Teacher of the AEQ Method® Level 2

About the seminar

In a half a year, of practical work on yourself, of curiosity and teaching others, and studying audio recordings and workbook from AEQ level 1 seminar, you will get enough knowledge and experience for your changes, and this will be a good starting point to enrol in a seminar of the AEQ Method® Level 2. The option of enrollment will have Level 1 teachers, who will show knowledge and interest in learning and the appropriate breadth of expertise of the AEQ Method®.

Seminar of the AEQ Method® Level 2 requires a much better horizontal and vertical connection than it is necessary at the seminar of the AEQ Method® Level 1. The ability to feel, control and the clarity of communication are fundamental criteria for continuing education in AEQ method®.

The AEQ Method® Level 2 Teacher’s Seminar leads to deepening the knowledge about the emotional causes of the SMA and the principles of the AEQ Method®. It introduces the understanding and importance of the membrane and the impact of emotions on functioning and feeling of soma. You will add new exercises to improve conditions such as frozen shoulder, scoliosis, and repeated sports injuries to your knowledge and skill base. The seminar also includes learning how to be actively helpful as a teacher when your clients learn to perform the exercises more correctly by applying palm pressures on certain parts of the body, which increases their sensory perception and awareness.

The knowledge you receive in 7- day seminar provides quality assistance for the Level 2 teacher when dealing with more severe forms of somatic problems. Among others, it can heal or alleviate severe pain in the back, neck, knees and joints, sciatica, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel pain, heel pain, hyperlordosis, hyperkyphosis, piriformis syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, frozen shoulder, headache, shallow breathing, migraine, tendonitis, muscle spasms, chronic fatigue, tingling in hands and fingers, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, and Achilles tendon.

The acquired knowledge at the Level 2 will provide you with quality attentiveness, which is necessary for the fair and proper independent management of the 4-6 hour AEQ Method® workshops with up to 10 participants, and up to 15 participants with the assistance of Level 1 or Level 2 assistant teachers.

A Level 2 License is a prerequisite for continuing advanced-level AEQ Method® education that enables clinical work with clients, active individual therapy, and acquiring the title teacher of the AEQ Method® Level 3. In the education process of advanced level, You learn about clinical protocols and active work with clients, at individual therapy. That is the most effective way of teaching the AEQ Method®, and it changes the awareness, movement organization/regulation, control and efficiency in a short period, all that is needed to deal with the strong SMA and more severe problems of the clients. Teacher of the AEQ Method® Level 3 and 4 has enough knowledge to help eliminate most of the conditions that result from the loss of conscious sensory-motor control. It helps accelerate rehabilitation and recovery even after serious injuries at both physical and emotional levels.

Preconditions for the Level 2 seminar

The course is intended only for participants who have already completed the first level of education for the AEQ Method® Level 1 Teacher according to the AEQ Method®. At least six months must elapse between the first-level seminar and participation in the second-level course. All participants are expected to be active teachers of the AEQ method® and AEQ exercises®, with appropriate experience in teaching the AEQ exercises® in individual and group courses.

Teacher of the AEQ Method® level 5 interviews each person interested in this course and assesses whether his/her perception of the AEQ Method® is suitable for participation in the seminar.

The Level 2 seminar program involves group teaching and a deeper understanding of the AEQ Method® principles. Participants of the course integrate and upgrade knowledge from Level 1 through learning and answers to the confusions they notice at practical work with clients.

Completed seminar for the Level 2 allows you to obtain the license for the AEQ Method® Level 2 Teacher. Successful completion of the seminar is also a condition that enables you to start education for a teacher of the AEQ Method® Level 3.

Overview of the Level 2 seminar

In addition to reviewing the principles of neurophysiology, physics, thermodynamics, assessments of somatic reflexes from the clients’ postures and movement, and situations related to the teaching of the AEQ exercises® and the challenges they face in teaching, participants will learn to employ additional AEQ exercises®. They aim to improve specific conditions such as sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, iliosacral joint dysfunction, pain in legs, knees and hips and back pain, as well as active integration of the AEQ Method® at improving the efficiency of movement of the athletes.

At the 5-day intensive course, participants will continue with education, which will include:

The second-level seminar emphasizes explanations of the principles even more, as well as connections and consequences of non-compliance with physical laws on the life syntrophy and the quality of life and movement.

Seminar Program

Priprava na AEQ metodo

Participants are expected to come to the seminar ready to teach a 60-minute AEQ workshop based on their experiences, using the knowledge of the AEQ first-level education. This will allow them to improve their management techniques and deepen their understanding of exercises of the AEQ Method®, how can the AEQ exercises be used to help people with various muscular pain conditions and thus learn how to improve the quality of their lives. Participants will also learn a lot about muscle control and its use in enhancing physical performance in sports and work, and the impact of emotions on chronic muscular constriction in the body.

An integral part of AEQ Level 2 teacher training is writing homework reports, which you will receive at appropriate intervals after the seminar and, in combination with the audio recordings of the seminar, gives teachers a greater depth of perception of the areas covered by the seminar. This way, the seminar lasts for almost half a year and gives the teacher the time it takes to get to know themselves and thus understand others, helping them by learning the AEQ method.

Regularly handing in your homework is a condition if one wishes to register for the 3rd level seminar.


Your teacher

Aleš Ernst, teacher of the AEQ Method® Level 5

I work daily with clients who turn to me mainly because of the chronic muscular pain. I teach them different perspectives on the causes of pain and constraints that they feel every day. They will eliminate pain and improve movement and poor posture with better understanding and exercises, if exercises are performed regularly, of course. My clients are also professional athletes, coaches, and recreational athletes who want to keep up with the success they have achieved with hard work. AEQ Method® enables you to successfully overcome stress and pain by increasing the effectiveness and control of the movement, thus improving results, restoring motivation, and redefining goals and ambitions, all that without pain. AEQ Method teaches us to control our bodies better, as well as the mind and to increase control and complexity of movements and work. I am the author of the book » Out of chronic pain with ease«. I witness daily significant positive changes that the AEQ Method® brings into the lives of my clients and their results.

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