Burnout, Chronic fatigue; How to use AEQ method and AEQ breathing to permanently get out from those conditions

This online program is meant for anyone who is not able to relax. After feeling tense long-term you overreact to surprises and invest too much of your energy into planning the future because you are afraid of what will happen tomorrow.

Program and written material will be in the English language.


A state of emotional, cognitive and physical exhaustion develops from long-term stress; we feel trapped and caught into demands, tasks and into a feeling of not being capable to fulfill these demands. We feel the consequences of burnout in all areas of our lives – career, family, partnership, social interactions. Because our immunity becomes weaker, we are more prone to physical illnesses like the flu, cardio-vascular diseases, digestive diseases, headaches, insomnia, etc. We experience attention disorders, forgetfulness or depression. Our emotional reactions become impulsive. All of this influences our abilities to be successful in school and at work and finally, our quality of life.

The purpose of this workshop is to get a different view on what really causes burnout. Burnout is a consequence of never having enough time, of going too fast and having superficial relationships. The main reason for this is inappropriate emotional maturity which demands superficial relationships because it is not able to sustain deeper ones. This is why people get caught up with not having enough time and energy – to temporarily cover up their inability of having deep relationships and their state of anhedonia. This is the reason for losing our aliveness, the depth and width of our emotional expression, our faith in ourselves and our own feelings. Researchers of the phenomenon of burnout have discovered that burnout is not only exhaustion from being overburdened but also involves losing faith in what we do and who we are.

Chronic fatigue

Increased activity is a surprising consequence of reduced aliveness and suppressed emotions, and an experiment to see if we deserve love. Most people that have felt a lack of love during their childhood have a conscious or an unconscious belief that the lack of love they experienced was their fault and were therefore unlovable. Their parents even amplify these beliefs and feelings by telling them that they are too demanding, not obeying, never satisfied or too lively. When making children believe this, they will learn very quickly that they need to adapt to their parents’ demands if they want to be loved. They take these beliefs of needing to earn love into adulthood which is then usually reflected in their exaggerated desire for visible achievements. This leads to self-destructive behavior and unhealthy relationship toward their body.

All of the above is what causes chronic muscle contraction because contraction creates constriction of sensations and feelings that are too strong.

At AEQ live workshop you will learn:

-About the process of food changing into biological energy in the body which becomes the foundation for sensations and feelings, and thoughts, decisions and actions.

-What is a membrane and the role it plays, and why the modern lifestyle eliminates the membrane from conscious processes of decision making and acting; how do we, through this elimination and distortion of sensations, gradually come into contraction and unrealistic attitude toward time, energy and life – this is where the root cause for burnout, chronic fatigue and insomnia lies.

-The workings of the autonomic nervous system in a different way and how it is connected with the states mentioned above; you will learn to balance and create order in your nervous system and activate the parasympathetic state which is your way out of burnout – all of this will also help you lessen your muscle contraction.

-About the important role that your legs play in the process of re-igniting your abilities to self-regulate and to sense realistic outer pressures.

-About sensing how your body feels and when your breathing is incorrect – you will learn to notice when you overstepped your own healthy boundaries because of rushing and therefore causing yourself perpetual stress, and to stop yourself in time.

-To coordinate your needs and duties in an orderly way so you can increase control over your actions and increase the probability of achieving desired results.

-AEQ exercises and AEQ breathing exercises which will, through exploring your body and your sensations, help you re-establish the connection between your body and your mind.

To be able to handle stress successfully we need to change our attitude toward breathing – this is how we lessen the unnecessary use of energy.

 The main reasons for burnout are wearing a mask and an armor – they block the aliveness of your organism. You are not able to increase your level of energy by putting more food or more oxygen into it only. A genuine increase of our fundamental life force energy is achieved by the authentic expression of our sensations and feelings. The blockages that we face when wanting to do that are our suppressed emotions and a poor perception of our sensations – this creates a delay in our awareness that leads to burnout.

Many people are not able to say “I can’t”, “I don’t want to” or “I don’t have the time” because it would mean admitting defeat or that we are unworthy of love.

