What is AEQ method®?

The first step in change is becoming self-aware. Observe yourself: your thoughts, fears, beliefs, habits, actions, and inactions. Most of us believe that we direct our lives by ourselves, with our own decisions. But is it like that? I think not. Depending on how spiritually developed we are, we may make hardly any decision daily that would fully express that we are clearly aware of our path and ourselves in the present moment. For the most part, we act like robots, self-sufficient, automatically programmed, under the tactic of old habits developed from reactions to emotional events from the past. This affects our physical condition – chronic pain and our psychological condition – depression, anxiety, anger, and emotional instability.

By learning the AEQ method, we also learn how to act consciously. We train our consciousness to act as an observer of our thoughts, which allows our decisions and actions to be realized by supporting our goals and desires.

Thus, the AEQ method teaches us self-awareness and control of movement, thinking, and actions restore the ability to control muscles, body, self-will, and thinking. It offers an original way to relax muscles, which also has the effect of relieving stress.

It is incredibly important to develop the ability to feel your own body. We can improve and maintain it with AEQ exercises. Being self-aware feels pleasant, even selfish; you are paying attention to yourself and are changing the way your body works with your mind. Who am I to be so important? We are just as important as everyone around us, which we should respect and love, just as we love ourselves. That’s why we think about ourselves and are trying to familiarize ourselves with our inner depth and nurture the spiritual explorer within us.

But our body, the one guiding the explorer, is also present. Something is hurting us, or we aren’t relaxed enough, and we feel as if certain movements and movements are tightening us. For a long time now, we no longer know how to move with full awareness, so we listen to the movements and observe them; movement is a matter of course for us, doing things that do not require excessive attention or control. We control and improve the things we are aware of; if our awareness is trained, we can better control our thoughts, words, actions, and movement.

Through somatic research and the AEQ method, we coordinate our movement and improve the efficiency of our functioning and life.

When we train self-awareness, we live to the fullest because we will most likely drop any useless or harmful habit – both physical and psychological. Our responses will become more appropriate because we will use our newly discovered potential. A person is shaped by his genetic material, primary family, and society. Beliefs, habits, behavioral and thought patterns, and information should guide us in our vigilance: let us vigilantly monitor our inner happenings and actions! This will make it easier to determine which burdensome patterns we are so faithfully implementing are not needed at all. When we become aware of the consequences of our bad habits, we can decide to change them. Our beliefs and actions, which match our desires and intentions, will help us achieve better control of our mind and body. We don’t want to be software, but an organic computer that evaluates and modifies and improves the software to make it work better and better as a whole.

It’s true, genetics can play its part as well as your spiritual aspects, but most of what shaped you comes from your beliefs, imitation, and information received from others. 

As mentioned before, beliefs are not necessarily right or wrong, but regardless of their value, beliefs circulate and travel from one generation to another until they reach you as well. Once you know this and feel the consequences of wrong habits, you can consciously choose to abandon all beliefs and actions that do not support your desires and replace them with beliefs that will help you achieve better control of body and mind.

Remember that thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to actions, and actions lead to results.

With the AEQ method, we safely, gently, rationally, and eliminate chronic pain causes in the long term.  

This is an education process with which we ‘retrain’ ourselves and consciously change our behavior, posture, and movement. It is an active, not a passive method; it is a successful way of sensory-motor organic learning that teaches us to eliminate the causes of most chronic muscle pain and movement limitations in life.

The AEQ method was created by upgrading clinical somatics (in Latin, Clinice, the science of healing bed-ridden people and Greek, soma, the body) and it’s the study of soma, where soma is not only how we perceive our body in the first person, but also how we control it. Soma is a set of sensory-motor functions, some of which are conscious and intentional (acting under the influence of our will), and we have learned them, while others are those we learned as children and then forgotten about.

