Teacher of the AEQ Method® Level 1

Do you encounter disorder in movement and communication that forces you into the unnecessary effort and causes discomfort, pain, and injuries in both, the physical and the emotional area of your life and work? Are you a healthcare professional, a movement teacher, a trainer or a therapist and want to learn how to use the AEQ Method® and the AEQ exercises® correctly, and how to incorporate them into your life and work? I recommend you to take the time and direct your attention to the invitation for the educational seminar of the AEQ Method® Level 1.

Your teacher

Aleš Ernst, author of the AEQ Method

I work daily with clients who turn to me mainly because of chronic muscular pain. I teach them different perspectives on the causes of pain and constraints that they feel every day. They will eliminate pain and improve movement and poor posture with better understanding and exercises, if exercises are performed regularly, of course. My clients are also professional athletes, coaches, and recreational athletes who want to keep up with the success they have achieved with hard work. AEQ Method enables you to successfully overcome stress and pain by increasing the effectiveness and control of the movement, thus improving results, restoring motivation, and redefining goals and ambitions, all without pain. AEQ Method teaches us to control our bodies better, as well as the mind, and to increase control and complexity of movements and work. I am the author of the book » Out of chronic pain with ease«. I witness daily significant positive changes that the AEQ Method brings into the lives of my clients and their results.

About the seminar

A seminar for the future teachers of the AEQ Method® Level 1 is designed to provide the participants with a thorough knowledge of the AEQ Method®. The prospective teacher will be given a sufficient understanding of the basic foundations of the method and will learn how to develop clear communication within himself as well as between himself and a client. He will engage in explaining the causes of current feeling, upgrading and learning more new exercises, and their suitability for a particular problem.

Knowledge gained in the seminar is apt and essential for a good quality teaching of clients with chronic pain and movement limitations. It provides better rehabilitation after injuries and the elimination of constant muscular contractions and chronic pain. We learn to direct our attention properly to detect possible confusion in communication with a client. Thus, the teacher will deal more effectively with the ineffectiveness of a client’s movements. Knowledge reduces guessing in decision-making, and how to proceed, and minimizes the possibility of repetition of injuries and the time spent on correction exercises.

An essential part of learning the AEQ Method® is understanding the somatic philosophy, which allows a different view of the causes of the problems. Knowledge gained in the seminar is sufficient to acquire experience and the ability to conduct 3- to 4-hour workshops for a group of ten people.

Demand for this type of learning is increasing in all age groups and occupations. In seven days we will work on ourselves and our co-participants in the seminar. This way, you will be able to dive properly into the depths of the AEQ Method® and begin to influence the quality of your life, and later use the knowledge on clients. After completing the seminar, you will receive the AEQ Method® Level 1 Teacher Certificate and access to AEQ student and teacher Forum

An essential part of learning the AEQ Method® is understanding the somatic philosophy, which allows a different view of the causes of the problems. Knowledge gained in the seminar is sufficient to acquire experience and the ability to conduct 3- to 4-hour workshops for a group of ten people.

Demand for this type of learning is increasing in all age groups and occupations. In seven days we will work on ourselves and our co-participants in the seminar. This way, you will be able to dive properly into the depths of the AEQ Method® and begin to influence the quality of your life, and later use the knowledge on clients. After completing the seminar, you will receive the AEQ Method® Level 1 Teacher Certificate and access to AEQ student and teacher Forum

About the AEQ method

AEQ Method® has been developed to provide useful and understandable relief to people in chronic pain and with physical limitations in movement as well as for those who want to improve physical and mental capacity and raise their quality of life. AEQ exercises are simple, gentle, and very effective as they restore the optimum function to the painful, tense, short muscles. The condition of chronically tight muscles – called sensory-motor amnesia (SMA) – derives from the adaptation of the subconscious part of the nervous system to accidents, injuries, operations, or repetitive stress. SMA is the cause of most of the common conditions with muscle aches which are wrongly assumed to have an origin in structural deficiencies.