The purpose of the program is to help you find the real causes of your problems and to teach you the correct execution of exercises through which your psycho-somatic connection will improve.

In the beginning of the program there will be a 90 minutes lecture where I will explain the fundamental laws of physics and how breaking these laws leads to pain and inflammation. The lecture will be on the 22th May 2023 between 6 pm and 7.30 pm CET The lecture will be recorded and will be available for replay twice during the 30-day program.


The introductory lecture will be followed by 30 days of carefully chosen guided AEQ exercises where you will get to know yourself with the AEQ method. The live training will be scheduled every day except Friday between 6 pm and 7 pm. 


Summary: you will be learning 30 days, 60 minutes per day, 6 times per week. I will be guiding you through a prepared exercise for the first 30 minutes of training and explain to you what are the causes for the mistakes I will notice with participants in the last 30 minutes of training. In 30 days, you will learn 4 AEQ exercises. I will be leading you through exercises in diverse ways and sequences to increase your understanding of the exercises and the influence they have on SMA. Altogether we will dedicate 220 minutes of our time for exercises and 24 hours for in-depth explanations of the AEQ method and Q&A’s. In this way, you will be able to genuinely change your ability to focus on how are you feeling and how to understand and change anything that is not serving you or is damaging you.


AEQ helps us eliminate burnout, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. It is founded on four steps:

1.Learning and understanding, exploring and feeling; AEQ exercises increase feeling and control.

2.Understanding and feeling bring the insights that are necessary to determine the real state that we are in – without illusions.

3.The insights help us accept the true state inside us and also the relationships that are affecting us negatively.

4.The changes that happen encompass the mind and the body and that is why they are able to undergo the pressure of the environment that would normally cause us to return to our previous, obsolete patterns.


This program is based on many years of experience with clients with sensory-motor amnesia (SMA). It enables a well-structured, gradual change of your level of orderliness and connectedness which mustn’t be neither too slow nor too fast when we are changing ourselves as a whole. The main obstacle with chronic contraction is the inexplicable resistance toward the execution of AEQ exercises regardless of having an understanding of the benefits of the exercises. By doing daily guided AEQ exercises your resistance will be lessened which will enable the progress that is appropriate for you. The progress will increase depending on your determination.

The rush of everyday modern life does not allow you to make the time to devote yourself to being psycho-somatically fit. While carrying out AEQ exercises you will start to get to know the genuine connection between your body and your mind and how to become fit again.

AEQ training will be live six times a week, at 8.30 pm. We will connect through the app ZOOM for 60 minutes per day where I will guide you through a specific exercise, teach you about the AEQ method and answer your questions.


The participants who will not be able to come to the training live due to unforeseen circumstances will receive access to the replay which they will be able to listen to only once in the next 24 hours. In you are not able to participate live most of the time then I recommend you do not participate at all because in that way you will not be able to receive the benefits of the program. Terms and conditions in regards to replay access can be found here: REPLAY ACCESS


At AEQ online programs most of the attention goes to the practical part where I lead you through the exercise. For me to be able to clearly see how do you execute the exercise your screen image needs to be clear and of quality. In AEQ live trainings I use diverse and creative ways in how I lead an exercise which is different from the exercise description that you receive in your PDF’s. This kind of leadership will give you a better comprehension of the essence and the meaning of the exercise and help you keep your attention on the exercise and on your body – which is the main purpose of the exercise and the whole program. Also, having more than one person in one image is not possible because the focus on the participant then becomes too distant and scattered. Before or after leading the exercise, I will take a few minutes to explain the meaning and the purpose of the exercise and the reactions and changes that you might feel during the exercise. This is how you will get the most out of learning the AEQ method as a whole.


Live trainings will be done 6 times per week.

Total program length is 32 hours.

The price for the program is 320 euros.

A workbook with a thorough description of 4 exercises is included in the program.

The program is led by Ales Ernst, Teacher of the AEQ Method Level 5

If you realize that this kind of approach is not for you after the first four days of participation, we offer you the possibility of a full refund.

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