The cause for the state of chronically tense muscles is the loss of conscious sense and control over our muscle tone. We lose the ability to stop performing a movement and doing something completely different. This condition is caused by sensory-motor amnesia, which develops from injuries, habits, and stress. Due to sensory-motor amnesia, the muscles became used to being tense, and they stay that way, despite us trying to relax them. Stretching, massages, chiropractors, or painkillers won’t help us in the long-term. If we wish to remove the problems, we must once again sense and learn how to relax tense muscles.

The AEQ method has solutions that will help fix continuous and unnecessary muscle tension. It enables them through changes in our brain or nervous system and their control over muscles and movement. Due to sensory-motor amnesia, the brain does not feel the contraction and forgets how to relax the contracted muscle when its tension and contraction are not needed.

While most pain relief methods try to eliminate pain in a particular part of the body (neck, hips, back…), the AEQ method understands that body pain is only an integral part of a broader pattern of our dysfunction. These patterns reflect our characteristic responses to stress, which include muscle contraction. Sensory-motor amnesia and dysfunctions caused by it manifest in three special movement patterns that we call the green light reflex (go forth), red light reflex (stop, go back), and the trauma reflex (results from injuries).

The basic purpose of the AEQ method is to increase order with contracting and expanding muscles that participate or should participate during movement. Muscles participate in the movement in two ways: by contracting and relaxation/expanding. With every small movement, all muscles will have to work together in a coordinated manner and perform the movement in an orderly and efficient manner. This is only possible if no sensory-motor amnesia is present.

The brain’s task is to guide the muscles into performing the correct move by synchronizing their participation in the movement. That’s why good sensing is important. The brains create the required order in the soma. According to the degree of orderliness, we can perform more or less complex movements. We perform the movement lightly, painlessly, with a pleasant feeling and without resistance, if the level of our orderliness for the movements is high enough. However, suppose the movement requires orderliness and a degree of control that our neuromuscular system does not possess. In that case, we feel fear, resistance, and the need to overcome our limits to perform the movement anyway. We never see this in children, as they do not perform movements for which they are not yet prepared, but remain in a pleasant area that shows them the limits of current knowledge.

Children are being led into discovery by curiosity, which allows them to slowly and progressively increase their knowledge without the need to fight or overcome themselves. But despite the apparent slowness of a child’s approach to improving the development of new skills, his learning leads to progress that adults cannot achieve even with diligence, effort, and overcoming themselves.

Conditions that can be eliminated by learning the AEQ method
The AEQ method is very effective with relieving and eliminating chronic pain and conditions such as:


I recommend this program to everyone who wants to learn about the causes of the inability of the human body to function properly
I received many insights, knowledge and learned how to move properly.
The truth that Aleš gives is objective, supported by strong arguments, a lot of knowledge, and experience.
Thank you for the explanations, answers, resolved dilemmas, and all the knowledge imparted.
I am glad I ‘’discovered’’ you and that COVID happened, because it gave me the opportunity to be present on your program that you led through Zoom.
I am more decisive and bold in my decisions. Instead of being scared and/or angry.
I don’t know how to release all the pent up anger, rage, and fear… emotions. I know, a cliché.
Guided exercises at a certain hour “force” you to take the time to contact your body, which brings certain insights…
In just one week – since starting the exercises – I can do things about 85% of the time without pain.
Now I already know that the subconscious mind does not like rapid changes and changes in itself. The point is not to give up at the first resistance.
I am now aware that the rigidity of my neck and vertigo are associated with the energy of unexpressed anger, which would otherwise leave a positive impact on my surroundings
I look forward to a one-on-one meeting.
And the body doesn’t follow my orders. Interesting. It listens, but it adds in a move or two.
I am becoming a better person because of the AEQ method.
I now go on walks daily, and I walked 400m up a hill without rest and with far less fatigue

So far, the 30 day workshop is the best way to learn AEQ exercises. With a great and accurate explanation for a better understanding of the causes of body stiffness, the exercises gain more depth. My understanding is improving daily, which allows my body to move more easily.