The somatic exercises, which were primarily developed by Dr. Thomas Hanna, were later adapted and improved through the AEQ Exercises® by Aleš Ernst, due to the development of the method and practice, as well as the demands and burdens of modern life. They prepare you to learn how to move effectively and be more coordinated in any chosen work, sport, or activity. Exercises teach, restore and improve sensory-motor awareness, reduce sensory atrophy, and thus restore proper control of the neuromuscular system over the length and function of the muscles.

and necessary complement to any physical and psychotherapeutic practice, physical training, or rehabilitation program. Incorporating AEQ exercises and principles of somatic movement into your primary practice will enable you to teach your clients about safe ways to relieve and eliminate chronic pain in the muscles and the body, prevent injuries and to better, more effectively take care of yourself.

system during several years of working with my clients. Many people made significant changes and improved their lives by attending active therapies and doing the AEQ exercises, yet most of them enjoyed the beneficial effects only for a few months. Eventually, they regressed to their original condition and performed the AEQ exercises only occasionally, when the pain became too distracting.

I became more and more aware that life has dramatically accelerated in the last few decades and that a person living this fast-paced life, which had been made possible by technology, has a diminished ability to concentrate and adapt because of that. We need a lot of energy for this kind of lifestyle, but also devices that work for us and save us time.

Throughout evolution and struggle for survival, our body developed in the absence of energy and struggle for energy. Time was not essential; however today we live as if we were driving on a highway all the time, which saves us time, but it also means higher fuel consumption (energy) and more significant wear and tear. Flexibility, the field of manipulation, when something unpredictable happens, decreases at the same time. We are confused and uncertain when we have to get off the highway onto a dirt road and drive slowly. We are almost under stress, even though we have survived for millions of years and have yet developed in an unfriendly hostile environment.

 – it makes us tense, hard, and stiff. The pain emerges, causing inefficiency and entropy.

on the clients’ slowing down their lives, they didn’t impose enough obstacles on them to think about how they moved, how they did things, and how should they perform an exercise more appropriately.

 we are doing and look for a better solution. A better solution is one where, with less effort (energy), we do the same or more than before. In other words: think twice, do it once. As if driving from a highway to a driving practice polygon.

our sense of awareness, which gives us more control. This allows for more consistency, which leads to greater efficiency. The latter is always useful because it enables restoration, preservation, and improvement of the light, effortless movement, which is a prerequisite for beautiful, painless, and independent mature years.

Recommendation for participation in the seminar of the teacher of AEQ method®, level 1

The course is intended for beginners in the field of somatics who would like to learn the AEQ exercises® correctly, as well as for those who already have experience in the field of somatic methods and would like to deepen their internal orderliness (organization) as well as the ability to learn through words and movement.

In this intensive 6-day course, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the key principles of the AEQ Method® and the somatic movement: science, philosophy, and learning techniques. They will learn how to teach basic AEQ exercises correctly and how to integrate them into their primary practice effectively. The course is a thorough introduction to this very effective but at the same time, safe and straightforward method of learning neuromuscular movement and the elimination of pain and movement constraints.

Seminar Program

Participants of the seminar will recieve...

Participants will receive a detailed guide with the content of the seminar and detailed descriptions of the exercises discussed at the seminar a month before the seminar. After successful completion of the seminar and appropriate knowledge of the AEQ Method®, the participant receives the certificate of the AEQ Method® Teacher Level 1. With successful completion of the seminar, the participants will also have mentoring and support in their independent work, announcements in the AEQ Method® system, and through further education at the seminar for level 2 teachers, fulfillment of the requirements for acquiring the AEQ license.

An integral part of AEQ Level 1 teacher training is writing homework reports, which you will receive at appropriate intervals after the seminar and, in combination with the audio recordings of the seminar, gives teachers a greater depth of perception of the areas covered by the seminar. This way, the seminar lasts for almost half a year and gives the teacher the time it takes to get to know themselves and thus understand others, helping them by learning the AEQ method.

