aeqworld.com.

Research leader: Psychotherapist and Teacher of AEQ method Level 1 Janez Logar

AEQ live trainings create a very distinctive influence

In our live trainings we learn how to eliminate sensory-motor amnesia (SMA) by lessening our conscious resistance; through exercises and consideration we try to create more unity between our conscious self and our unconscious self with the most ease possible by making an effort to lessen the gap between our awareness and the right reaction from our body. On our own, without an attentive teachers’ support, it is very hard to achieve this kind of state. Working together with a teacher creates the extra motivation that we need to overcome our negative physical states.

You will learn:

  • how breathing affects the activation of sympathetic or parasympathetic system and how can you gradually lessen the chronically activated sympathetic operations of your autonomic nervous system by changing your breathing and directing air into the lower half of your lungs
  • the effect of nitrogen oxide inside the inhaled air in your nasal cavity on your immune system and your cardiovascular system
  • how to improve the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our muscles and with that our physical abilities by improving our breathing; with this we lessen the possibility of injuries and overtraining at recreational and competitive sports


AEQ workshop contains an experiential, a didactic and a practical study of AEQ breathing exercises. With its help you will explore your own capabilities of conscious movement control.


About the AEQ method

AEQ method is a process of learning which brings back the lost quality and meaning of conscious muscle control and conscious movement. It helps us to establish creative and original problem solving and with it an easier and less stressful life. It makes it possible for us to understand the real causes of our physical irregularities that have roots in emotional and physical trauma. When traumas occur, the conscious control over our muscles lessens, our movement becomes automatized and our body hardens – this is the reason why we are not aware that we actually have the capability to improve our movement and with that eliminate our pain and our restrictions. In the case of not improving, we harden more and more and become robotized while solving our problems in same, ineffective ways.


AEQ helps us eliminate burnout, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. It is founded on four steps:

1.Learning and understanding, exploring and feeling; AEQ exercises increase feeling and control.

2.Understanding and feeling bring the insights that are necessary to determine the real state that we are in – without illusions.

3.The insights help us accept the true state inside us and also the relationships that are affecting us negatively.

4.The changes that happen encompass the mind and the body and that is why they are able to undergo the pressure of the environment that would normally cause us to return to our previous, obsolete patterns.


In the beginning of the program there will be a 90-minute introductory lecture where I will explain the most important characteristics of proper breathing and the logic behind AEQ breathing which helps you remove your breathing constrictions and issues connected to ineffective breathing.

The training for AEQ breathing exercises will be live six times a week, at 6 pm CET. We will connect through the app ZOOM for 60 minutes per day where I will guide you through a specific exercise and give you the knowledge that you will need to understand the role that breathing has on your life processes and emotions.


By regularly doing the exercises for over a month in this way you will have a great chance to make a big enough change to the relationship you have with yourself. The training that is done live also makes a big difference in how much attention you are able to focus into your body and connect your body with your awareness while simultaneously lessening SMA – it strongly increases your attention.

Training includes a diverse set of exercises which lessens the feeling of monotony – this helps you overcome the sudden resistance toward the exercises that are caused by monotony.

This program is based on many years of experience with clients. It enables a well-structured, gradual change of your level of orderliness and connectedness which mustn’t be neither too slow nor too fast when we are changing ourselves as a whole. The main obstacle with chronic contraction is the inability to breathe properly. By doing daily guided AEQ exercises the resistance of your body, of your subconscious and your anxiety will be lessened which will enable the progress that is appropriate for you. The progress will increase depending on your determination.

13. 11. 2022 from 6 pm till 7:30 pm: we begin with an online 90-minute introductory lecture. The lecture will be recorded and will be available for replay twice during the 30-day program.

The introductory lecture will be followed by five weeks of carefully chosen guided AEQ breathing exercises. The live training where you will learn AEQ breathing will be scheduled every day except Friday between 6 pm and 7 pm.


The participants who will not be able to come to the training live due to unforeseen circumstances will receive access to the replay which they will be able to listen to only once in the next 24 hours. In you are not able to participate live most of the time then I recommend you do not participate at all because in that way you will not be able to receive the benefits of the program. Terms and conditions in regards to replay access can be found here: REPLAY ACCESS

Summary: you will be learning 30 days, 60 minutes per day, 6 times per week. I will be guiding you through a prepared exercise for the first 30 minutes of training and explain to you what are the causes for the mistakes I will notice with participants in the last 30 minutes of training. In 30 days, you will learn three AEQ breathing exercises, a breathing protocol for regulating your tolerance on increasing the CO2 in your blood and an exercise to increase the flexibility of your diaphragm and the lower part of your chest. Altogether we will dedicate 250 minutes of our time for exercises and protocols, and 24 hours for in-depth explanations of AEQ breathing and Q&A’s. I will be leading you through exercises and protocols in diverse ways and sequences to increase your understanding of the exercises and the influence they have on SMA.

At AEQ online programs most of the attention goes to the practical part where I lead you through the exercise. For me to be able to clearly see how do you execute the exercise your screen image needs to be clear and of quality. In AEQ live trainings I use diverse and creative ways in how I lead an exercise which is different from the exercise description that you receive in your PDF’s. This kind of leadership will give you a better comprehension of the essence and the meaning of the exercise and help you keep your attention on the exercise and on your body – which is the main purpose of the exercise and the whole program. Also, having more than one person in one image is not possible because the focus on the participant then becomes too distant and scattered. Usually, we have between 40 and 70 participants in our online programs.

Before or after leading the exercise, I will take a few minutes to explain the meaning and the purpose of the exercise and the reactions and changes that you might feel during the exercise. This is how you will get the most out of learning the AEQ method as a whole.


Live trainings will be done 6 times per week.

Total program length is 32 hours.

The price for the program is 320 euros.

A workbook with a thorough description of three AEQ breathing exercises, AEQ breathing protocol and AEQ exercises for increasing the flexibility of your diaphragm and the lower part of your chest is included in the program.

The program is led by Ales Ernst, Teacher of AEQ Breathing Level 3.

If you realize that this kind of approach is not for you after the first four days of participation, we offer you the possibility of a full refund.


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