I would like to thank you for these last few insights…your words are so impactful and meaningful and I felt a strong resonance with them in my body when you said that we create change with action and not with intention. I realized that despite my previous interest in AEQ, I haven’t yet made the deeply felt action that I needed to because of my subconscious patterns and fears of being seen, of not being good enough and of appearing stupid. I thought it was enough to understand my patterns inwardly while I rarely made the right crucial outer steps and even when I did, they felt difficult.

I haven’t noticed any progress in terms of improving my condition (SMA) yet, because I couldn’t do movement exercises regularly because of the pain (I was doing breathing protocols). Still, I began to notice more and more the increased emotional maturity regarding regulating my behavior in relationships with people. I am more and more authentic, and I express what I feel at the given moment – in a mature way – and I no longer try to please others.

The key component that made the difference for me is understanding the situation through explanation and, as a result, a new possibility of acting more efficiently. Even a partial awareness of the causes that led to SMO/SMA was enough for me to start turning the wheel again in the opposite direction, which led me to a crisis in which I considered visiting a psychiatrist and taking antidepressants. There was more relaxation, less passivity.

I would like to thank you for the things I experienced this month. I enjoyed your direct and honest explanations of my conditions. My observations after one month are such: back pain is completely gone. Even after having an hour-long walk. I now enjoy going on walks and have once more felt the genuine ‘’childlike’’ movement.

A high level of knowledge, an understandable and empathic leadership style, and a clear and logical explanation of conditions and situations are my first thought when asked about Mr. Aleš Ernst. The 30-day program of the AEQ method gave me a rich itinerary for every day from the first day of the exercises.

I am grateful to attend your guided exercise program thanks to my daughter Barbara. I realized that I urgently need them because I have problems that I don’t know and I don’t know how to solve, reduce or stop them. For some, I knew that they had their origin from childhood, and then stress and stress.

The program is clear and logical, thanks to a good and thought out explanation given to its attendees. They also become aware of the importance of balance and harmony in life, in which time plays an invaluable role.

Ever since I joined the workshop, for the first time after 5 or 6 years, I no longer feel excruciating pain in my entire back and should when I play the violin. I can now actually play the entire, very demanding, 15-minute composition and not feel tired afterwards. I no longer suffer from blockages especially in my left shoulder or forearm (left and right hands), sometimes my lower back hurts a little, but not all the time.

I joined the 30-day program of the AEQ method with the intention of eliminating or at least lessen the pain in my back, neck, knees and my feet, which I have cultivated in my life through various activities. Or so I thought. After the introductory session and the first two days of led exercises, I learned that the exercises of clinical somatics, which I was already familiar with, have been greatly upgraded into the AEQ method, which reaches deep into the roots of physical pain.

At first, I noticed how free my rib cage became and the increased ability to express happiness, love, and anger. Now I am learning how to use my anger more effectively – not suppressing it but also not going completely mad because, during the program, I also allowed myself this experience, which did not have the best effect on my relationships.

This program of yours is a great investment. It’s true that I’m taking it all in little by little, and every now and then a tear of sadness and pain, which has been accumulating in me for years, would come out. I feel that there will be a long way to improve, but I am trying and doing exercises more or less daily.

I tried a few approaches already, but these exercises and the exercise routine have shown the most effect. Or at least they’re the most promising, because I still have quite a few months or years of change ahead of me. More than 40 years of hiding is not revealed in a few weeks. These exercises are certainly something else. They’re different than the lessons we learn throughout our lives: higher, faster, and stronger.

Dear Aleš, your method has liberated me. My movement and my thinking have become easeful. My way of life has changed and improved. From being very hardened, sad, angry, scared and psychologically confused person I turned into a flexible, happy and open woman. I hold myself gently and talk to myself when needed. I don’t deny my feelings, I explore them instead. Sometimes the answer comes quickly and sometimes I have to be patient.

I noticed changes in my body daily: immediately after the morning exercise as relief and relaxation of certain parts of the body, the pain in my joints was becoming less severe. Around 10am I felt fatigued so I took an hour long nap (I never took any naps before, I never even lay down to rest). After the evening exercise for the first 10 days, I went to sleep at the usual hour, somewhere between 10.30 and 11.30pm.

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