Regularly handing in your homework is a condition if one wishes to register for the 2nd level seminar.

Benefits of using knowledge from the seminar for you and your work:

Better somatic awareness and sensory movement control are the essences of any successful physical discipline. As a teacher of the AEQ method, you will confidently include the AEQ exercises as essential “warm-up”, as an addition to massage therapy, or as a new, stimulating movement in your yoga, Pilates, or fitness classes. You will be able to teach your clients better muscle tonus control and pandiculation instead of stretching and thus enable them to improve the functions and control of their muscles.

Benefits of the AEQ Exercises® to your clients include:

A certified AEQ Method® Level 1 teacher can:

Pictures from the seminar

AEQ education testimonials:

Uroš Petan, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I have been feeling »weak« ever since the first part of the seminar, which was 3 days ago. My muscles are somewhat painful as they are finally relaxed and elongated for the first time in years. My energy level is up to approximately 65 % now. I have...

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Ivana Buble, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

When I think about AEQ my thoughts always wander back to the beginning when I was just beginning to get to know AEQ, which was 7 years ago, but somehow, I feel like I am still a beginner. My AEQ journey started in 2014. I am getting to know...

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Janez Logar, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I met with Aleš Ernst and the AEQ method in 2021. I actively participated in four AEQ programs and did regular exercises in between, by choice. This was the basis for my participation in the seminar for AEQ Teacher Level 1. At the seminar, we...

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Robert Kukovič, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I’m grateful for meeting you. I thought I knew what to expect from the seminar because I already took two of your programs before that. After the first part of the seminar, I realized it was better than I expected. So much explanation was offered with...

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Anja Jarkovič, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I’ve been diving into my inner world for a few years now and my desire is to understand why we act the way we act and why we feel the way we feel. The AEQ method helps understand this, and much more, because with the knowledge of physics, psychology...

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Tadeja Severkar, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

The knowledge I gained would be hard to split and divide into individual one-day workshops, active individual work with Aleš, and level 1 seminars. However, the seminar can be referred to as a place where I gained most new experiences and skills as...

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Kareem Al Saleh, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

Professional sports and the wrong approach to training led me to so many injuries and pain that it took me much longer to find the solution I needed for the growing chronic pain in my body, bad mood and fatigue. This path led me to Aleš, who had...    

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Petra Šmid Seljak, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

A man is a complex being that demands a comprehensive therapeutic approach, which I am forming by using various methods and techniques. Only by following this principle, I am also able to reach the individual’s inner depth and not just his/her body.

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Niko Akrap, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I had my first experience with the AEQ method about 3 years ago. I remember having kinesiological days and therefore had no intention of going to the introductory lecture. But because one of the lecturers canceled his presentation, it changed the...

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Lana Bauman, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

ince finishing my AEQ teacher training, my life has turned upside down. I began to look at life differently – through the eyes of causes and consequences of physical laws and the violation or consideration of them. I now realize that coincidences do...

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Teja Šinkovec, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

The spring of 2021 was my first encounter with the AEQ method and AEQ exercises. After the first session, my lower leg pain and the tension that was present there for the last 3 years, miraculously disappeared. During the exercises there was...

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Katja Črne, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I found the AEQ method while being on the path of self-inquiry, researching the functioning of my body and looking for a connection between the body and the mind to find something that would give me the answers that I could not get from traditional...  

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Dušica Gabrijel, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

When I compare my current thoughts and feelings to those of more than five years ago, when I first met with the AEQ method, I can say that there is a really big difference and it cannot be described in a few sentences. For years, I had back problems...

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Mojca Centrih, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I got the chance to experience how low can someone who is disconnected from with himself fall – how hard it is when you can't tell which voice inside you is the voice of ego and which voice is the one of heart, of your body. Specifically, when you can't...

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Dajana Frank, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I’ve been noticing for several years now that my body is not functioning the way it should. And despite the brief effects of various therapies the entropy takes its toll. I sense a mess in my body and it takes me more and more time to do the work at...

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